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Meet Pond: The revolutionary technology and design brand that’s giving new meaning to the phrase “no strings attached.”

We’ve all been there: dashing around a conference center or an airport desperately looking for a free power outlet to charge our phone before it dies. Guessing at which plug we can free up to make room for our tablet charger without plunging the room into darkness. Burrowing through our seemingly bottomless drawer of plugs and power cords, half of which are probably obsolete although we can’t quite be sure because they all look kind of similar.

At Pond, we think it’s high time that mobile technology went truly wireless, and we've developed a family of products that gives you the freedom to charge your devices wherever you are: 

Pond Valet Tray
A sleek, elegant option for charging all your devices wirelessly at home.

Ripple Portable Wireless Charger
Your ultra-portable option for wireless charging on the go.

Stream iPhone Wireless Charging Case

Apple-approved high-performance wireless-enabling case for iPhone 5, 5s, and iPhone 6 coming soon!

Pebble Charging Fobs
Bringing all of your USB devices into the Pond wireless charging ecosystem. 

Pond Portal
The wireless charging hub for hospitality and other commercial applications, bringing digital signage, two way communication, linked alerts from your phone and more. 


Sleek, simple and Apple-approved, Pond is setting a standard that will set the tone for wireless device charging for years to come.

So go ahead, cut the cord and experience what real freedom feels like.

Pond Wireless Charging is the proud to bring you the first wireless chargers that don't just charge your mobile devices — they look good doing it.

Pond combines sleek, modern design with cutting-edge technology to deliver elegant, sophisticated products that fit effortlessly into your everyday life, so you can get back to actually living it.

Wire-Free = Worry-Free
No more fumbling with cables, no more hunting for available power outlets and no more hiding ugly plugs and cords. Just set your phone on your Pond tray, or tuck it in your bag with the Pond Ripple and go about your business: your phone will be ready, waiting and charged when you pick it back up.

Wireless Charging for All
Until now, wireless device charging has been a luxury reserved for a select few with a Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy or other forward-thinking devices with Qi wireless charging technology built in. With Pond Stream cases for iPhone and Pond Pebbles, we’re widenening the playing field, and letting owners of iPhones and other devices that aren’t Qi-enabled get in on the wireless charging action.

Devices Designed for Life As You Live It
At Pond, we believe technology should enhance your daily activity, not impede it.  Experience elegant effortless charging wherever you are - starting with the slim, sleek, ultra-light Stream case, at home or in the office with the artful design and cordless flexibility of Pond, and on-the-go with the state-of-the-art convenience of the Ripple.  You can even recharge your ripple wirelessly on your Pond.  Pond devices embody the 21st century's celebration of thoughtful, purposeful design.

Pond’s revolutionary take on wireless device charging starts with our flagship product: Pond, a cordless and wireless valet tray-turned-device charger that makes charging your device so simple you don’t even have to think about it.

Charging your phone with a Pond is a natural carefree interaction.

Set down your phone, keys, wallet and your phone will be charged and ready to go when you are.  The Pond can be placed anywhere in your home or office because there's no need to plug in to an outlet. The Pond battery can charge your devices all week and will even charge them in a power outage.

The Pond valet trays' artful design and cordless functionality allow them the versatility to be displayed anywhere you like, from entry way tables to coffee tables to your desk.

Pond currently comes in 2 models, so you can choose the Pond experience that best meets your needs:

The original Pond design, perfect for when you only need to charge 1 device at a time, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch.


Pond Duo
A slightly larger Pond model with more surface area and twice the charging power, so you can charge 2 smartphones at once, or charge your phone and your iPod, tablet or Apple Watch at the same time. Pond Duo is also great for couples and roommates. Add a Pond Pebble to the mix (more on that in a bit), and a guest without a Qi enabled phone can still charge right along with you!

Pond’s artful design and cordless functionality means you can put it anywhere you like, from an entryway table to the kitchen counter to your desk at work.

Both Pond and Pond Duo come in your choice of black enamel, maple or walnut so you can choose the style that fits best with your home or office.

The original Pond comes standard with a 10,000 mAh battery for long-lasting cordless functionality, while Pond Duo features 2 multi-coil Qi charging stations and a 20,000 mAh battery for double the charging power.


Pond’s Pebble is the solution that brings all of your USB accessories into the Pond wireless charging ecosystem. Simply attach one of our slim, soft-touch Pebble fobs to any device with a micro-USB or lightning connector and just like that, you’re ready to charge your device wirelessly on your Pond!

Pond's Ripple on-the-go charger embodies the ultimate freedom made possible by wireless charging technology.  A charger that is always available anywhere you are, completely self-sufficient — no cords, cables or plugs required! No more stopping in your tracks to charge your device, because with a Ripple in your bag you can keep right on charging while you go about your business.


