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What We Do

“Congratulations in designing a Day/Week planner that is so well suited for the Sales Industry. I have been in the sales industry for over forty years and I have never seen a better planner for a sales executive. Sales is a numbers/talent = results profession. A sales professional that uses your product faithfully will not fail unless they want to.” - Martin Johnson, Advertising Sales Manager, Sacramento CA Under the official name of Get Set Go Sell, we have designed, created and are producing the PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner (patent pending) which we sell on eBay, Amazon and at our website www.GetSetGoSell.com. The PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner was designed using the experience acquired as a top performing sales rep in several different sales industries. Besides being designed to better fit a Salespersons daily needs versus a generic appointment book - by including sections for follow-up, referrals, next week's obligations, sales and commissions records, and daily performance numbers - PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner will help a salesperson increase their sales and they commissions by integrating the sales industry's most important sales management tools right into the sales planner: *Pipeline Report - a running report of all potential and pending sales *Objective Tracking - track, update and apply each week’s sales towards your remaining objective in order to always know exactly how much more you must sell to hit your goals *Performance Tracking - by entering the numbers that PipelinePro calls for you to enter at the end of each day, combined with the weekly records of your sales and objective progress - all managed within PipelinePro- you will have all of the numbers that you need to calculate your sales plan. *Sales Plan - The most important tool for a sales representative. It uses their exact numbers to calculate important statistics on their personal performance that are used to calculate exactly what they must do each day in order to hit their sales objective goals. Many sales reps are confused by these numbers and formulas, which prevents them from using as tools to be more successful. PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner makes it easy to create your own sales plan each and every week by including all of these formulas in the proper order in a super easy to understand format... all a rep has to do is plug in the numbers that they have collected in their planner throughout the week and they will be able to see within minutes exactly: *How many cold calls they must make in order to set one appointment *How many appointments they must hold in order to make one sale *Based on their remaining sales objectives: how many sales must be made per week, how many appointments must be held in order to make that many sales per week and how many cold calls must be done each day/week in order to make that many appointments.

How It Works

Most companies that have outside, or even inside, sales forces allow each individual sales representative to decide what he or she would like to use to keep track of their weekly appointment schedule. This leads to a very diverse assortment of appointment tracking methods and required additional time from sales managers to require and collect weekly calendars in order to know what their sales team will be doing throughout the week. Based on experience as a sales representative and as a sales manager I propose that adopting companywide usage of PipelinePro Daily Sales would benefit companies with sales forces in the following ways: 1. Reduce the amount of time spent by management trying to accumulate weekly appointment data from reps using various different scheduling methods. 2. Increase sales performance by creating a strong habit of utilizing the industry's most important sales management tools - easily done because they are integrated directly into the sales planner itself. 3. Save training time by allowing sales reps to gain a strong understanding of their sales numbers much quicker than if they were using various sales sheets and a generic schedule book. 4. Lower turnover caused by the tough and frustrating initial learning curve in many sales industries. We have submitted our first proposal to a large, California based, advertising company with a full outside sales force operating out of 16 offices throughout the state with an offer for them to "test drive" the product before making a decision on whether to adopt it as a companywide requirement in 2013.

Why Buy / How We're Different

In the current economy effective Salespeople are becoming even more important as a lifeline to bring new business into companies. Because of the increased pressure for sales the sales industry is becoming more and more challenging. The best salespeople have amazing talent, creativity, communication skills and a strong drive - a kind of "full speed ahead" approach to work, and usually to life in general. Of the many sales reps that I have coached I have found that these types of fabulous salespeople tend to have a very hard time slowing down, concentrating and learning how to read complicated sales objective sheets, learning how their objectives are calculated, how objectives can change and be modified by new or removed accounts, and how to calculate the formulas to create a sales plan, etc. Without this knowledge it is hard to balance as a sales professional, it can lead to missed goals, punishments and a ruining of morale - devastating a salesperson that puts their heart and soul into their selling but just doesn't quite understand the other half of their job description. As a new sales rep I had an explosive campaign, I outsold every one of my teammates... times TWO! I did not have any understanding of how my numbers worked and did not realize that my manager was putting "dead" accounts onto me "because I was so far ahead I could absorb the hit". Turns out that my manager added a few too many, raised my objective to an enormous amount and caused me to miss hitting my objective, miss a $6,000 bonus, miss a gold sales award to be presented in Las Vegas and to miss official recognition for my sales achievements - I missed my objective by .07%! I had no idea until a full year later when I had finally learned how my sales numbers actually worked. I was heartbroken, frustrated and it effected my performance for a long time. It was completely avoidable! THAT is the reason I created PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner. PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner will be marketed to the following: Individual buyers – Marketed through Amazon, eBay and www.GetSetGoSell.com which traffic is driven to by use of three Google AdWords campaigns – Salespeople, New Hires in the Sales Industry and Sales Managers/Trainers which will go live again in mid-November 2012. Companies with Large Sales Forces- Marketed with a full Advertorial advertisement and article in Selling Power Magazine for its October, November and December issue. This is a main staple of our marketing efforts because it is a magazine that is specifically targeted to our exact ideal customer and because our strong selling season can be specifically targeted. We are also doing direct marketing to large sales companies by sending them a free copy of PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner with a short presentation on its benefits for their company.

History, Traction, & Why We're Raising

The idea for PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner hit me in mid-January 2012. I spent two weeks hand drawing ideas of what it could look like and what it should include, as well as doing research into the possibility of creating it and building it myself. After two intensive weeks I decided to move forward with the product. I set a timeline for myself for 6 weeks to take this product from concept to retail launch. 5 weeks and 5 days later the first book was being assembled and we were rushing to get our credit card processing up and going and to secure a UPC code in order to launch sales on the website and on Amazon.com. I truly wish that the idea had hit me back in OCTOBER so that I could have launched this product during its strong selling season (like trying to launch sales of a new type of Christmas lights in March!!). Because of my bad timing there have been a few sales that have trickled in but nothing substantial. It was decided to use the printed 2012 books as marketing pieces for the 2013 books. I want to create a version of PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner in Mobile App (Android, iPhone, etc.) form. Of the initial feedback I have received many have requested an electronic version. I have the concept ready to go and several designers interested in the project. I need to raise $5,500 to build the app. On Fundable.com my goal is to raise $12,500.00. $7,500 of this money is to make a big splash with my product by marketing it in the industry specific, end of the year issue of Selling Power Magazine. Selling Power magazine reaches over 20,000 Sales Professionals, Sales Managers and Owners/CEO's of Sales Companies. It is the issue that will be handed out to the top sales executives at the Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, California on October 23rd 2012. I think it is the key to launching this product. $5,000 of this money is to build the Mobile Application version of this Product - which I would love to have completed in time to include it in the advertisement and article in Selling Power.


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