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USB Power Whenever and Wherever

The patent-pending Hydrobee is a USB battery pack that is charged by multiple free natural energy sources, including water from a faucet, hose or pipe, streams and rivers, bicycles and carts, hand-cranks, belt drive pulleys, solar panels and thermal energy. Anyone with the right natural energy source can charge  this battery pack, and then use the battery to charge their cell phone or to power LED lights all night.  It's better than solar, it NEVER is without a power source, even if it's your own muscles.  

Product Design

​ The Powerbee is the size and shape of a 12-oz soda can, so it can be easily distributed anywhere in the world.  Each of its components is replaceable and recyclable.  You can stack the batteries for multiple charging.  

Attach the Powerbee to any table or support, or a wall or tree, and you can spin it with anything.  We are developing these spinners:   Streambee for flowing water and towed behind boats or canoes; PipeBee for faucets, hoses and water pipes; WindBee for wind or kites; BikeBee for any bike; CrankBee for hand-spinning; BeltBee for attaching a belt drive to any shaft, such as a donkey cart or a waterwheel; SolBee for power from a solar panel; and FireBee to harvest energy from open cooking and camp fires.

Wireless Mesh Networking:   The PowerBee will come with a Wireless Mesh Networking "puck" that screws onto the body, integrates with the circuit board and power, and becomes a Node in a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).  It can communicate with other Powerbees nearby, depending on line of site, and become an emergency communication network after a disaster.  We are already working with experts to make the system work with emergency response plans.

Traction & Accomplishments


Since we founded Hydrobee last year, we won the national Business for Good contest of the Social Enterprise Alliance, and the Innovative World Technologies award from the South by Southwest venture contest.  We have two patents pending, full-size model products, and our first Kickstarter campaign got 400 backers in just 20 days. 

World-leading experts recognize the potential for our Powerbee to bring personal energy security to a billion poor people living without electricity, but who have mobile phones that cost them money to charge every time.  Our Board of Advisors includes the former Director of the Environment Department at the World Bank, and two Innovation Fellows at the Federal Emergency Management Administration.

Dane Roth, our Industrial Designer, was the lead designer of the Clarisonic skin brush and the famous Sonicare ultrasonic toothbrush.  

We’ll be shipping Hydrobees early next year!

How We're Different

Multiple Charging Sources:  Only the Hydrobee system can harvest USB charging power from ANY source in nature.  The most common competitor product, a solar charger, only works when there is strong sun for many hours.  Many times solar chargers simply don't work.  If you have a solar panel you can upgrade your battery storage to the Hydrobee.  

Super Modular and Recyclable:  All the components parts (generator, battery pack, circuit board, LED lamp) can be easily replaced and recycled.  Each one is totally waterproof and shockproof!

Install Easily for Long Charging Times:  The Powerbee battery is a 5000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, just like in almost all mobile phones.  Like phones, it takes 3 hours to full charge at the rated power output of the generator.  You can't spin it by hand for 3 hours, but nature can!  With the BeeBlock mount and transmission, you can attach the Powerbee to a table or wagon or water propeller or wind propeller and nature's energy will spin the 'Bee for you.  Or attach a solar or thermal charging source and charge the battery direct from their output.  Once installed you can leave the generator and mounting in place, and simply unscrew and replace the batteries for use elsewhere.  The Hydrobee system is a PERMANENT USB power plant in nature!

Get The Accessories You Need:   Nature's energy depends on where you are. Some people have access to lots of sun; others have bikes, or strong wind, or farm animals and wagons.  You can buy the PowerBee, and then just the charging accessories you need.

Affordable for a Billion People:   Over a billion people now live on less than $2 a day income and have no reliable electricity.  They don't have enough money to buy most products.  But now they can buy electronic products like phones using micro-financing over mobile payment systems.  They use Pay-As-You-Go.  If they don't pay, their phone or device is turned off!  We have put a GSM mobile phone chip into the PowerBee so it can connect to the mobile network, and it can be sold the same way as phones.  Now a billion poor people who really need charging power can get it for free from nature and they can pay for their Powerbee for only a few dollars a month.  Over 20 million solar lights have been sold to villagers this way.  PowerBee is a great upgrade to all those customers who already have distributors and payment systems. 


Burt Hamner - President and co-founder

Renewables inventor and global cleantech consultant 

Burt Hamner is President of Hydrobee SPC. Before founding this company in 2013 he founded, grew and sold Hydrovolts, Inc. which made hydrokinetic turbines that generate renewable energy from irrigation canals and industrial water systems. He invented and filed patent applications for three new turbine designs. Under his leadership Hydrovolts was the 2009 winner of the National Sustainability Award of the Clean Tech Open , and winner of the Imagine H2O Water-Energy Nexus prize. Hydrovolts was named an Artemis Top 50 water technology company and a Global Energy Innovator by Launch.Org. Burt was appointed as an International Advisor on Marine Energy Resources in 2008 by the New Zealand Ministry of Energy. He was appointed as Chairman of the Renewable Energy Committee of the Marine Technology Society from 2008-10. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Burt spent 15 years as a clean technology consultant in Southeast Asia and South America and he helped establish sustainable industry programs in a dozen countries. His main clients were the US Agency for International Development, the Asian Development Bank, and the United Nations. He was also a Professor of Operations at the Asian Institute of Management in Lima, Philippines, teaching the MBA core class, and a Professor of Environmental Accounting at the Universidad del Pacifico in Lima, Peru. He helped design the national clean technology strategy for Thailand. Burt is a published expert on Total Quality Environmental Management and management accounting for sustainable business, and he has trained over 5000 managers how to increase profits while decreasing environmental impacts. His unique perspective on “clean tech” and sustainable business, and some of his published papers, are presented on his personal website, CleantechMentor.Com.

Dane Roth - VP Design

World-leading industrial designer 

Dane Roth is Vice President of Product Development and Design for Hydrobee SPC. He has over 20 years experience in Mechanical and Industrial Design and Engineering and holds 4 patents. Dane worked for Burt Hamner at Hydrovolts where he designed the Canal and Waterfall turbines. Dane was on the design team of the famous Sonicare toothbrush, and he was the lead designer of the Clarisonic skin brush. He is an Autodesk guru and instructor.

Paul Salzman - Operations Advisor

10 years selling outdoor and emergency gear online 

Paul Salzman is Operations Adviser. He is co-founder of Portable Charging Systems producing a USB battery pack with hand-crank charger and has over 10 years experience selling emergency preparation equipment through his previous company SOS Ready. Paul has decades of experience as a business IT consultant, CTO / CIO, sales manager, and communicator.

Warren Evans - International Advisor

Former Director of the Environment Department at the World Bank 

As Director of the World Bank's Environment Department from 2006-2013, Warren supervised over 200 people who review and mitigate the environmental aspects all World Bank projects. He works personally with leaders of countries and international NGOs and has 30 years experience in developing countries. He is a waste-water treatment engineer by training.


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