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Travis Holley and Drake Arthur have been brainstorming brilliant and highly innovative business concepts for more than 14 years.

Their best idea yet came about when Holley's daughter began training in MMA at a local gym.

Travis wondered: what low-cost options are available for local sports and community pay-per-view?

The answer is that there weren't any. No existing streaming property focuses on this area.

And those that could offer an option (ex: YouTube) do not make it easy to monetize the video.

YouTube makes a mint off VOD and live streaming local events within the community without putting any of that money back into those communities.

Old-fashioned methods are free and make money through advertising, which is how YouTube benefits. However, there aren’t enough viewers of individual local events to ensure advertising sales.

We believe it's time for a change.

We know it's time for something better.


Queen City Sports and Entertainment Promotions solves these problems by providing a streaming video and VOD solution specifically for local sports and events.

We want to serve the community with a profit-sharing solution that will allow them to benefit from our subscription revenue.

This will allow them to make money even if only a handful of individuals are watching a particular event.

Our platform will allow for a variety of ways to make money off even the smallest events.

Our Web platform is already generating interest from numerous individuals and potential partners.

Proph3t Movement Productions, LLC has already come aboard.

The partnership is a local level event called Carolina Rap Wars that the company would like to put on our platform.

Travis Holley | President

  • Solid leadership experience in training, organizing, guiding, and motivating military personnel in the performance of their functions in a host of environments•Twenty-four months total experience in combat operations leadership of staffs up to fifty personnel
  • Fourteen years total experience in leadership of logistics, sales, finance, accounting, and requisition staff
  • Strong applied systems and development background in Material Maintenance and Management system used for maintaining safety and damage control equipment
  • Logistics databases and systems used by the DOD for shipping, receiving, and storing parts, money, and equipment
  • Finance and accounting systems developed by the DOD for maintaining financial stability of logistics efforts throughout the DOD
  • Professional Selling Skills and marketing systems for recruiting personnel into the Navy

Drake Arthur | Chief of Operations

  • Solid leadership experience in training, organizing, guiding, and motivating information technology assets and programmatic personnel, combined with a demonstrated commitment to providing excellent technical analysis and producing quality, security oriented, system capabilities
  • Strong applied systems and development background in C#, C++, Java, MS.NET, Python, Visual Basic, 370/x86/SX Assembly, PHP, ASP, XML, HTML, CGI, and embedded microprocessor programming in LabVIEW, PIC and SX/B on a variety of platforms
  • SQL/RDBMS including Solaris, Linux, and Windows platforms running Microsoft SQLServer, Access, ORACLE, PL/SQL, and MySQL
  • Knowledgeable of many technical security issues, vulnerability analysis, penetration tools, and host system hardening techniques utilized to defeat technical attacks in a multitude of disparate environments including hard-wired or WIFI networks and RFID subsystems
  • Skilled in Automation, Robotics, Cryptography and Steganography, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems, Neural Nets, Metallurgy, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Computer Aided Machining (CAM), and varied sensor systems and closed loop process control

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