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Piranha Branding is an end-to-end solution that’s revitalizing the fragmented and often frustrating world of angel investing. It starts with our diverse investor “net”work, to whom entrepreneurs pitch their idea on our live audience show called the “Piranha Tank®”. 

From there, we provide ongoing support to both sides that other angel networks just don’t deliver - including due diligence, closing assistance and more.

Innovation is everywhere these days. And fortunately for American entrepreneurs, our nation is full of diverse networks of angel investors looking to cash in on this innovation. Their access to capital, deep pockets and extensive business knowledge are, more often than not, catalyst required to accelerate their path to success.

But for all the good they do for the “American Dream”, the angel investment marketplace is ripe with inefficiency. Just a few of the many pain points that both sides of the equation endure:

This is unfortunate, too, because our nation has never been more ripe with opportunity. All 50 states may have an innovation hub - but most lack resources and therefore do little to remedy these pain points.

There has to be a more efficient way to connect angels with entrepreneurs!

It’s time to dive into a new age of investing with Piranha Branding: a platform uniquely crafted to help entrepreneurs and angels be successful.  Our comprehensive solution brings together all stakeholders and parties responsible for building successful businesses into an ecosystem that gets early-stage companies the funding they need.

But we don’t stop there.  Piranha Branding provides key players with all of the ancillary services that go along with startup investing, including market research, due diligence, marketing, closing assistance, portfolio management, and access to banking, accounting, insurance, legal, and more.  It’s everything that a startup business - and their new investment partners - need to grow and thrive without the traditional wasted time and effort.

Rather than looking to tip the scales, we’re focused on moving the angel investment market forward as a whole.  With Piranha Branding, everyone wins:

Sustainability is at the core of our business in every sense of the word. Our focus is on promoting & supporting sustainable businesses - profitably. At Piranha Branding, it’s all about Profit for People and the Planet™.

In total, there are 5 primary elements of our solution that lend themselves to this mission:

All 5 of these elements are highly scalable.
Piranha Branding is ideal for a franchise model.

Here’s a look at just a few more of the many features and benefits that Piranha Branding is bringing to the angel investment community:

Helping build the Piranha Investor’s brand by providing them with public visibility, and attracting the right deals

A diverse investor network that welcomes any accredited investor and targets multiple sectors

Built-in due diligence and closing services that provide accountability and saves time & resources for both investors and entrepreneurs

Deals are done live, unedited, and transparently on-stage

An easy-to-use portal for advance sales, and crowdfunding for market validation

Providing video content that’s incredibly valuable for media distribution

Piranha Branding has experienced some awesome growth in a relatively short period of time; and now, we’re darting downstream to a city near you.  Some of our most impressive accomplishments to date include the following:

A solid tech backbone that includes a website, YouTube channel, 3rd party platforms to assist with due diligence & closing, and business automation systems.

Adding more entrepreneurs every day, with startups from a wide variety of industries.

A growing network of active Piranha Investors, and live audiences present at shows.

Secured multiple paying sponsors during the pilot series to define the revenue stream.

Trademark registered for Piranha Tank® and trade secrets on our systems & processes.

Our team invited to team with other investment groups, including Barbara Corcoran Ventures.

Working partnerships with the City of Fairfax Economic Development Authority, DiliVer, Gust, Raffa Financial Services, and have been approached by C-Suite TV to distribute our content to their audience.

The Piranha Platform is the brainchild of two passionate entrepreneurs who share business ideals and just knew they would work together one day.  While working with other companies, the idea spawned between the two at an industry event; and soon after, the rest was history.  Let’s learn a little more about our visionaries!

Jennifer Rohleder, COO - Operational leader bringing marketing, business process, and risk management together
- Strategic tactician with a passion to empower sustainable businesses to succeed
- VP & General Counsel at Diversified Advantage Group (equity mgmt. firm)
- Prior to this, she was an international business attorney

Gore Bolton, CEO – Strategic visionary and culture-driven leader who’s also our chief investor
- Engineer turned inventor, innovator, and investor
- Created Diversified Advantage Group as an investment holding company
- Proven entrepreneur and award-winning CEO, including “CEO of the Year”

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