When you're on the go, the Pond Ripple is a portable wireless, cordless charger that goes along with you, so you can wirelessly charge your phone wherever you are, and even while it's in your bag.  It can sit next to you anywhere you are without needing any outlet, cords or cables and continue charging your phone, wherever you are - untethered to any power source


Set it on the table when you go for lunch or coffee and you can still pick your phone up off it anytime you need to.  Slip it in your bag and it will keep charging your phone while you're on the go.

The Ripple is the portable wireless charger that goes with you anywhere you go. You can finally have truly convenient charging wherever you are.

It can even recharge itself wirelessly on your Pond when you're at home.

With Pond Ripple you can keep your power in your own hands

The Pond and Ripple are the perfect solution for charging your Qi enabled phone at home, in the office,and on-the-go. For iPhone owners the Pond team have created Stream: the world's first globally available and Apple-approved Qi wireless charging phone case.

With the Apple® approved Stream case, iPhone users can experience Qi wireless charging at the same high performance 1 amp standard as an apple plug-in charger, joining owners of over 60 top smartphones supporting Qi, like Google's Nexus 4, 5 & 7, Samsung Galaxy S & Note, Motorola Droid, LG G2/G3, Sony Z2, and Nokia Lumia line.

Slim & Sophisticated Stream comes in at a sleek 11mm, so it won’t add bulk to your phone. But while slim, the Stream case is big on performance.  We’ve packed a lot of charging and protecting power into that small package.

Peak Performance Stream is enabled for Qi Wireless charging up to full 1 amp, the highest available current, for maximum charging speed.  Stream also comes with a universal micro-USB for alternate connectivity.

Stream is the first Qi wireless charging smartphone case to be globally available and approved by Apple. 


Stream for iPhone 6 -  Streamlined high-performance luxury in leather or soft-touch 
Coming this Spring!

In order to understand Pond and our vision for the future of mobile device charging, it’s crucial to understand Qi wireless and the transformative impact it’s having on the mobile device industry.

Qi wireless is a new wireless charging technology that is quickly emerging as the dominant standard for wirelessly charging anything and everything from smartphones and tablets to wearable devices and accessories.

New Qi-enabled devices are hitting the market all the time. There are already more than 70 phone models with Qi wireless charging capability built in, including recent models from Google Nexus, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony and Nokia. Toyota, Jeep, Audi and Mercedes-Benz , and GMall all have in-car Qi wireless device charging options either already available or in development. In the hospitality industry, hotels are starting to add wireless charging in common spaces, and as value-added in-room amenities.

image courtesy of www.qinside.biz

Before long, there will be Qi-enabled devices in every tech-savvy home in the United States and beyond. When that day comes, Pond will be here, leading the way into the brave new world of wireless charging.

Pond, Stream and Pebble are positioned to transform the way consumers everywhere think about device charging, but they’re only one half of the Pond vision for the future of wireless connectivity. Equally as exciting are the applications for technology in the commercial sphere, and it all starts with Pond Portal.

Pond Portal combines the wireless charging power of Pond with a host of other capabilities—including home automation, activity monitoring and linked alerts, just to name a few—to create a totally integrated, connected wireless experience.

For Seniors & Senior Care Facilities
Pond Portal will serve as a central hub to keep families, friends and caregivers connected.


For the Hospitality Industry
Pond Portal will deliver a range of services and amenities that hotels can offer guests to enhance the quality of their stay.


Pond is positioned to lead with wireless innovation every way you look - Pond, Stream, Pebble are securing Pond's position at the forefront of consumer-facing innovation, and Pond Portal will make our name in the commercial space. 

There’s nothing the Pond team loves quite as much as a high bar, so we made it our mission to meet Apple’s. The result: Stream is the first Qi wireless charging case to receive the elusive Apple stamp of approval for use with the iPhone and sell in a major channel, Verizon's Online Store.

The result: Stream is opening the door for the 45% of American smartphone users and 38% of smartphone users worldwide to start charging their devices wirelessly and on the go! All of Pond's other products are Apple-approved as well, making Pond the optimum wireless charging solution for all of your Apple devices.

Wireless charging is already emerging as a great and exciting growth area for the tech industry at large: Google Nexus, Samsung, Motorola and more have all either developed wireless charging options of their own and/or authorized third-party wireless charging options for use with their products.

There’s just one (not so) small holdout in the wireless device charging revolution: a little company you may have heard of called Apple. 

Apple has not only been slow to produce a wireless charging product of its own: they're also notoriously picky about which third-party devices they approve for use with their products. That's especially true for wireless charging, where Apple has set the standards so incredibly high that company after company has failed to meet them.

