Preventric Diagnostics, Inc.

A data revolution in blood pressure measurement


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Preventric uses its cuffless & wrist worn BPro technology and advanced blood pressure data to revolutionize the experience of diagnosing and managing hypertension while creating new digital biomarkers to predict vascular disease progression. We are improving patient outcomes and financial savings, serving the ne

eds of patients, physicians, and payers, and creating a new "Digital Standard of Care."


The cuff-less BPro is the only non-intrusive 24- Ambulatory Monitoring (ABPM) device built to close these BP gaps in care with 500x more BP data than other methods combined.

BPro delivers precise and accurate determination of hypertension and risk of vascular-related diseases such as dementia, stroke, kidney, and other inflammatory disorders.

BPro creates new insights that allow physicians to proactively manage patients that are being over or undertreated for hypertensive-related disorders, using Preventric data to target precise prescription drug changes.



Our patented BPro technology measures “central blood pressure" and “arterial stiffness,” with a 99.17% accuracy rate compared to an invasive arterial catheter.  BPro providing  advanced medical data never seen before, to include the following:


BPro technology has been proven to work as represented by intellectual property protection by 7 US patents, proprietary algorithms, source code   and trade secrets. Clinically, the BPro has been cited in 70+ peer-reviewed studies and has undergone 21 clinical trials with 20,000+ patients.

Strategic Alliances

J.P. Morgan Chase (Life Science Accelerator Program)

American Heart Association (Center for Health Technology and Innovation)

Bayer Pharmaceuticals – Pressure Smart Program

Syneos (commercialization partner)

EPAM (development of the Vascular Health Intelligence platform)

We have already commercialized our wearable, non-invasive, sensor-based, and cuffless BP monitor known as the BPro that some have said will be one of the holy grails of medical technology development. We have several contracts with physician offices.


In September, the Kaiser Permanente Research Institute released a survey stating,


The Preventric team has over 120 years of healthcare experience, talent, and passion. The challenge is enormous, but we derive satisfaction in knowing we are driving transformative care for vascular disease patients. Our future strategies will be implemented with mission-driven, service-line growth, and market disruption in mind.

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