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Praizl: Fast Facts

Praizl is a millennial home search app that takes in the homebuyer's home preferences and searches for the best matches while they sleep. 24/7.

Praizl brings back the joy of house hunting by delivering that are perfectly matched with the buyer’s needs and desires – eliminating unnecessary time, frustration, and the feeling of overwhelmingness. The platform then delivers highly qualified leads to trustworthy realtors that they quality control and strictly monitor.

The Hassle of the House Hunting

On average, homebuyers spend about 124 hours researching homes before buying. About 60 hours of this time is spent simply trying shortlist homes that they like.

According to McKinsey, much of this hassle is due to that fact that listings are missing upwards of 58% of the information that homebuyers care about, such as neighborhood noise levels, walkability, transportation options, and lifestyle traits.

Even though this information is extremely important to homebuyers, existing real estate platforms have failed to deliver it in search results.

Praizl is taking the better approach.

Turning “the Hunt” on its Head

Praizl takes readily-available data and uses it to match homebuyers with their ideal homes based on their unique needs and desires. With our proprietary matching engine, homebuyers get exactly what they want, in a fraction of the time.

Praizl is designed using both direct and abstract homebuyer preferences to recommend listings that match. This includes even the most specific criteria like the builder, building specs and much more.

With Praizl, house hunters no longer have to waste time forever scrolling through a map and searching through dozens of listings they would never even consider. As our system learns the specific preferences of the house hunter through their searching, Praizl will start providing more targeted and relevant results.

How do we do this? We use 2 supervised machine learning models (1 for matching engine, 1 for search indexing), 1 NLP processor for parsing queries, and 1 scoring algo for computing match strength.

Plus, get notifications about listing updates for homes that match your criteria. And, if you’re located in a hot market, benefit from live inventory alerts.

Praizl is designed with trust and privacy at the core. Until you’re ready to take the next steps towards buying, no realtors or brokerages have access to your information.

Early Accomplishments

The Praizl platform is fully developed and, despite zero marketing efforts to date, has somehow seen over 8,000 unique visits to its website.

In less than 5 minutes, Praizl has matched beta users with homes they would consider buying. Plus, 8 out of 10 people who used the Praizl found a home that they really liked within their first 20 swipes.

Praizl is currently a part of the following startup programs:

Praizl also has warm relationships with notable companies including Local Logic, Esri, and Remax.

How We Started & Meet the Team

Praizl’s co-founders David, Ramie and Quintin started noticing that many of their friends were frustrated at the house hunting process. They tested their hypothesis by making a reddit post, and then knew there was a real and pervasive problem in the overall population. After researching the problem in-depth, they found that technology had not kept up with homebuyer expectations.

In fact, there is no home search platform today that helps homebuyers find what they’re looking for in a meaningful or user-friendly way. Most simply provide every possible listing, with little focus on what matters most. The trio set out to find a better way.

A Few Of Our Experienced Advisors


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