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Quick Pitch

PlaySav's unique algorithm allows advertisers to engage with users to specifically give them what they want when they want it. To maximize the potential of this algorithm, we devised an entertaining vehicle through Interactive Incentive Gaming, that makes this engagement unintrusive and very effective.


Ineffective advertising and user frustration has been a problem for many years. Advertisers don’t know how to effectively advertise in the web and mobile environment due to their lack of understanding of what the user wants and when they want it, which creates massive intrusion to the end user. Massive intrusion to the end user equals low pull-through for the advertisers. 92% of advertisers advertise within these environments and currently, their solutions only make it worse i.e. Time Enforcement Ads, Roll-over Expansion Ads, Forced Redirect Ads, Responsive Ads, Multiple Ads Per Screen (MAPS).


PlaySav makes the reward of discounts part of the function of the game, and have created a scenario by which advertisements are pursued. Through our user’s profiles and buying habits, our predictive algorithms can give our users discounts on things they want, when they want them. This eliminates user frustration by making advertising more effective and relative to the end user. ​

Target Market

Within our regional launch area we are targeting 346 SMB’s, 12 National Advertisers, and 83,520 gamers of which 52% is male, 48% female, and between the ages of 16-64.

Market Size

We’ve identified 913 businesses with over $1B annual revenue that spend between $250K-$330M annually in mobile advertising. Our total addressable market is 12% or 113, which offer discounts that our gamers want. Out of the SMB’s who advertise in the web and mobile market, our market segment is 7.3M SMB’s which offer discounts in this space. Our total addressable market is 1% or 73k SMB’s nationally, and our target is 33% of their digital advertising budget or $60/mo. Out of the 174.6M gamers nationally, 104.8M prefer discount ads over other advertisements. The average time spent daily on mobile games – 33 minutes. 

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Reach 346 SMB’s in our target launch market. Contact 2,000 SMB’s per month / 4SR’s @ 2% conv. = 40/mo. Reach 12 National Advertisers in our target launch market. Contact 40 National Advertisers per month / 2 NSR’s @ 2% conv. = 1/mo. Reach 6,960 app downloads/users per month for 12 months.

Potential Channel Partners

Licensing our advertising platform to game developers such as Rovio and Zynga, as well as partnerships with advertisers such asPepsiCo, Kroger and Rosauers.

Competition-Market Positioning

Being first to market gives us an edge over future competitors within our market.  Our filed patents and contracts with advertisers will help us keep our competitive advantage within the industries of advertising, social media, and gaming.​

Business Model

Advertisers / Clients

  • National Retailers & Non-Coupon Advertisers
  • Regional Small Business

App Users / Gamers

  • In-App purchases and upgrades
  • CPC

Software/Platform Licensing 

  • Corporate i.e. Zynga and Rovio
  • Indie Developers

PlaySav’s billing is predicated on $0.0001 Rate x Exposure x Duration x No. Users. 


Jeff Cates - Founder, CEO

Over 30 years of international sales and marketing 

Jeff’s background comes from over 30 years of international sales and marketing with Excel Teleglobe, VarTec Telecom, DBC LLC., and Frontier, Inc. Jeff has been instrumental in building several multi-million dollar companies, including owning and operating a national call center which produced millions in annual revenue. This mindset led him to be an international corporate trainer for Excel Teleglobe & Vartec Telecom for more than a decade, and then 9 years for a leading nutritional company. During this time, Jeff was responsible for guiding thousands of corporate representatives and managing large groups to accomplish corporate goals. In addition to Jeff’s sales and marketing background, he has been tasked as a motivational speaker, both nationally and internationally, on behalf of several corporations.

Josh Comstock - Founder, COO

IT, Online Marketing Consultant 

Since 2003, Josh has consulted for dozens of small businesses, corporations, organizations, and government agencies helping them meet their IT challenges and technical needs. He has also been influential in helping several of these entities find their online identity that before was nonexistent. Josh creates online marketing strategies and organizes online campaigns for his clients that in turn, helps to grow their customer base and substantially increase their web traffic. With his help, they are able to properly utilize social media and SEO tools to help maximize their online exposure. Being able to recognize and utilize mobile and online marketing trends, coupled with Josh’s knowledge in the IT field, has afforded his clients a much-needed advantage over their competition.

Matt Brass - CTO

Writes source code, functional specs and software for several web-based companies. 

Matt’s background comes from over 20 years of computer science. Matt wrote and taught technology courses at the University of Idaho, and has been influential in writing source code, functional specs and software for several web-based companies. For the last 10 years, Matt’s focus has been on software, web and database development. Matt’s work experience has given him a strong understanding of today’s technology, and his ability to stay current with technologies as they evolve makes him a huge asset to any team.

Paul Herndon - CFO

Certified Public Accountant with a Master of Accountancy from Gonzaga University with emphasis in taxation. 

Paul Herndon is a Certified Public Accountant with a Master of Accountancy from Gonzaga University with emphasis in taxation and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Operations Production Management. He is the principal of Herndon CPA PA, a public accounting firm focused on tax preparation and advice for small businesses and their owners. Paul is experienced and knowledgeable in minimizing corporate tax burdens and has practiced as a tax adviser and consultant since 1998. Some of Paul’s accomplishments include: 4 years business advising and tax practice as Certified Public Accountant, 1 year as tax management consultant for “Big 4” tax firm, 16 years as a consultant implementing Oracle PeopleSoft financials and supply chain management software in large (>$100 million in revenue) corporations and governmental entities, 5 years as quality analyst, production supervisor, and manufacturing manager, and 1 year as a financial analyst for oil and gas production and development. Some of Paul’s clients have included: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Samaritan Health Services, Vail Resorts, CARE International, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Smead Manufacturing, Qualcomm, NEC Electronics USA, Deloitte Tax LLP, PEOPLESOFT, INC., and HADCO VALUE ADDED MANUFACTURING.

Sandeep Chauhan - Lead Developer

More than 15 years of experience in Technology Development 

Sandeep Chauhan has more than 15 years of experience in Technology Development. Before PlaySav, Sandeep developed few startups that grew and successfully raised VC funding. Earlier, he spent several years developing technology applications for Intel, OpenText, and CenturyLink. Sandeep lives in San Francisco, Bay Area with his wife and a newborn. Currently, he enjoys sleepless nights and playing with the baby in his free time.

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