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Quality Water Global provides unique pure freshwater protection for newborn babies throughout the United States. The stunning level of water pollution can be faced only with a whole home purification system based on reverse osmosis technology. Purifying water this way does successfully get rid of the pollutants and does produce pure water for every purpose to keep infants safe.

Our water is being polluted at an incredible rate all over the world.

Bacteria, led, arsenic, toxins, chlorine and heavy metals.

But newborn babies, the future of this planet, deserve to be safe.

The truth is, the very water we use to feed, wash and cook with is filled noxious and dangerous materials. And our infants are suffering -- every single day of their lives. Once ingested, these pollutants can never be cleansed from our children's bodies. Ever.

The numbers speak for themselves. Although the use of bottled water consumption in US is over 1.7 billion bottles, that covers only the 0,01% of all the water used.

That means that citizens use tap water for the majority of daily actions like bathing the babies, washing clothes, washing fruits and vegetables, cooking -- even drinking.

When a customer wants to really protect his health and the health of his family. he needs a combination of solutions and different technology filters in every faucet of the house, which is difficult not only to initial installation but to monitor as well. 

The problem of polluted water that a family faces can be solved only with a holistic solution of water purification that covers every faucet of the house. 

The purification of the water in every home is not a luxury or exaggeration anymore. During COVID-19 epidemic, customers were not allowed to buy more than one case of bottled water. Consequently, pure water became a good in shortage, but pure water is vital for our survivor. We can survive without food for 1-2 months, without sleep for 11 days, without water for 7 days maximum.

Every house should be independent regarding fresh pure and clear water supply.

This is Water Quality Global’s goal and vision, to bring fresh pure and clear tap water in US households with a holistic and innovative purification system.

There is a multi-step process in order for a household to have clean, pure, fresh tap water.

Quality Water Global realized that the gap in the market was a whole home purification system that simplifies the aim to have clean water in every faucet. 

The Whole Home Purification System consists of different type of filters, which purify the water differently according to use. It’s a combination of approved purification technologies and water enrichment filters to get the maximum benefits for residents’ health.

To cover the need of monitoring and keep filters in excellent condition, the company has developed a customized software that monitors every single part of the whole home purification system along and adjust accordingly the service schedule.

A typical service schedule consists of two to three visits per year to measure the water, purify the system and change the parts as needed.

Our unique QR1 Remote Control reports everything that is critical in every installed system. Is the system working properly? Is the water pure enough? With QR1 we monitor the filter’s lifespan -- and if necessary, we take action earlier than scheduled.

Several units (according to the size of the house/apartment) are installed at the POE (point of entry), which purifies the water from heavy metal and disinfecting additives and disinfect the water for the rest of the house.

That means that baby’s bath is done with purified water without the heavy metals, led, chlorine, fluoride, etc.

This system is monitor either with Wi-Fi or GSM system and reports to our headquarters the quality of the filters.

A patented reverse osmosis system is installed as a POU (point of use) for drinking, cooking, washing veg and fruits.

What an incredible difference. After installing the Aquafil RO system, the difference in water quality is immediate. We cannot tell you how pleased and amazed we are at the transformation that has occurred as a result of the installing of this extremely affordable and effective system! I am 100% satisfied and what a pleasure dealing with your expert techs and reps.  I would recommend this product and company to everyone. “ 
Penny D. NJ

I highly recommend the Aquafil purification system to anyone interested in their health and that of their family. We installed it ten years ago in our home and in our summer-house, and since then, we can safely drink fresh tap water. Before adopting the Aquafil solution, we had a high cost of buying bottled water to cover our drinking needs, although we still used tap water for cooking.  Even with the bottled water, we did not feel safe mainly in the summer because of the heat, we knew that it was of dubious quality.  These guys really know and love what they are doing. “
Makis S., Athens Greece

We tried different solutions to solve our water problem, wasting our money. Aquafil RO system and the annual service contract we signed 3 years ago gave us the peace of mind that we wanted knowing that we drink and use fresh, clean, tap water. The people of the company have been amazed.  The company’s service remains excellent all these years, and they always add new benefits, like the sterilization of the filter, without asking for more money.  They keep their promise to offer us fresh, clean, tap water. “
Father George K. NYC

I would like to thank you for our Aquafil RO filter we have the 5-stage unit. Water tastes exceptionally better and, in our case, the TDS reads lower/cleaner than even the purified Kirkland water we used to purchase (anywhere from 0 to 5 ppm).  We use filtered water in our cooking and washing of our fruits and vegetables.  Coffee and even pasta taste better. Less plastic to recycle, and it beats having to go to the store to lug gallons home, especially during these times with the coronavirus pandemic - less of a need to go out is always better.”
John Z. NJ

We first heard of reverse osmosis and filtered water from my dad. He had a similar unit, but we picked this Aquafil brand because of the lack of a high initial investment.  We drink this water daily. We fill our own bottles of water with this when we are leaving the house. Long story short, all other water tastes horrible now! This water is flavorless and just hits the spot. We are spreading the word to all our friends and family especially during the pandemic.  It is always reassuring to have access to clean safe water. Thanks, Yiannis for helping us out!”
Rita M. NJ

  • Mr. Voyatzoglou founded Aquafil in 1984
  • He brought to the company both the early vision and understanding of the environmental problems relating to water pollution, and used his formidable marketing skills to establish the business
  • He has operated and built the company, which originally started in Greece over the last 29 years

  • As the Director of Engineering and Manager of Manufacturing and Quality Control for several companies including Esti Foods and Airtech Vacuum, Mr. Nikolopoulos has gained the in-depth experience needed to guide the installation process

  • 20+ years of experience in Finance and Accounting as well as Senior Management
  • Has worked with Mr. Vogiatzoglou for several years and has the precise skilled and steady hand needed to keep control of the finances for the fast growth company such as Quality Water Global and Aquafil brand

  • Nearly 30 years of experience in technology
  • Essential skills include ensuring the sound operation of critical systems to support the fast expansion of the company

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