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Meet PlantSnap:
a mobile app that's doing for plants what Shazaam did for music by identifying plants, flowers, trees, cacti, and mushrooms at the touch of a button. Simply snap a photo, and PlantSnap tells you what it is!

Perfect for gardeners, hikers, landscape designers, foragers, teachers, students, or anyone who enjoys nature and wants to know more about it, PlantSnap is like having your own personal botanist built right into your smartphone!



That’s okay. We figured that would be a stretch.

While often associated with the scientific community, plant identification also has a ton of useful applications in everyday life.

Maybe you’re a hiker attempting to determine if a plant is edible. Or a gardener trying to identify a weed before applying the proper herbicide. Perhaps you’re a novice DIY home landscaper looking to grow the same flowers you spotted in the park.

For a long time, if it wasn’t one of the handful of plant species that most people are somewhat familiar with, identifying the other hundreds of thousands required a degree in botany, lugging around a bunch of books, or asking someone who already knows.

But assuming you’re like most people and you’re not a specialist and don’t feel like dragging a small library through the forest, then your other viable options are few and far between. 


At PlantSnap, our mission is simple: to reignite interest in the natural world that surrounds us every day in a way that’s easy and, above all, fun for experts and enthusiasts alike!


Unlike other apps that help users identify plants based on crowdsourcing answers from a group of experts who give you their best guess, PlantSnap is pure image recognition.

As the most comprehensive plant identification tool on the market, PlantSnap helps users understand:

What the plant is

Where it comes from

Whether it’s poisonous or medicinal

Whether it’s beneficial or intrusive


How are we building the largest electronic library of plant life on the planet?

Answer: machine learning.

Every single image taken by a PlantSnap user is added to our database and used to train our machine learning algorithm. In other words, with every new image submitted, the smarter the algorithm gets and the smarter PlantSnap gets!


Since PlantSnap’s official launch in July 2017, we’ve made a ton of progress toward our goal of helping people reconnect with the natural world through the power of technology.

    200+ app downloads
      in under 1 year. 




Nearly $30,000 raised from 1,947 backers on Kickstarter.

$252,000 raised from 361+ investors on StartEngine.

$118,000 raised on Wefunder.

Multiple international partnerships secured for white label and API integration.

Look who’s talking about PlantSnap:


Awesome. Downloaded it before going for a hike in a local forest (Ontario, CA) and was able to identify 8 wildflowers...Looking forward to playing with it
                some more.”

                MARTIN SHOWELL | User

I’m a plant ecologist currently finishing up my Master’s at Texas Tech...I think it will be a great tool to botanists and amateur plant lovers!”
                ERIK LINDBERG | Student, Plant Ecology

We will be able to spend more time assessing the ecological health and stauts of an area and less time trying to identify plants using field guides. This
                app will certainly help us be much more effective.”

                JOHN BLACK | President, Native Plant Society of New Jersey

Having tried more plant identification books and apps than I care to remember, I have to say that this has impressed me. I enjoy photographing
                plants, and naturally want to know what I've taken photos of, and this has 
                proven invaluable and educational.”

                JOHN  APPLETON | User


Every great idea begins with that initial “aha!” moment where the seeds of inspiration are sowed in the mind, germinate, and eventually grow into something truly awe-inspiring. 

Like most “aha!” moments that tend to stem from wholly unexpected origins, so was the case for PlantSnap founder, serial entrepreneur, and self-professed science nerd Eric Ralls.

Only in Eric’s case, it was a matter of simply pointing out a plant that caught his eye during a barbecue in a friend’s backyard and asking what it was.

When baffled friends, fruitless Google searches, and an obligatory scouring of the App Store to check if there was “an app for that” failed to yield answers, it dawned on Eric that he had chanced upon a unique opportunity to solve a problem that virtually nobody else was.

And just like that, PlantSnap was born.

Now, Eric is combining his nearly 2 decades of entrepreneurial experience with his passion for reigniting interest in the natural world to grow PlantSnap into the de facto resource on plant identification on a global scale. 

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