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Quick Pitch

Are you tired of breaking news? Wondering where is all the good content? Do you know there are over 132 million blog posts published online every month?

Apps reading app focus just on breaking news. So how do people read these blogs? SEO & email marketing. 

PipFeed is the third way to read these blogs. PipFeed will learn what you like and dislike based on your reading history. PipFeed's A.I. filters and curates to find articles just for you.

It's like having a magazine published just for you!

Product/Service Details

PipFeed's crawler indexes thousands of blogs every hour. The A.I. system then cleans, categorizes, and curated all the articles. Finally, the recommendation engine then ranks and sends articles to users.

The entire app is built like one big A.I. model that is always learning. The app only gets better with use.

Traction & Accomplishments

  • We launched our beta app on 15th march and have over 150 beta users.
  • We got featured on various sites such as BetaList: https://betalist.com/startups/hopdata
  • Top 30 project on Pioneer.app
  • 4889 impressions in the last 30 days [+142.75% over last month]
  • 406 articles read in the last 30 days [+49.26% over last month] with a CTR of 11.95% 
  • 206 articles bookmarked
  • 85 Monthly Active Users [+466.67% over last month]
  • 35.8% of users opened notifications (5.7% overall notification open rate)

How We're Different

There are two big problems

1) The major source of traffic for millions of blogs is only through search engines like Google. 

2) There is a big disconnect with the way articles are read over the internet as most apps only focus on the latest news from big publications.

The biggest problem here is curating millions of articles and then delivering that content to the relevant users. The solution is Personalization. 

Personalization needs to be smart enough to understand the tiny details from user's behavior. It should be made to behave like a human curator and should not just focus on clicks.

PipFeed used a very smart engine with multiple A.I. models working together to create a smarter unified recommendation engine.


Shashank Agarwal - Founder/CEO

12+ year as blogger | 6+ year building large serverless A.I. systems 

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