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Fast Facts

Plexis is eliminating FOMO (fear of missing out) by helping people stay connected to what is going on around them so they never miss out on amazing experiences with friends.

The FOMO is Real

Find Out, Don’t Miss Out

Plexis provides people with a simple and organized platform focused strictly on finding and coordinating events with friends.

How it Works

Plexis App

  • Timeline of in-person and virtual events: filter by geographic location and events being attended by friends
  • Personal profile: personal event calendar and timeline help users keep their social lives organized
  • Create events, add details and invite friends to join
  • Save events to third-party calendars and share events on other platforms — SMS, social media, email

Plexi (AI Powered Chat Bot – in Beta)

  • AI-powered chatbot to help users find and coordinate events in the Plexis app.
  • Plexi will truly revolutionize the event planning process with friends by using natural language processing to extract information from text threads, and make suggestions of events or create new events without events needing to be created or joined in the app.
  • Plexi provides a massive opportunity for organic growth because users can add Plexi to any SMS thread and offers value to people before they ever download the Plexis app.
  • Think of Plexi as the personal assistant in your group chat that is there waiting to help you plan or find an event.
  • Plexi will also work on voice devices (Amazon Alexa and Google Home).

Web Version

  • Users can invite and share events with friends that are not on Plexis by sharing the event with others through various channels (SMS, email, social media, group chat apps, etc.)
  • If the person does NOT have Plexis than they will be directed to the web version of Plexis. This allows users to be included on events without being on the app. On the web version, we have added hooks to drive people to go download the app.
  • We want people to be able to use a fully functional web based version of Plexis, which would allow them to integrate Plexis with their scheduling software so their events can automatically be created and posted on Plexis, boost certain events to ensure more visibility of the event, send out mass notifications to all users within a certain geographic location letting them know of an event, and other customizable features to help businesses and influencers get maximum value from engaging with the Plexis user base.

Opportunities - VR

First social platform to allow users to create, join, and share Virtual Reality events with friends

Bring people together in real AND virtual life

Opportunities – Smart Glasses

Traction & Accomplishments

Plexis released on the App Store in January 2020. 


  • More than 3,000 users with over 30% month-over-month growth rate
  • Approximately 20% of users are monthly active users
  • 5-star rating on the App Store with more than 500 reviews


  • Google AdMob displays in-app ads in the Plexis app
  • Ticketmaster displays Ticketmaster events on the Plexis timeline, with an affiliate deal in place for ticket sales generated by Plexis (on hold during COVID-19 pandemic)
  • Opportunities to partner with various other ticketing, rideshare and coupon apps

Social Proof

  • Ranked 39,690 on Crunchbase as of 11/24/2020, up from 155,816 on 10/20/2020
  • Hundreds of Android users have reached out asking when the Android version will be available

Meet the Team

Zach Hurst, Co-Founder & CEO
Zach is a licensed CPA and has more than three years of experience in market research and analysis of social media platforms and related technologies. As the lead founder, Zach created the vision for Plexis and designed the original Plexis layout and features. Zach has managed the designers and developers (Seisan Consulting) that Plexis hired to develop the app. Zach oversees product development, marketing and user acquisition, and fundraising. He also manages the team and oversees various administrative duties.

Phil Immediato, Co-Founder & CFO
Phil is a licensed CPA and has 15+ years of experience in advising businesses on a variety of topics, including planning for growth, investor relations, and other management consulting services. Phil oversees the financial responsibilities for Plexis, focusing on budgeting, forecasting, and preparing monthly financial reports.

Chris Slade, Co-Founder & Director of Marketing
Chris is a sales professional with more than four years of experience in insurance and mortgage sales. Chris oversees the day-to-day marketing and user acquisition efforts and develops creative strategies to promote Plexis and expand the Plexis user base.

Justin Trinity, Co-Founder & Legal Consultant
Justin is a licensed attorney with a securities law certificate from the Catholic University of America. Justin oversees compliance and risk management as it relates to Plexis operations.

Nate Saunders, Co-Founder & Social Media Influencer
Nate is a software developer and social media influencer. Nate oversaw development of the Plexis prototype and MVP. Nate has established a large following online and has moved into being an influencer and online ambassador for Plexis.

Logan Saunders, Social Media Manager
Logan is a college student at Alvernia University and has experience in social media management and content creation. Logan oversees the Plexis social media accounts and develops and edits content for the Plexis pages. Logan assists with overseeing the Plexis Influencer Program and reaching new influencers.

Seisan Consulting
Seisan is a contracted development firm that works directly with Zach Hurst on product development, ongoing server and software maintenance, and developing and implementing ongoing app updates.

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