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While they are very different (one is a social-media company, another a healthcare organization and the other an airline), they all had cybersecurity. And yet the hackers broke in, evaded the defense, and walked away with valuable data.

The importance of cybersecurity have become especially pronounced in the past year as the COVID-19 pandemic forced offices across the globe into remote work, exposing countless vulnerabilities, for hackers to exploit.

Other threats — including sophisticated ransomware attacks, phishing scams, and the sweeping FireEye and SolarWinds supply chain — added to the urgency surrounding cybersecurity.

Cyber-attacks are increasingly threatening and costly. They drain $450 billion annually from the global economy—a number that is projected to reach $2 trillion or more.  Highly sophisticated attackers can hide their tracks for weeks, months and even years without being noticed. The central problem is exuberated a 1000-fold because enterprises are looking for a needle in a haystack when you're trying to do it in the old model.  As a result, most solutions look like you are trying to change your motor engine oil by opening a can and pouring it all over the vehicle engine block. Some of it will dribble into the right place, but a lot of it will do more harm than good.

Our cybersecurity platform Garud.AI aims to take a new model that is more proactive and precise in separating the signals from the noise.  Put simply, we want to be able to find a polar bear in a snowstorm or a blizzard by focusing on the most crucial ingredients: visibility across the entire organization, a layered approach to defense, and solutions that are purpose-built from the inside out. What’s required is an increased ability to see the environment from end-to-end, capturing security events and detecting anomalies as they occur, and a way to quickly generate meaningful insights to respond, strategically and tactically, in real-time.

Pinochle is an Enterprise AI Security Software Company offering Garud.AI: a leading-edge cyber-AI platform that delivers unified and seamless coverage.

Pinochle protects and detects against unpredictable threats covering all aspects of an enterprise.  Like the human immune system, it aims to learn ‘on the job’ and create an algorithmic twin that makes billions of probability-based calculations to reduce shadow risk.

It’s the moment of truth: the world is hungry for a new kind of security as the pandemic continues to redefine how we work, live, and interact.   A new future is on the horizon – one that’s different from what the world expected. As this future takes shape, there will be no room for enterprises to ignore cybersecurity. Growing investments in data, AI and digital twin technologies are giving rise to a new generation of cyber threats. More of the physical world is represented in digital space—with models of factories, supply chains, product life cycles and more. Call it the Mirrored World!

New security concerns are continuously arising from more advanced attacker strategies and technologies enabling the ‘mirrored world’ in which traditional approaches are unable to keep pace.

With a broad range of ever-evolving components to cybersecurity, costs continue to rise as network security, threat detection and security monitoring become more complex and fragmented.

Unlike discretely coded applications, AI behavior is probabilistic; by nature, all conditions and outcomes are not practically demonstrable or known. These Security capabilities will span the ML pipeline—from augmentation/modification of the raw dataset, to model design and training, to sample/model interaction analysis.

By design, 5G networks bring together multiple heterogeneous networks and technologies, which will likely create new complexity and costs for network monitoring and Security management.

Most enterprise-grade Quantum computers will likely be integrated into organizations and clouds as high-performance systems for specialized computations. Safeguarding these Quantum resources against novel attack vectors will require deep Security expertise in threat modeling.

Whether an organization is going to adopt enterprise or consumer XR solutions, it is important to understand the XR modalities and associated cyber risks. Each XR mode presents related vulnerabilities, especially when the XR content is transferred over the cloud and the AI recognition capabilities are on the cloud-as-a-service.

Garud.AI multi-pronged approach allows us to probe the enterprise’s installed software, its configuration and the security implementation flaws of each exposed asset to assess risks such as unsafe authentication mechanisms, vulnerable applications, exposed sensitive data and potential phishing, Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) and other threats.

Garud.AI aims to simulate the attacker’s strategy and maneuvering processes to map the organization’s attack surface and prioritize its exposure to cyber security risks. We bring together the capabilities of cybersecurity, business continuity and enterprise resilience.

Ranghan Venkatraman, CEO/CTO | Ranghan brings 30 years of experience in the technology field. He is an award-winning entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and C-Suite advisor with unparalleled knowledge and experience in AI, cloud, cyber security, and technology driven business model innovation.

Ranjani Venkatraman (Women Owned), Founder, COO and Co-CTO | Technology leader with extensive experience successfully leading cutting edge technology, developing teams, strategy, leading transformation / change strategies, strong governance background, visionary, strategic planning, program management, compliance, cybersecurity and problem solving.

Miki Trikha, CFO | 25 years finance/accounting experience in managing businesses. Managed start-ups, growth businesses and business turnarounds.  Successfully led multi-billions $ acquisitions, integrations and restructuring. Set up complex tax, financing and legal structures.

Vijay Sridharan, Chief Customer Officer | Responsible for rolling out the ‘red carpet’ to all our customers and ensuring we are the gold standard for total quality management and satisfaction.  20 years of experience in working across the globe.

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