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Meet PlantSnap:

PlantSnap is a mobile app that helps you identify plants, flowers, trees, cacti, succulents and mushrooms. Simply snap a photo of the plant, and PlantSnap tells you what it is in seconds!

PlantSnap is translated into 30 languages and was built to work in every country on Earth using the 585,000 species in our searchable database.

Since launching in July 2017, PlantSnap has over 7 million downloads, currently averaging 100,000 downloads per day.

We expect to reach 20 million downloads by the end of 2018 and 100+ million downloads by the end of 2019.


Knowing the name of plants allows the user to purchase the plant they want, use the right fertilizers and herbicides, ascertain if the plant is edible or poisonous and document their Plant journey. But most importantly, PlantSnap makes appreciating and interacting with nature FUN!


The plant/gardening market is a $340 Billion dollar a year global industry.

As PlantSnap grows our audience to tens of millions of users/people worldwide, ultimately surpassing 100 million users, there is no media platform or magazine or TV station or ad agency who would come anywhere close to rivaling our audience of people specifically interested in what that $340 billion/year industry has to offer.

According to Facebook analytics, our target audience represents a potential 1.8 billion users.


PlantSnap has a patent pending on our process of using over 125 million images to train our machine learning algorithm, which is a form of artificial intelligence. We have also incorporated a new technology that allows the app to auto-detect leaves and flowers simply by scanning your surroundings with the phone’s camera, and added an augmented reality experience that brings the user a fully-immersive experience.

With hundreds of thousands of images taken with PlantSnap every day around the world, PlantSnap has the largest plant database in existence. Every image taken by a PlantSnap user is added to our database and then used to retrain our machine learning algorithm every month. With every new image taken with the app, the PlantSnap algorithm gets smarter! 


Distribution Partnerships

  • i.e. HomeDepot providing a 20% discount for new PlantSnap registrations.
  • Partnership with the Botanical Society of North America gives PlantSnap access to 28M national park visitors/month + 15M botanical garden visitors/month = 2% conversion = incremental revenue of $3-4M/month

In-App Purchases

  • PlantSnap is currently partnered with Amazon, charging a 10% transaction fee for products purchased through the PlantSnap app. We are in discussions to form similar partnerships with companies around the world.
  • 2.5M MAU = 10% conversion = avg. $25 spent/month à 30% fee = incremental revenue of $1.9M/month

Content Sponsorships

  • i.e. PlantSnap selling $100K+ sponsorship placements in our mobile app for relevant brands around the world, such as Bakker and Bosch in Europe or Lowe’s in the U.S. 10M impressions/month = $75 CPM = 2 sponsors/month = incremental revenue of $1.5M/month

Premium Services (subscription)

  • PlantSnap offers an ad-free user experience and 24/7 access to our team of botanists for $1.99/month
  • 20M MAU = 5% conversion à $1.99/month = incremental revenue of $1.9M/month

Category Expansion

Each new “EarthSnap” app, focusing on different biological species, multiplies incremental revenue potential across all channels. PlantCatch, a “gamified” version of PlantSnap aimed at the youth market, launches in late October. Our next Snap app, currently in development, launches in late November.


Finalize pending partnerships
Optionality: monetize B2B or simply leverage distribution partnerships for lead generation and co-marketing to drive B2C sales.

Currently implemented
Post-sale monetization via ecommerce transaction fees, retail referral bounties, and sponsored/syndicated content deals.

Recurring revenue via subscriptions for premium services and/or marketplace purchase.


  • Eric Ralls  | Founder & President
  • Dan Johnson | Seed Investor & BOD Member
  • Ivan Iliev | CTO and leader of our team of 10 world-class coders in Bulgaria
  • Derek Davis | COO and leader of customer support team and building our direct ad sales division
  • Patrick Shannon | Head botanist and leader of our team of 12 botanists stationed around the globe.
  • App Optimization Contractors | Mammoth Growth provides data-oriented growth-marketing and in-app optimization to improve the user experience, retention and conversion rates.
  • Marketing Contractors | TMGA provides expertise in negotiating, creating and managing display, audio and video marketing on ad exchanges, ad networks, OTT and other media outlets.



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