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Prism Medical & Design develops patented dental and medical devices that prevent accidental punctures and cuts from devices like syringes, scalpels, suture needles -- collectively known as medical sharps.

Nearly every healthcare professional uses sharps for some aspect of their job, and nearly every healthcare professional accidentally sticks, niks, or slices themselves at some point. When dealing with sick patients with communicable diseases, an open wound is the least of your worries.

From the 300 million annual dental injections, 1 billion annual veterinary injections, 7.8 billion home health care injections, and millions upon million more in the surgical and retail pharmacy settings totalling more than 18 billion injections worldwide -- the market we are revolutionizing is HUGE.

The Prism team has a strong background in owning and running medical manufacturing facilities and have built strong relationships with distributors over the years.

With 5 purchase orders totalling 10,000 units for our automated ProteXsure Safety Capsule System already placed, our manufacturing and distribution is well under way, and Prism is ready to take our growth to the next level.

Sharps pose a dangerous -- and almost unfathomably frequent -- threat to healthcare professionals.

600,000. That’s the number of healthcare personnel needlestick injuries reported every year in the U.S. Many more go unreported.

5.6 million. The number of health workers who risk exposure to blood pathogens via needlestick and other sharps injuries every day, according to OSHA.

$3 billion: Annual cost to treat needlesticks at a rate of $5,000 per incident.

$1 million: Potential cost of serious needle stick infection including testing, lost time, and disability, according to AHA.

38, 37, and 4. Percentages of needlestick induced Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV/AIDS, respectively, in health care workers.

Why do these accidents keep happening? Most types of medical devices that attempt to increase safety are expensive and too inconvenient -- or even impossible -- for healthcare professionals to use. They simply don’t make the job any easier.

Take dentistry, one of our core markets, for example. Many injections in dentistry are intentionally done with a bent needle so dentists and their hygienists can get around the gums and teeth to the injection spot. Bent needles, however, represent an even greater possibility to accidentally stick yourself when trying to re-cap. A necessary practice leads to exacerbating an already dangerous situation and no one has a good solution.

Between passing trays that only add an extra moving part and the archaic “Scoop Method,” in which healthcare professionals are expected to re-cap a needle with one hand -- the current solutions simply don’t make sense.

Similar problems extend to the fast-growing home health care market as well. For people who must administer their own drugs at home, where do all these needles go, and who will eventually stumble across it at a dump or on the side of the road?

According to the US Center for Disease Control in Georgia, surgeons and their assistants are injured about 1,000 times a day by suture needles, scalpel blades and other sharp objects and, other studies report that 78% of US nurses have experienced a needle stick.

To date its important to note from studies " For other safe injection needles, the introduction of multiple safety devices or the introduction of sharps containers the evidence was inconsistent or there was no clear evidence of a benefit."

The time for change in now.

From dentists to vets to surgeons to pharmacists, every healthcare professional can rest easy knowing the days of potentially devastating needlesticks are in the past. There is nothing comparable on the market to our state of the art technology and the cost is pennies per patient visit. One prevented accidental stick potentially avoids a lawsuit, saves a life, and makes the Prism system priceless.

Although generally labeled as a “non-integral safety protocol,” Prism is pretty integral to the healthcare workers who have contracted diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and even HIV because of avoidable needsticks.

Now, every clinician can practice with complete confidence with any medical sharp. The best part? Absolutely no change in instruments or procedure is needed -- in other words, clinicians won’t have to learn any new techniques and hospitals and other medical facilities can protect their employees in the most cost effective manner.

Our systems are easy to use and offer universal protection from almost all needles of all sizes, even if they’re bent or angled.

To date, Prism has accepted five purchase orders, totaling 10,000 units, from the largest provider of dental products in the world. We will private label in their label and expect to fill that order in Q1 of 2016.

