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The Plastc Card works in tandem with our user-friendly digital Wallet App that organizes your cards while delivering at-a-glance insight into your entire transactional history.

With the ability to store up to 20 cards at a time, you can use Plastc Card anywhere you normally make purchases, just as you would with any other card. Whether you’re feeding the meter, withdrawing some fast cash from the ATM, paying for a business lunch, using up the last of your Starbucks gift card, or splurging on some new duds, Plastc’s got all of your expenses covered.

At Plastc, we’re on a mission to help you slim your wallet while simplifying the way you pay. Ready to learn more?

It’s no secret. The way that we pay for things in the twenty-first century is changing. And it’s not merely changing -- it’s evolving.  

The digital age has introduced the world to a host of new high-tech payment options, from Apple Pay, to Samsung Pay, to digital wallets -- you name it. While these technologies have made enormous strides in delivering unmatched convenience to the way we make purchases, the breakneck rate of innovation is outpacing the majority of consumer payment customs.

The reality is that the financial infrastructures and technologies that we’re accustomed to will eventually be phased out to make room for the digital payment solutions that will one day become the new norm.

The Plastc Card strikes the perfect balance between the familiarity and tangibility of a physical card that consumers are used to with the innovation of a digital wallet -- easing the transition to the next generation of payment technology.

While at first glance it may to look like your ordinary, run-of-the mill credit card, don’t let appearances fool you. We jam-packed a ton of functionality and features into the slender Plastc Card.

Use It Anywhere, Any Way
Plastc Card has its own programmable magnetic stripe, so you can swipe it like a traditional card. It also features the EMV “chip” hardware (requires banking relationships), as well as NFC, or “tap and pay” capability for contactless payment such as is used with Apple Pay.

Optional features include:

Safe & Secure
Each Plastc Card allows you to enter 4-digit PIN on Plastc’s touchscreen to unlock the card and switch between your stored cards, providing peace-of-mind knowing that not just anybody can pick up the card and start making charges.   

Automatic Upgrades
We’ve built Plastc with the ability to update its programming over-the-air, so as soon as we cook up the next batch of awesome feature upgrades, all updates will be made to the card automatically.

Proximity Alerts
In the event that you accidentally leave your card behind, Plastc Card can send a “Left Behind” notification to your phone automatically once you’re outside of Bluetooth range.

Remote Wipe
Remember when losing a credit card meant calling up the credit company, having them cancel the card, set you up with a new number, and then waiting around for days to receive the new one? If you lose your Plastc Card, you can enable our time-based remote wipe feature which allows you to wipe all of your data off the device.

Lock Mode
When you select your card of choice, all of the standard details are displayed, including the card’s full 16 digits, expiration date, card logo, and your signature. To make sure no changes are made once you give your card to a merchant, you can lock it to your chosen card right from the touchscreen, and only the last 4 digits of the card number will be visible.

If all of Plastc Card’s incredible functionality wasn’t enough cause for celebration, it’s not the only trick we’ve got up our sleeve. Our sleek Wallet companion App serves as the yang to the Plastc Card’s yin -- the central hub that ties together the entire process in a perfect, easy-to-use digital package.

There’s a good reason Plastc is called a smart card. This is why.

Syncing with your iPhone or Android device using Bluetooth, the Wallet App is your one-stop shop for storing, swapping, adding new cards, tracking your spending, and gaining key insight into all of your financials.

Could this possibly be the most convenient personal finance management tool available? We sure think so.

Say “goodbye” to toggling between multiple banking apps to check your various account balances and transaction histories. With the Wallet App, you can view your entire financial picture across the board in one centralized location.

While the Plastc Card has enough memory to hold up to 20 cards, the Wallet App can store an unlimited amount of cards!

The Wallet App PFM (personal finance management) solution supports many of the most widely used banks today, including

Plastc has seen an incredible response from both consumers and investors alike, and 2016 is slated to be a watershed year for the company. As we kick into high gear leading up Plastc’s commercial debut in the coming months, take a look at how we got here, our most noteworthy accomplishments to date, and what we’ve got lined up for the future.

A Massive and Growing Customer Base
We’ve made some major waves in the consumer space. With over $9 million in pre-order sales, over 80,000 units pre-sold, and 3-5K new pre-orders placed per month, it’s safe to say that we’ve created a product that customers around the world can’t wait to get their hands on.

Forging Strategic Partnerships
We’ve secured key partnership deals with multiple world-renowned businesses and have developed relationships with other major brands who have expressed interest in adopting Plastc. Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out the details!

Manufacturing & Distribution
Fabrication manufacturer, assembly, wire bonding, display attach, encapsulation and distribution has been secured and is in place for mass production.

Look who’s talking about Plastc!
Plastc is making headlines in some of today’s biggest press publications who are singing the praises of our product:

The goal now is to build on our momentum in the days leading up to our public launch, which is currently slated for Q4 2016.

We have a few exciting pipeline products that we plan on releasing in the future:

Want to learn more about the Plastc brand, products, and vision for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!

Ryan Marquis | CEO | Prior to Plastc, Ryan co-founded PixelMags, where he led the commercial operations of the business from its inception to the sale of the company in 2015, generating over $30 million in annual e-magazine sales in the process. Before that, Ryan served as Director of Digital Marketing for Bunkspeed, a leading 3D rendering tech developer. There, he lead efforts for design and marketing communities that have become the standard for world-renowned brands including Gulfstream Aerospace, Motorola, LG Electronics, Hewlett Packard, Whirlpool, among others.

Ryan Keating | CFO | Ryan has over 20 years of financial and management consulting experience with venture-backed companies and large tech and management consulting firms, including Microsoft, Salomon Smith Barney, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has advised and worked with more than 120 early stage venture capital-seeking and venture-backed companies. Ryan attended Boston University’s School of Management and holds a degree in Finance and Information Systems.

Yannick Le Devehat | VP Hardware | Yannick is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with extensive experience in high-tech product design and manufacturing. During a 5-year posting in Tokyo, Yannick managed the Telecom and Smart Card Business Unit of TÜV SÜD, one of the world’s largest product certification agencies. Since then, he has been active in the management of new tech-ventures, bringing in a wealth of experience in technology, supply chain management, and contract negotiation at an international level. Yannick graduated with a BS in electrical engineering from Laval University in Québec.

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