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Purge is a quick and simple way to sell your stuff with your phone. No camera, no computer and no scammers. Simply snap a photo, post it to your trusted network, then purge that item out of your life!  Purge's simplified user interface will make your buying and selling experience seamless and stress free.  


Not too long ago, I had to move from a 4-bedroom home in the ‘burbs to a 1-bedroom in the city, therefore needing to purge a ton of my stuff. I posted everything I owned on Craigslist and I quickly learned that selling items online was effective, but it was also a pain.


Sell your stuff in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Snap a photo of the item you want to sell and type a brief description and price.
  2. Post it to your Purge Marketplace, trusted social networks and online classifieds.
  3. Securly 'Purge' that item out of your life and add more money in your wallet!


Posting items online to sell is inconvenient — taking all sorts of photos,  uploading them to your computer, writing lengthy descriptions and then sifting through tons of creepy emails from identity thieves.   Purge puts an end to all of this.  


Purge allows sellers to post items to their trusted social networks and customize the target market to their comfort level.  No more stranger danger!


Purge's syndication maximizes an item’s exposure by providing sellers the option to post items for sale to the Purge Marketplace along with numerous well-known online classifieds.


Anyone looking for a simpler way to get rid of stuff they no longer need. Or anyone looking to browse and buy gently-used goods, such as this kick-ass coffee table….


or this rockin’ teddy bear that my niece outgrew. Purge it!


If you have the urge to Purge, here is how you can help... The Purge team has put in a lot of hard work in building a protoype, but we need your hand in completing our App. All funding from this site will go directly to the completion of Purge. So, lets start putting the fun in funding and make Purge come to life! Next Milestones Include:

1. Syndicate to Networks - After snapping a photo, users can syndicate their post to their social networks and online classifieds such as eBAY, Craigslist, OLX, Backpage.

2. Communication Hub - All buyer inquires will be mapped back to the sellers Purge communication hub and provide users with realtime notifications.

3. Activity Dashboard - Premium Purge users will gain access to an Activity Dashboard.

4. App Store Launch - The Purge app will be available to download from Apple app store in late 2012.


Purge was developed as a product of Startup Weekend in Columbus, Ohio. Startup Weekend is a weekend-long event where developers, designers and entrepreneurs come together, form teams, build products and launch startups!  


From left to right:

David Geiger -  Founder.  Tech Entrepreneur with a passion for simplifying consumer processes.  Co-Founder of ePAY Healthcare.  Coffee, red wine and plaid shirt zealot.

Kevin Munc -  Senior Mobile Developer.  14 years of web and mobile app experience. Dad and Metal Head.  The time Kevin spends with his computer makes his guitar jealous.

Heidi Munc - Creative Director.  Over 15 years of interactive design experience with both Fortune 100 companies and small agencies. Fast walker and talker. Part-time maker of non-digital things. 

Mark Stansbury - Business Development.  Attorney and otherwise great guy.  Startup and small business consultant.  Avid runner and doggy dad. 

Robb Winkle - Back-end developer.  8 years of delivering websites for Global 5000 companies. Fine tea lover and problem solving enthusiast.

Alex Safchuk- Designer. Alex bridges the gap between business and creative in a Don Draper kinda way.  

George Walters II - CTO (Not Pictured)  During daylight hours, George works as an application developer for a Fortune 500 company with over 12 years of experience building clean, concise code without sacrificing the user experience. 


If Purge's goal exceeds $35,000, Purge will dedicate a concerted effort to designing a specific application for purging charitable contributions. Please contact david@purgestuff.com for more info.


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