Prism holds 4 patents with additional patents on the way.  Below is a list of the products that have been issued patents to date and a brief intorduction to each of these unique and cutting edge sharps safety products:


ProteXsure Safety Capsule System (Automatic):  U.S. PAT# 8,083,098

ProteXsure Safety Capsule System fits most needle lengths and gauges. Because of this, the Safety Capsule System is not confined to one market. In fact, it’s suitable for all markets and anywhere there’s a need to protect a healthcare professional and/or individual from dangerous sharps injuries. Some of these markets include: Dental, Podiatry, Veterinary, Phlebotomy, Cosmetic Surgery, Outpatient Surgical, Hospital, ER, OR,Home Healthcare, Consumer (Home Testing), Emergency Medical Response, etc.  For Dentistry, the System is the first product of its kind to address safe disposal of both the front and back end of dental needles and is the first to accommodate both straight and bent needles.

It’s very simple and easy to use!

When disposing of a used syringe, place the needle tip in the funnel opening on top of the device.  Once inserted (deeply into the capsule), remove the syringe.  You will see a protective capsule covering the needle and you will notice the system “automatically advance” to the next available capsule.  Now the used syringe can be safely disposed of, or if you need to re-cap, take the original needle cover and safely place it back on the syringe.

  • Ultimate Protection with ProteXsure
  • First device to safely address recapping the Front & Back end of all dental syringes
  • Fits most size needles and gauges in almost all medical and healthcare settings
  • Meets all OSHA guidelines of mandated “One Hand Recapping”
  • Accepts both “Bent & Straight” needles
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Non skid pads adhere to any surface without leaving marks or residue
  • 100 "Color Coded" safety capsules inside every system
  • Fully automatic (Insert needle and remove)
  • Once system is empty, simply dispose of in a normal waste bin & replace​


ProteXsure Safety Syringe and Instrument holder: U.S. PAT# 8,852,158 & D728819

ProteXsure Safety Syringe and Instrument Holders are designed to be a passing and temporary storage protocol device.  The Holders not only provide protection from pathogens in a sterile environment, but protection to the operator because of this protocol.

Today, it’s common practice to place the syringe or instrument on a tray or tabletop during procedures, significantly increasing the opportunity for accidental sticks to the healthcare professional and possible cross contamination to the patient by touching non sterile surfaces with the instrument or needle tip.

  • Years of R&D have produced a product that provides the ultimate platform of protection and sterility for the professional and patient.
  • Provides the professional a sterile, safe place to store the sharps instrument during procedures
  • Provides protection from accidental sticks (versus laying the syringe or instrument on a table or passing tray) as the sharps tip is always enclosed and safely housed when not in use
  • Provides the ultimate protection in sterility.  Touches no surfaces other than the patient and the sterile tube holder when not in use
  • Uniquely designed syringe and instrument holder easily stores both straight and bent needles (many needles are bent in denistry so certain proceedures can be performed).
  • Designed in a pen like configuration (the standard grasp for most instruments and sharps), the tubing is removable and allows for the safe passing of a sharps device between healthcare professionals without exposing the sharps tip that could cause an accidental stick
  • Compact designs uses minimal workspace and provides unparalleled protection


ProteXsure Complete:  U.S. PAT# 8,852,158, D728819 & 8,083,098

ProteXsure Complete is the ultimate protection for healthcare workers in sharps safety today.  Its unique, compact design requires little space to house and offers unparalleled protection not only to healthcare professionals, but patients as well.

ProteXsure Complete was designed with one mission in mind: protecting the professional and patient during and after most medical and surgical procedures.

During Procedures

Use ProteXsure Safety Syringe and Instrument Holder to house a syringe, scalpel, or other instrument. Many procedures require multiple uses of the same sharps instrument and having a safe, stable and sterile place to house the instrument in between uses dramatically reduces the chances of accidental sticks.

After Procedures

Use ProteXsure Safety Capsule System once the procedure is finished.  Simply insert the tip of the needle into the ProteXsure Safety Capsule System and remove.  After removal, you’ll see a protective cap on the end of the needle tip.  Now the used syringe can be safely disposed of, or if you need to re-cap, take the original needle cover and safely place it back on the syringe.  For dentistry, you may also cap the backside of the needle by simply repeating the process.


ProteXsure Safety Capsule System (Manual): U.S. PAT# 7,624,864

The manual version is designed for use where accidential needle sticks and downstream contamination are major issues and concerns, as well as, syringe manufacutures who make standard consumer syringes without safety mechinisms included with their product.  The goal is to get our manual capsule system included in every box of disposable syringes, i.e. insulin, vitimin B, etc., in the world to minimize the unfortunate events of downstream, accidental needle sticks; from consumers who self administer injections to waste managers picking up garbage who get stuck when the cap comes off or the needle was never covered to begin with.


