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Microbes are everywhere: in the air, the ground, in our food, and even inside us!

Because microbes include organisms like bacteria and fungi, many people tend to associate them with disease. But in reality, most microbes are completely harmless and are actually more our friends than our enemies -- they help humans and animals digest food, they provide essential nutrients, they help plants grow, they assist in the decay of garbage and toxic wastes, and much, much more.

Many people also don’t realize that scientists have the ability to harness microbes to make a number of incredibly useful and valuable products such as medicines, enzymes, and food.

The most popular thing that biotechnologists create using microbes? Amino acids: the building block of proteins, which can themselves be harnessed to create just about anything.

Primordial Genetics is a biotechnology company specializing in revolutionary genetic technology that improves the discovery and development of microbes used in numerous products across the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and industrial manufacturing industries.   

Function Generator, our flagship genetic improvement technology, enables the efficient bio-production of compounds found in nutritional products, pharmaceuticals, renewable fuels and chemicals, food and animal feed, crop plants,  and many others.

At Primordial Genetics, we’re on a mission to become the leading provider of genetic solutions for microbial improvement, and we’re doing it by innovating the massive, multi-billion dollar bioeconomy with a technology that’s significantly more effective, more affordable, more efficient, and more broadly applicable across major markets than any other technology currently available.

Methionine is an essential nutrient for animals and humans. Among its many uses, methionine is a central component in products like nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals for humans, as well as in animal feed supplements to accelerate growth for chickens and pigs, and it represents a major multi-billion dollar business every single year.

It’s a $4.0 billion annual methionine market.

The problem? Today, methionine is produced exclusively using a process known as chemical synthesis. This chemical-based production is unnatural, relying heavily on oil derivatives -- not exactly what most consumers prefer when it comes to processes like, say, food production.

At Primordial Genetics, we believe that the supply chain should be clean. That’s why we’ve developed our flagship technology -- Function Generator -- that enables us to be the very first company to produce methionine using entirely biological-based production.

Why is biological production miles better than conventional chemical methods? Not only does it use sugar as a starting material as opposed to petroleum-derived chemicals, it’s also:

Function Generator is our proprietary genetic technology that improves the productivity in microbes that we use to biologically produce superior bacterial strains in the creation of methionine.

Primordial Genetics’ Function Generator improves numerous microbial species across a broad variety of industries.

Primordial Genetics has already laid the groundwork for major growth in the days ahead. Here’s an at-a-glance look at what we’ve accomplished so far, and what we’ve got planned for the future.

We have raised $2.5M to fund company to date in prior seed rounds, as well as $275K in government funding, an incredible vote of confidence in our technology and our ability to scale.

Technology Validation
We have validated our tech in bacteria and yeast, two very different classes of microbes, and we’ve demonstrated efficacy in 4 key commercially relevant areas.

Consumer Validation
We’ve signed partnerships with 2 pharmaceutical companies and, most recently, 1 multinational crop protection company. This new partner will allow us to expand our network and will strengthen our associations with institutional investors who could potentially back us. The pending announcement will help generate a lot of brand visibility and will be seen as an important external validation. We are also in active discussions with several other multinational companies concerning deals and partnerships.  

IP & Patents
We have 1 issued patent covering the Function Generator core technology as well as several other submitted patent applications.

We have already shown that Function Generator is highly effective for microbe optimization and selection. All we need now are the resources necessary to actually create the strains that allow for efficient manufacturing of products like methionine. Then comes the regulatory phase, followed by producing the microbes at scale.

From a marketing and brand exposure perspective, we plan to continue our strategy of leveraging private contacts and word-of-mouth advertising combined with regular conference attendances, published articles, and targeted online tools.

We will be able to broaden our customer base rapidly as we successfully complete additional partnered projects.

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Helge Zieler, PhD | Founder & President
Helge has over 30 years’ experience in molecular biology in a variety of organisms and systems. He was formerly the Senior Director of Plant Genomics at Synthetic Genomics, Inc. After graduating from Princeton University, Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Molecular Biology, Helge received scientific training in molecular genetics at Stanford University. After earning his PhD, he spent several years working in malaria research, including completing post-doctoral research at the National Institutes of Health. Helge is passionate about early-stage genetic technologies, and in addition to Primordial Genetics, he has helped launch the operations of multiple biotech startups, including Akkadix,
Chromatin, Synthetic Genomics, Agradis, and Industry 3200.

Alan Greener, PhD | VP of R&D
Alan received his Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Mathematics from Brooklyn College and his PhD in Genetics from the Pennsylvania State University Medical School. After a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of California, San Diego studying plasmid DNA replication, he entered the commercial biotech field. Over the past 25 years, Alan has held high-level R&D positions at Stratagene and at Gene Therapy Systems, where he developed numerous E. coli strains with higher transformation efficiency, improved yield of recombinant proteins, and improved recombinant protein solubility.

Justin Stege, PhD | VP of Industrial Biotechnology
Justin brings over 15 years of experience leading industrial and agricultural biotech R&D programs to the table. He offers a diverse and successful background from 1st tier universities and prominent biotech companies impacting a wide range of tech areas. Justin has led numerous enzyme technology development efforts for Diversa, Verenium, and BP Biofuels and in various partnerships including the likes of the US Department of Energy. Under an NIH fellowship, Justin performed his postdoctoral research at the Scripps Research Institute and earned his PhD in Biology from the University of California.

Egle Thomas, PhD, MBA | Strategic Business Consultant
Egle has over 13 years’ experience in biotech organizations, including VP of North America Strategy at Green Biologics, Inc., Director of Business Development at the Institute of Advanced Learning and Research, and various business and scientific positions at Syngenta. As a consultant, she has been driving strategy, business development, funding, and commercialization of diverse technologies in industries including biotech, life science, healthcare, renewable chemicals, biofuels, agrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Egle earned her MBA from Warwick Business School UK and received her PhD in Biological Chemistry from the University of Birmingham, UK.

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