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Pure Tropix.Africa: Fast Facts

Pure Tropix.Africa manufactures and sells a revolutionary new line of skin and body products that target acne, scars and ingrown hairs with unique and powerful combinations of fresh, tropical ingredients.

Our product  is unique, replenishing, and highly desirable for treating all manor of minor dermatological infarctions. We have the exclusive right to sell it in Africa and India, and across the middle east.

The Last Resort Problem

Africa is a bustling continent with a powerful and growing economy. However, it has a poor history of being widely disrespected by vendors from other, more “developed” nations, who see it only as a market of last resort.

These foreign interlopers often traffic in poor-quality products that rarely produce effective results, and sometimes can actually be openly harmful. Many years of this deplorable situation have left us with a marketspace blighted by ineptitude and folly.

The upshot of this quagmire is a seemingly hopeless situation for African skin-care product consumers. Available solutions not only cost too much and do too little, they’re also part of ingrained usage customs that now spread their trauma intergenerationally.

Mothers in Africa deserve a low-cost, wholesome, and, most importantly, effective regular skin care ritual that they can share with their daughters, not another modern travesty in the occidental mode of skin-lighteners and hair-straighteners aping European standards.

The PureTropix.Africa Solution

Pure Tropix.Africa was created without the “market of last resort” mindgames traditionally applied to African people and their purchasing decisions.

We have a two-fold mission to share with our African Family the purest natural skincare products, as made from the finest ingredients, without color additives, harmful chemicals, or animal testing, and, to capture the beauty, history, romance and glamour of the world’s most tropical cities by honor traditional remedies and incorporating them into modern skin care products, anti-wrinkle creams and lotions.

We have set up 6 distribution hubs across Africa, capable of serving customers in 18 different countries. Our products land first in Cameroon and are shipped to the other 5 distributors.


Our products harness the innate botanical magic of our top-quality input ingredients, with protected formulations that deliver visible skin care results. They use a wide variety of traditional and niche ingredients, including:

Our proprietary shipping system allows our customers to buy quality brand products online from a myriad of different countries, while experiencing the same fast delivery and low affordable prices that Americans have come to expect from online retailers.

Our four primary product lines are:

Traction & Accomplishments

We have already signed 5 celebrity brand influencers with large African following  who will be paid commissions for promoting our products.

All products are patent protected by Pure Tropix (Atlanta GA) and Pure Tropix.Africa retains exclusive distribution rights for Africa, India and the Middle East.

Generating $3,500 monthly already, poised to bump that to $40,000 with marketing.

Rising popularity on Instagram, with over 200,000 followers.

Featured in VOGUE magazine, Barbers Only magazine, and GLAMOUR magazine.

Partnerships already established with Skin Flash (Cameroon,) Cycis beauty (Cameroon,) and Pure Tropix (Atlanta GA.)


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