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Pictures Today: Fast Facts

Our founder had an incredible vision. Eyeing the potential of digital art, he wanted to enable and empower people from all over the world showcase and sell their work with anyone at any time. Pictures Today is the end result of that vision -- an on-demand marketplace allowing people to share their digital artwork and creativity on one platform.

Creative Limitations

Creativity should never be limited, but for the many artists out there who want to express themselves and showcase their talent, current solutions may make them feel constrained. 

While there are many micro stock photo and digital art platforms available, they were all designed with similar features in mind. They fail to fully tap into the commercial potential of artistic genius in all of us -- the “everyday” enthusiast, the occasional photographer, the varying videographer, or the remarkable (but not necessarily frequent) digital artist. For those people -- individuals who want to do something incredible, even if it's not their full-time career -- they don't have anywhere to turn.

Sure, they could go to Shutterstock and other similar sites, but these "leading" digital art companies do not cater to anyone but occupational creatives. They require contributors to adhere to strict professional standards and portfolio reviews to even be accepted on their platform. As you can imagine, this greatly constrains the supply of creative content.

Sluggish to Respond

While creatives are left with few options, brands are struggling as well to find what they need to keep up with today's challenging market.

Their mission is to serve the market, but consumer tastes becoming increasingly more segmented, and with a diverse consumer base demanding corporations provide quality products that not only live up to expectations but also reflect their values and lifestyles, brands and marketers need to do more. They need to be able to respond in real-time to shifting cultural climates, and that requires a better solution than any current platform offers today.

Brands may wish to commission and capture such nuanced digital art in a timely manner, but it would be challenging and costly to do so with traditional methods.

One Incredible Solution

Pictures Today solves all of these problems by creating the first social media platform to democratize and commercialize still photography and various digital artwork.

In other words, what YouTube did for videos, Pictures Today will do for photos!

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are proliferating quickly and thus creating an unprecedented opportunity. Pictures Today will seize that opportunity, allowing digital creatives to capitalize on their artwork like never before.

The Features You Need

Smartphone Enabled: Do you own a smartphone? Good, because that's all you need to use the Pictures Today platform. Receive real-time notifications of commissioned digital art or assets, and post and take offer content for search discovery. 

Buyer-Friendly: Buyers (such as brands and marketers) can't deliver what consumers want without a platform that allows them to respond to their needs in real-time. That's why we developed Pictures Today - to let them peruse content for purchase, host contests, and commission custom photos and artwork to suit their needs. Individuals can also use Pictures Today to buy or commission the artwork of their dreams. 

Be Part of a Community: Contributors become part of a community and can like, comment, and create professional relationships with other photographers. 

Compensation is Your Choice Alone: How do you want to be paid? The choice is yours alone. At Pictures Today, contributors can choose if they want to be compensated with a one-time fee or via a royalty-based solution. We are currently researching and testing compensation models to provide a level of flexibility that works for all.

Traction & Accomplishments

We are currently engaging in customer discovery research to build the best solution possible.

The Appineers, an app engineering firm, has fully scoped the development of the app and provided wireframes and mockups of the app’s functionality.  Part of the capital raise will be used to complete the app development.

Meet The Team

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