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Golfers all around the world love the Power Tee system and have made testimonials to prove it. Four of golf’s most recognized golf professionals, Jim Furyk, Mitchell Spearman, Paul Lawrie, and Robert Rock have all endorsed Power Tee and rely on it to improve their own game, as well as the game of their students.

In addition to major pro endorsements, Power Tee has gotten massive press coverage. Check out who is talking about it:

Golf Monthly

Golf Range Magazine

GRN Orgo

Golf Business News:

World Golf

Power Tee has been recognized by more than just golfers, business owners, and the media: it’s also caught attention from around the globe. We’ve received numerous awards and accreditations, including:

  • Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, 2009
  • Wiltshire Business of the Year, Industrial Design & Engineering, 2004
  • Official Supplier of the Organization of Golf Range Operators, UK
  • Preferred Vendor of the Golf Range Association of America, USA

Power Tee is the world’s leading, internationally patented, automated golf ball teeing system. Power Tee is helping the industry grow by making golf practice fun and attracting key groups to the sport.

Why Power Tee? Simply, it is a product that benefits many subsets of the golfing industry – kids, seniors, high-handicap golfers, low-handicap golfers, range/club owners, professionals, and the entire golf industry. Power Tee is in a strong position to help the golf industry grow – through “Better Practice, Better Play.”

In 2017, Power Tee will continue to aggressively pursue placing Power Tee units in golf ranges and country clubs throughout North America. However, the most exciting development is to introduce a home-use system that will leverage the concept of REP Golf® (Repeatable Environment Practice) and drive consumer awareness.

Along with many other industries, golf took a big hit during the 2008 recession and in the years that followed. At its lowest point, golf saw a 35% drop in participation. However over the last five years, the industry has fully recovered and has even seen an increase in certain areas like the PGA Junior League.

Golf facilities need something that will not only keep current customers happy, but something that will drive more golfers to their ranges and clubs, and keep them coming back.

For years, golf club and range owners have been searching for an easy and effective tool to attract and retain golf customers. They have been searching for a supplemental tool for their facilities that is fun, easy, and rewarding. They understand that mastering a new sport like golf may seem like a daunting task. With the right tools and training, an afternoon at the driving range can be very productive and enjoyable. With Power Tee, golf stakeholders have found a way to share the enjoyment of golf and an effective learning environment with their customers.

A revolutionary product that makes golf fun and easy for everyone, Power Tee is the world’s number one internationally patented automated ball teeing system. It is a stand-alone, automatic reloading practice mat that replaces each golf ball after a golfer takes a hit. Power Tee takes all the work out of teeing the golf ball which makes practice more effective, more productive, and more enjoyable than ever.

Utilizing groundbreaking technology, a user-friendly interface, and customizable tee settings, Power Tee has developed the perfect way to practice for any level of experience. From beginners to pros, juniors to seniors - any golfer with any degree of experience can improve their game by building rhythm and muscle memory using Power Tee’s flawless practice design.

With Power Tee, golfers can experience high quality training by allowing them to stay in their stance with every swing instead of disrupting it to tee up a new ball. As a result, golfers can keep their grip, form, and swing consistent with every hit. This allows for golfers to hit more balls, and find an effective and consistent swing.

A true industry game changer, Power Tee is revolutionizing the way golfers practice and play.

Power Tee is a below-ground automated teeing system unlike any other that has come before it. Groundbreaking design and technology is what sets Power Tee apart from the competition, which has made a game changing difference for the last 20 years.

A New Kind Of Automation
Others have tried and failed to create an automated teeing system that really works. Thanks to Power Tee’s revolutionary ball engine and advanced ball hopper, it has found a way to make automation work. Located below the driving mat, the ball engine houses all of the moving parts of Power Tee and allows the system to flawlessly service the balls quickly, correctly, and efficiently from the unit’s large ball hopper with 100 ball storage. Patented in over 15 countries with over 60% market penetration in the UK, Power Tee’s proven technology makes it a market leader.

A User-Friendly Design
Power Tee’s ball engine may be a complex piece of machinery, but its user-friendly digital display is quite intuitive. Power Tee has a simple LED interface that allows golfers to track their amount of practice hits and to set their ideal practice conditions such as selecting tee height (over 40 height options).

A Different Driving Mat
Whether a golfer wants to practice their drive or swing in the rough, Power Tee’s Fiberbuilt mat is the perfect striking surface. Made from the world’s best synthetic grass, Power Tee mimics true golfing conditions and adds extra comfort for sustained practice through its cushioned standing mat.

