Poseidon AmphibWorks

Electric hydrofoil amphibious vehicles to conquer new uses.....


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4 Target Customer Profiles & their "Pains"

RV Owners Pam & Captain John's

RV Owners Pam & Captain John Have No Solutions Today


Our co-founder in WaterCar, Gibbs Aquada, Amphicar Fan party video

Current Amphibious Solutions FAIL to Satisfy Many Customer Needs


~12 off-road amphibious ATV brands

Competitive Analysis Landscape Chart included in the"Business Plan" set of slides

Boaters Want Electric

Surging Electric Boat Market - Still No Solutions

"Tesla-fication" of both the Marine market and the technology has led to this perfect storm creating the opportunity for our innovative solutions!

Our 4 Target Customer Groups are NOT Satisfied with the 2 sets of vehicles shown above:

The electric hydrofoil and electric boat “competitive solutions” available today – FAIL TO SATISFY THE NEEDS - they are marine only, with NO amphibious capability

The amphibious boat and amphibious off-road ATV “competitive solutions” FAIL TO SATIFY THE NEEDS - they ONLY OFFER low speed less than 25mph and are NOT highway legal

Trident LS-1 satisfies all of our 4 Target Customer Groups NEEDS!



RV Owners finally have a solution!

Yacht Owners Finally Will be Quite Satsified!

Coast Dwellers Will Be Very Happy!

Poseidon's long term mission is to "extend the world's road and highway system to superior water based routes" using our growing product line of unique vehicles.

Recreational Boaters Will Be Very Happy!

Finally they can get out on the the water and ENJOY, without risky trailering and boat launching/recovery, PLUS eliminate need to have the space at their home for 3 vehicles, NOW reduced to one!

Our 4 Target Customer Pains All Solved

Deeper Dive - Trident LS-1 Features, Benefits, Specs

Why Hydrofoils? Compare 25 knots Cruise

Competitive Landscape

Our Space - Surging - Market Overview

~5k units total sold by year 5 or ~$600M gross revenue, discussed in Business Plan slides with supporting data - request access

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