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After blowing the roof off our recent Indiegogo campaign and riding the wake of our massively successful first Fundable raise, popSLATE is thrilled to return to Fundable for the launch our second generation product!

We took everything that we learned developing the first popSLATE and channeled it into making its follow-up even sleeker and more awesome with all new and improved features. We’ve slimmed it down, added loads of functionality, increased the e-display size, amped up the resolution -- and that’s just the beginning.

Making its debut this past April to rave reviews from Wired, The Verge, SlashGear, and other heavy-hitters in the tech publication world, popSLATE 2 is ready to take the world by storm, one iPhone at a time.

Having the popSLATE 1 in the hands of thousands of early adopters and listening to their feedback provided us with an invaluable learning experience to discover which elements of our product resonated with our customers, and which needed a bit of fine tuning.

Our loyal customers will be pleased to know that we’ve not only heard what they had to say, but that we’ve actively applied their feedback into a radical redesign of our original model’s capabilities from the inside out.

Here’s what we came up with for popSLATE 2 in the hardware department:

Sleek, Minimalist Design
One of our first orders of business was to cut down on the excess bulk. Compared to our original model, we reduced popSLATE’s thickness by 40%!

Built Tough
While the refined, industrial design delivers aesthetic appeal that perfectly complements the iPhone, don’t let its looks fool you. We built popSLATE 2 to last. Our unique electronic ink display screen is shatterproof and able to withstand all the unexpected falls and bumps of everyday life.

Built-In Battery Pack
We’re giving our customers an additional 9 hours of talk time and 5 hours of internet browsing time for iPhone 6s+ and 6 hours of extra talk time and 4 hours extra internet time for iPhone 6s with our built-in battery back.

What isn’t new is more like it!

We jam-packed popSLATE 2 with all new features and additional functionality, combining the best elements of a smartwatch, an e-reader, and a battery case into a single, streamlined device.

This isn’t just a single product we’re talking about. It’s a premium accessory dedicated to fulfilling all your digital needs across the board -- giving you everything you need, at-a-glance, and all from the palm of your hand.  

Okay, we admit it. We’re design junkies through and through.

And you can see all of our handiwork shine through when you stack up our first popSLATE release against our latest and greatest offering.

While our first generation product focused primarily on customizing your phone with images from your camera, photo library, Instagram, and other popSLATE users, popSLATE 2 is all about functionality and productivity. And it’s got it in spades.

Take a look for yourself.

From a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign to our fully-funded Fundable round, we’ve made some incredible headway in our mission to build popSLATE into a word-class name in the mobile accessory space on a global scale.

Here’s a quick play-by-play of where we’ve been, where we’re going, and some of our biggest achievements and milestones to date.

Forging Strategic Content Partnerships
We are in active discussions with heavy-hitting content providers including eBooks, ePubs, and leading apps to transform popSLATE into a bona fide “Kindle Killer."

The press is singing the praises of popSLATE 2

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Yashar is intensely focused on building great product experiences by carefully listening to customers and his talented team.

Greg has spent 10 years forging new markets for smart hardware and has crafted the popSLATE story since its conception.

Stephen has spent 10 years developing digital brands and designing interactive products and has shaped the popSLATE 2 UX since the early days.

As head of Punch Through Design, Colin brings years of experience in low energy, connected hardware to the design of the popSLATE 2 platform.

Engineering manager at Punch Through Design, Matt directly leads popSLATE 2 hardware, firmware, app, and integration efforts.

Industrial designer Mika has been working on consumer electronics for 10+ years, starting with mobile phones then moving to smart devices.

Mechanical wizard Ville has 15+ years’ experience from concept crafting, manufacturing, and production.

Lead software developer Adam builds connected systems, working at the intersection of hardware, mobile, and the cloud.

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