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PMD founder, Peter Sayet, was in a supermarket when he walked down the wrong aisle, saw the display of adult diapers and, based on his extensive background in the high-tech medical lab field, immediately wondered….
33 million people have been diagnosed with UI in the US and over 500 million worldwide with over 100 million in PMD’s patent-covered markets. Within those markets, 30-35 million have severe enough cases to warrant a surgical treatment intervention as defined by the American Urological Association (AUA) – people who have levels of incontinence that overwhelms diapers.

Peter ultimately designed an small implantable valve that could wirelessly (via Bluetooth) be adjusted and controlled to simply open and close on the urethra in varying degrees of pressure.  He believed the new device invention would  be the most efficacious means of controlling even the most severe cases of UI.


Precision Medical Devices is dedicated to solving many medical treatment problems.

We have developed an innovative new technology to treat a number of large market medical conditions using a safe and highly effective device including those caused by sphincteric deficiencies and any medical condition that could be helped by compressing internal tissue (i.e.: urinary and fecal incontinence, morbid obesity, gastro-esophageal reflux disease [GERDs] and even ED, to name a few).

The first iteration is a device designed to treat severe uncontrollable urinary incontinence (UI).

While consumers have had a number of treatments to choose from, none of them are universally accepted as fully safe and/or highly efficacious, especially in the severer cases.

All too often, in fact, the overwhelming majority of those who suffer from UI, rely on diapers and catheters to treat the condition.

The severer the cases, the more significant the loss of Quality-of-Life (QoL), which cases also represent over 80% of the cost of incontinence to public and private healthcare systems around the world ($hundreds of billions/year).

Additionally, as a consequence of the problem, each year, there are billions of plastic-based disposable adult diapers disposed in landfills or alternatively, damage caused to the environment by the tons of cleaning agent used to launder the reusable cloth diapers and bedsheets, which often create environmental hazards on their own.

Thus, not only is a sufferer’s life (and that of the family caretakers) dramatically altered by the uncomfortable experience of relying on diapers, it's also a massive environmental catastrophe and healthcare budget nightmare.

Incontinence is the number one cause of nursing home admissions accounting for 50% of them.

Urinary Incontinence is so prevalent that there is a high probability that everyone either has the problem or knows someone who has the problem.


Additional to our human markets, our beloved pet dogs also suffer from severe UI at or higher than the prevalence rate of humans, with UI being the leading cause of early termination of pet dogs when not properly treated.

With our new device, pet dogs will be able to live through their entire lifespan with the pet’s family never having to worry about or deal with incontinence accidents which will make the life of pet and owner substantively more carefree.

Effectively treating the UI will potentially add as much as 25% to a pet dog’s carefree lifespan (3-plus years).

But best of all; there are NO Regulatory Requirements to overcome; PMD can begin serving this market as soon as the product is ready.


We are tremendously pleased that we may help our four-legged family members by providing them (and more directly, the pet owner) with a superior quality of shared life.

PMD is currently conducting our final implant tests and hopes to launch the product for canines by this winter (2019-20).

Such a product launch will set the stage for PMD to move into the commercialization phase of our development.

By entering the pet dog market, we will initiate revenues and look to achieve profitability within a reasonable timeframe thereafter.

It will also provide us with the resources we need to complete the necessary steps to obtain regulatory approvals for the human iteration of the product and improve their quality of life as well.



Worldwide our total patent-covered markets reached 96 million cases of UI in the key westernized countries.

In addition to the United States, our patents cover:



Our social media strategy has only just begun, but we have already attracted nearly 1,000 followers on Facebook.

We have also had serious discussions with a number of prospective strategic partners, including Henry Schein, on the prospects of a strategic partnership proposed to cover all the sales and distribution activities required to market the FCD around the world, which discussions will continue with the new Henry Schein spinoff company, Covetrus.

Further, we have entered into a collaboration partnership with the Mayo Clinic, Mayo Clinic Ventures and the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research that includes Mayo converting accumulated research costs into PMD stock (in an arrangement that is quite groundbreaking for Mayo).

It is a testament to the promise of the PMD FCD technology.


PMD has previously conducted implant research and testing at the following institutions:

  • University of Miami under the direction of incontinence pioneer, Dr. Victor Politano, we  conducted 33 implants in our Phase I of prototype testing from November 1999 – July 2009, and 14 implants and 4 re- implants in our Phase IIa testing program from April 2014 – July 2018 under the direction of incontinence expert, Dr. Angelo Gousse.
  • North Carolina State University conducted 2 implants and 2 re-implants from June 2017 – July 2018 under the direction of noted incontinence veterinarian researcher, Dr. Christopher Adin.


Peter H. Sayet | CEO
Mr. Sayet has 45+ years of experience in healthcare including; founding and developing the Institute for Laboratory Medicine, Inc. (ILM), a state-of-the-art medical laboratory facility. ILM became the largest physician-owned medical laboratory in the nation. Mr. Sayet has continued to work on various other business plans, culminating in the formation of the Precision Medical Devices around the concept of the PSS Flow Control Device (FCD) technology. Subsequently, Mr. Sayet has now guided the PMD Company since its inception, including the accumulation of 10 US and 18 foreign patents on the PSS FCD.

Laura Coyle | Director of Operations
As a consultant to PMD since 2005, Ms. Coyle oversaw many of its key marketing initiatives, assisting PMD management with a number of administrative issues, including providing substantive backup to PMD’s President/CEO. She continues to guide the escalation of our marketing and operations programs. Ms. Coyle holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the College of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University.

Harvey Muskat, CPA, CFF | Chief Accounting Advisor
Mr. Muskat is certified as a CPA and in Financial Forensics (CFF) and has received honors in his field from the South Florida Business Journal and South Florida Legal Guide, among others. He has served on several accounting and auditing committees of the FICPA, in addition Mr. Muskat has been approved and sanctioned by the AICPA and FICPA to perform peer reviews of CPA firms nationwide (since 1991). Mr. Muskat obtained his BS in accounting from Syracuse University, wherein he attained the Dean’s List, and followed with obtaining his certifications as a CPA and in Financial Forensics (CFF).


Victor Politano, M.D., Founding Researcherand Medical Director
PMD’s founding researcher, Dr. Victor Politano, was a pioneer in the treatment of urinary incontinence and one of only 55 recipients of the highest lifetime achievement award presented by the American Urological Association (AUA) – the Ramon Guiteras Award.

Angelo Gousse, M.D., PMD Chief of Surgery
PMD’s Chief of Surgery, Dr. Angelo Gousse, is one of the most noted urologists in the world in treating urinary incontinence (UI) based on his having done over 1,000 implants of the currently in-use gold standard treatment for male severe UI – the artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) device product.

Paul Pettit, M.D., Primary Researcher – Mayo Clinic
PMD’s Primary Researcher at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Paul Pettit, is one of Mayo’s most noted  uro-gynecologists in treating incontinence having been chosen by Mayo Clinic to be one of the two co-editors of the Mayo text – Mayo Clinic on Managing Incontinence.

Christopher Adin, D.V.M., PMD Primary Veterinarian Researcher
PMD’s Primary Veterinarian Researcher, Dr. Chris Adin, is the world’s most noted expert in using an artificial sphincter for treating urinary incontinence (UI) in canines based on his having, done the seminal research work on the only, currently in-use canine artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) device product.

The pet market is prospectively quite large with an estimated   
20-30% of all dogs expected to develop UI.

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