From a successful Kickstarter campaign, to making headlines at CES, to launching an exciting partnership with Verizon, 2014 was a big year at Pond.  With marketing and ramp-up starting in earnest in December 2014, all signs point to a big year ahead in 2015.

Available on a Website Near You
Pond and Stream are already available for sale and shipping to customers through Pondcharging.com and Amazon. In December, we shipped the first units of Stream to Verizon for sale through the Verizon Wireless Online Store. Our Verizon partnership is just the first of many distribution and retail deals for Pond: distributors and retailers around the world are eager to make Pond available to their customers.

Kickstarting to Success
In July 2014, Pond wrapped up a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, raising over $30,000 from backers who believe in Pond and our products and are excited to be among the first to join the Pond revolution.

Look Who's Talking About Pond
Back in January 2014 Pond (Devant Technologies, Inc.) made an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the top showcases for exciting innovations in the tech space. Since then, the media has been buzzing about Pond and the revolutionary potential of our products. We've been featured in cnet, engadget and Übergizmo, just to name a few.


Up next for Pond: New products like the Stream case for iPhone 6, sales luanch of the Ripple mobile wireless charger, a solar charger, new partnerships with hotels, cafés and more, and more outstanding potential as we continue setting the standard for wireless device charging technology. Interested in being part of the future of Pond? Please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile!

Soren Nielsen, CEO & Founder
Soren Nielsen is the founder and CEO of Pond Wireless Charging by Devant Technologies, Inc. Soren draws on 20 years of broad experience in defining the vision and leading the Pond team.  With his background in technology, operations and hands-on design, Soren brings both creative and experience-based leadership to Pond.  Through his career at the multinational corporation, Nokia, and as part of the ground-floor team for the fast growing startup Eltron International, Inc (merged with Zebra Technologies in 1998), Soren’s career in consumer and business products has included business P&L responsibility, customer accounts, technology portfolio planning and business development, operations leadership, and program management with oversight of hardware and software R&D, marketing, sourcing, manufacturing, aftermarket services, and quality.

Joseph Low, Vice President of Sales and Business Development
Joseph Low has led international sales teams from ground-floor market entry to multi-billion dollar continent-wide dominance.  At Nokia, he served as the VP of the North American "Go to Market" organization addressing key North American wireless carriers customers such as T-Mobile, AT&T, and Rodgers-Canada.  Joe led the company’s Latin America focused mobile phones division, with $4 billion in net sales and 40+ device launches. 

Kaare Holm, Executive Vice President
Kaare Holm serves as the Executive Vice President with responsibility for strategy and corporate development. Kaare possesses over 25 years’ entrepreneurial and advisory experience in the technology industry. As an entrepreneur, he has founded several companies and brought them from the initial startup stage through profitability, partnering, and successful exit or into stable continuous operations. His latest company was bootstrapped through a million dollars in revenue and sales on 3 continents. Kaare holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Marketing from the Niels Brock International Business College, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1987, and completed studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Business to earn an International MBA from I.E.S.E., Barcelona, Spain, 1991.


Susan Schedel - With experience from start-ups to billion dollar companies. She is a decisive leader and mentor focused on brand development; go to market execution; and bottom line profit enhancements. Susan was formerly VP of Sales at Mophie.

Kathleen Walker - Kathleen is a dynamic leader in Intellectual Property Rights acquisition and enforcement. She has over 20 years of legal experience including practice at the top rated litigation firm in the country and as General Counsel to Mophie. Kathleen’s passion is brand protection.

Raage Bullaleh - Raage is a business development leader with a keen eye for innovative brands and a passion for developing partnerships that result in increased revenue.  Raage introduces channels to new brands and brands to new channels. Raage spent years with Lifeproof, developing Apple and other retail relationships.

Vincent Dorrian - Exceptional leader of R&D and Operations.  Experience growing mobile and complex commercial technology companies from conception to billion dollar business and exits.  

Dan Guitierrez - Dan has focused on early stage companies, specifically startups, supporting around $850M worth of financings, worked with over 150 startups, as well as around 30 M/A exits for about $4B in aggregate. A former senior associate at Cooley, LLP.  Dan is greatly involved in San Diego's startup community as a mentor and senior advisor.

Steve Adler - Mobile Industry Visionary and Technology/Seasoned Business Development Executive with broad experience creating solutions in the mobile device, mobile media SOA services, mobile streaming video and app ecosystems. Worked with OEM’s, ODM’s, CM’s and retailers to deploy a platform delivering applications, media, games, services and other digital content to a variety of connected device - e.g., tablets, handsets, TVs (OTT delivery), game consoles and set top boxes. 

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