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PostTune is the first and only app that lets you share songs from your iTunes library directly via text message, email, Facebook and Twitter.

Sometimes the right song can express what you're thinking better than words ever could, and sending a friend the perfect song can be the thing that makes their day, and yours!

PostTune makes it easier than ever to share the songs you love and communicate with the power of the universal language: music.

Not so long ago, no one would have ever thought of sending photos by text message, and now photo messaging is one of our favorite ways to communicate. At PostTune, our thinking is: if it worked for photos, why not songs as well?

The PostTune app makes it quick and easy to share songs with your friends via:

When you send your song, the recipient will be able to listen in and see the artwork that goes along with it. They'll also have a direct link to the song via iTunes, so they can download it for their own library then and there.

Whether you've found the perfect song to express what you're feeling, or you're excited to share the awesome musical discovery you just found buried in your library, with PostTune, sending a song is as simple as the push of a button.

The PostTune app is already live and available for download on the Apple store.

Hundreds of people are already using the PostTune app to share their favorite music, and new people are discovering our app every day!

Looking toward the future, we're excited to continue exploring the possibilities of our platform for sharing music through even more platforms and formats, including the cloud, and also pursuing the potential of our platform for other types of media, including video and books.

Paul Haden, Founder
Paul is President of C2 Collaborative, an award-winning landscape architecture firm in Southern California. As Founder and President of C2 Collaborate, Paul leads the design process of the office. Paul's leadership philosophy is characterized by a team-oriented focus and service intensive approach to project design and management.

Jack Haden, Designer
Jack is a Senior Graphic Designer with C2 Collaborative, and the designer of PostTune.

Tom Haden, Marketing
Tom is a business development machine, currently working for

John Haden, Product
John Haden is founder of TrooMobile and has been part of 2 startups: and

Varma Bhupatiraju, Developer
Varma has over 15 years of experience as a developer and solutions architect, and has worked in both consultant and Senior Architect roles for Fortune 500 companies. Fluent in .Net, Java, Objective C, PHP and Ruby, Varma is able to build just about any app enhancements PostTune will need.

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