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Capture and store solar energy to charge USB devices on the go


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Project Solaire designs revolutionary new ways to keep your devices charged wherever you go. Capture solar energy in a portable stylish rugged backpack.

Never be too far from a charge. We all know the dreaded question, “Who has a charger?” more like, “WHO HAS A CHARGER, MY PHONE IS ABOUT TO DIE?!”  Project Solaire backpacks are free charging. The removable solar panel opens up to expose dual panels for even more solar-capturing. The compact portable battery can fully charge cell phones and tablets. Go out in the world, gather energy and store it for later. No more stopping and waiting for a phone or tablet to charge. Project Solaire backpacks are rugged luxury quality, designed for everyday use.  The removable dual panel allows you to charge your phone while setting up camp in the mountains, at a 5-day music festival, or even a long day at the park. With Project Solaire, you are empowered by the sun.


Be empowered by solar. Stay connected and stay safe. Project Solaire backpacks use a portable battery to store solar energy for later use.


Solar power is nothing new, we just designed an innovative way to capture and store it. Project Solaire backpacks gives portable sustainable power, and day to night storage.

Project Solaire backpacks are a available in 3 styles:

Challenger: is a single pouch backpack, the lightweight design is inspired by city life.

Classic: is a nostalgic take on a college backpack. The retro design it great for all activities 

Voyage: is a take on a simple hacking or camping backpack, with multi functional pockets located on the front and side of the bag.

All Project Solaire backpacks come equipped with a removable, water resistant 7-watt dual solar panel, and a portable battery. The removable panel is where the innovation starts. The removable dual solar panel, gives the option to capture twice the amount of solar energy. Project Solaire innovative design and technology, is the strongest on the market. The portable battery is designed to charge 2 USB compatible electronics. The 2V/Quick charge outline will charge a cell phone up to 30% within 10 minutes.

All bags are made with durable canvas and leather. They are design side device pockets, laptop/tablet sleeves and routing for all cords. The Classic and Voyage designs come with additional front storage pockets. At just $180-$190 with many colors to choose from, travel in style while gathering free energy with Project Solaire. Come visit our website, to learn more

Our removable solar panel concept is patent protected, giving us full ownership. Project Solaire backpacks have been tested in almost very clement of our demographic. The brand ambassadors are encouraged to give honest feed back in regards to their experience with every prototype. With that valuable information there is strong confidence in the debut to the major markets.


Solara Energy Group, LLC and Project Solaire Agency, allow us to connect with industry professionals and extend reach.

As a young company, we are very excited about all the capabilities of solar power. We’re just getting started, and we want you to be a part of it.  Future plans include integrating the possibilities of kinetic energy, also solar thermal fabrics.   

Solving everyday problems with the sun. Solara Energy Group has been very effective in its influence in the commercial solar energy industry. There is a demand for durable, efficient, consumer products powered by the sun. With this discovery, Solara Energy Group created Project Solaire to help generate solutions.   

After experiencing the frustration of mobile phones dying halfway through a music festival, we decided to create a solution. The result was the Project Solaire backpacks. Our team of professionals works everyday to improve our products and deliver you with the best solar solutions on the market.

The Team:

With ramping up backpack production, we are developing a partnership with a new solar panel manufacturer. This manufacture partnership will create direct input on panel design and performance.  This opens the door to new prototypes.  Also marketing is going to be an important tool used to inform our future consumers.  With the funds we intend on expediting our introduction to the large market.  

In order to do all this, we need your help. With this Fundable raise, we are seeking $30,000 to fulfill all of our plans. Please see the rewards options below to see how you can donate – and grab your Project Solaire backpack at a discount!

By pledging $35, you get the foldable solar panel. This is ideal for those who already have portable batteries.

For $50, you get the solar panel plus the rechargeable battery.

When you pledge $160, you can snag your own solar backpack for an early bird discount! You choose which model and which color you want.


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