A Design Built to Last
Power Tee units are proven to work in any condition, from sub-zero climates to the tropics. They are designed with durability to sustain quality through substantial usage. No matter where a range is located or how many customers it services, Power Tee will be there to get the job done.

A Beautiful Hidden Benefit
For range owners and clubs looking to add significant Member Value to their range, Power Tee is just the thing. By using Power Tee mats instead of real grass, facilities can reduce their annual grass maintenance costs while improving and modernizing the facility.

A Way To Earn More Than You Spend
For range owners, Power Tee is the easiest and most inexpensive way to increase revenue. How? The system helps ranges generate 25 - 40% more revenue, thus covering the operating costs of the system. A typical result is positive net benefit and value addition for golf facilities.

Power Tee has been in business for over 20 years and has become the industry leader in automated ball teeing systems.


Who Is Using Power Tee?
Big name golf facilities all over the world — 390+ in the U.K. and Europe and 20+ in the U.S. and Canada — count on Power Tee to provide the very best golfing experience to their customers. Some of Power Tee’s biggest clients include:

  • Club Corp: The operator of over 200 country clubs in the U.S., Club Corp recently installed Power Tee at their Queens Harbour Golf and Yacht Club in Jacksonville, FL on a one-year trial basis. Their business could be a potential $20M deal for Power Tee.
  • U.S. Air Force: In November of 2016, the Air Force installed Power Tee units in two of their driving ranges, and are currently paying for 16 units on a 5-year lease contract. Their business could mean a potential $20M at 200 ranges for Power Tee.
  • Wentworth Club since 2002
  • St. Andrews since 2004
  • The Belfry since 2003
  • Celtic Manor since 2014
  • Le Golf National since 2014
  • … and so many more!

Power Tee ranked #1 most intersting product at 2017 PGA Golf Show!

Power Tee is in a strong position to help the entire golf industry. Power Tee has a dedicated team seeking to improve the golf industry by aggressively pursuing the placement of Power Tee units in golf ranges and clubs throughout the country. In addition, Power Tee is creating a home-use system to further capitalize on the importance of REP Golf® (Repeatable Environment Practice). This simple system will drive consumer awareness for the sport, and give serious golfers a way to perfect their game from the comfort of their home. The system will include Launch Monitors and smart device integration to track swing speed, ball departure speed, ball flight, and launch angle.

Power Tee is also researching and developing a new commercial version that will include:

  • Real-time remote monitoring for simplifying the maintenance process.
  • An injection-molded scoop that will increase the system’s reliability.
  • Convenience features such as a charging station for mobile devices (like phones), to charge while golfers practice.

To make sure Power Tee becomes a household name in the United States like it is in the U.K., Power Tee has established a marketing partnership with the Golf Channel to help create the brand-recognition that the product deserves.

Smart, innovative, and experienced, the Power Tee team has over 50 years combined golf range automation expertise. Headed by industry leader Martin Wyeth, Power Tee’s group of dedicated, driven creators and business professionals are second to none.

After graduating from University of East Anglia with a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and getting his professional start at a consultancy company he formed himself, Martin committed himself fully to the Power Tee mission. His knowledge and experience of the driving range market and, more specifically, range automation, is second to none in the U.K. and U.S. markets.

A graduate from the University of Sheffield, Clare joined Ernst & Young as an accountant for several years before leaving the practice to work in the tech industry. Her impressive resume includes work experience at the head office accounting function of a major U.K. owned oil company as well as time at a subsidiary of a leading U.S. owned tech company. Now, Clare commits all of her time to Golf-Tech and the Power Tee vision.

Winner of 2003 US Open and 17-time winner on the PGA Tour; Jim Furyk was the first golfer in PGA Tour history to shoot 58 during a tour event.

Elite Golf Instructor to many pro’s including Greg Norman, Curtis Strange, Nick Faldo, and Laura Davies; one of Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Teachers in America”

A military veteran, U.S. Army Infantry Officer, Richard is a graduate of the University of San Francisco’s Management program and George Washington University’s Business Administration Masters program. Experienced in both operations and sales management at large Fortune 500 companies, he has over 7 years of startup company experience and entrepreneurship.

Responsible for all installation and client training, Bjorn has been with Power Tee since 2001, and in that 15+ years of company experience, has become a vital part of the team. A mechanical and electrical expert, Bjorn is a brilliant practical worker and manager.

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