Through our seasoned management team, we’ve established a global network of distinguished distributors to promote our products.

Prism has a number of sharps safety products in R&D.  Once these new products are ready, they will fall into our well oiled and turn keyed supply chain that focuses on the highest levels of quality assurance.

Next Steps:

Fulfill the first set dental purchase orders, then move into the vet, pharmacy, surgical and home health care markets with all of the above mentioned safety products.

Les has a proven track record in domestic and international proprietary startup ventures and has held senior level positions with some of the leading public and private healthcare companies in the country. His 20+ years of experience includes positions in the hospital and nursing home industries, the largest mail order diabetes company in the country, and the fastest growing blood glucose strip and meter manufacture in the U.S. Most receny, he co-founded and had day-to-day profit and loss responsibility for the U.S. and China operations of Specialty Medical Supplies, one of the largest diabetes related manufacturing facilitates in the world. The factory consisted of 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space and more than 500 employees that produced multiple product lines of plastic related devices and sterile wet products such as alcohol and iodine prep pads.

He holds a BA in Business from Rutgers University and a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration from St. Joseph’s University. He’s a past member of the American Academy of Healthcare Administrators, Hospital Association of Pennsylvania and has been featured in Modern Healthcare Magazine.

Chip studied at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, obtaining a degree in Advertising & Communications. In 1997, Chip ventured into healthcare when he joined a publicly traded company that specialized in diabetes, respiratory, and pharmacy products. Soon after, he led a national sales force for a multi-million dollar diabetes blood glucose, strip and meter manufacturing company.

In 2001, Chip co-founded Specialty Medical Supplies, U.S. and designed and patented his first product: the Safety Seal Lancet. This went on to become one the largest produced diabetes blood lancets in the world and reached demand of more than one billion pieces annually. In 2003, he co-founded Specialty Medical Supplies, Beijing and spent the next several years building it into one of the largest diabetes related manufacturing facilitates in the world. The factory employeed 500+ workers and produced 30+ product lines of various plastic medical devices and sterile wet products such as alcohol prep pads, iodine pads and BZK antiseptic topical wipes.

Chip has a proven track record and extensive knowledge in the areas of manufacturing, product design and molding, in addition to many years of experience bringing conceptual and cutting edge designs to life in the domestic and global markets. He currently holds six U.S. patents with several more on the way.

Dr. Schaffer is a graduate of the University of Rochester and received his DMD degree from the University of Pittsburgh. After dental school, Dr. Schaffer served two years in United States Navy Dental Corps and opened his first dental office in in 1970. He sold his practice in 2010.

Dr. Schaffer is an inventor, holding four patents, and a safety advocate. He has always recognized that patient and staff safety are paramount to a successful dental practice. Following the sale of his practice, he began spending his time reflecting on how he could impact dental safety and putting his ideas into motion by patenting his concepts. He was introduced to Les and Chip in 2011 and began discussions on manufacturing and distributing his proprietary devices.

Ms. Lore is a recognized leader and subject matter expert in the healthcare and insurance services space. With nearly two decades of experience building and leading service and technology solutions companies that support clients in the healthcare sector, Crystal has developed and implemented solutions for some of the industry’s leading payers, providers and patient advocate companies. She possesses deep subject matter expertise in Medicaid, Medicare, and Medicare Advantage programs. She has extensive knowledge relating to the Affordable Care Act provisions (with a particular focus on building industry best enrollment, member services and Five Star support programs).

Most recently, Crystal served as COO for PBMS, a private equity investment and fund management firm where she was responsible for building the organization’s Pet Genius portfolio company that delivered both direct-to-consumer health and insurance products as well as affinity programs for globally recognized brands in the pet health sector. Prior to PBMS, Crystal held the position of President and General Manager of Convey Health Solutions BPO services division where she built, sold and led outsourcing and technology solution programs for some of the industry’s largest Medicare Advantage and Medicaid payer clients.

Prior to Convey, Crystal served as SVP of Sales and Marketing and VP of Operations for NationsHealth, and SVP of New Business Development for Liberty Medical Supply.

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