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For as little as $500, we can unlock a user’s entire DNA profile and provide you with lifelong analysis as to exactly how to optimize your personal health efforts.

Lab partners are in place, and 4,500 genetic health conditions are ready to be addressed - it’s time to harness the human genome’s power with Quibble!

The beginnings of the Human Genome Project in 1984 marked one of the most significant medical breakthroughs in recent memory. The project has produced some incredible things since then, including a full map of the human genome and even categorizing those genes based on their physical and functional relationships. The result? The emergence of the field of genomics - and a tremendous amount of research aimed at understanding the body’s most complex biological systems.

The everyday consumer also stands to benefit through better knowledge of our genetic blueprint, allowing us to make more informed health decisions.  However, not all is flawless on the genomics front.  People should have seamless access to genetic information and testing, but a number of pain points stand in the way:

The result is a sizeable gap in the US clinical genomics market and its place in personalized medicine.  Consumers have exhibited interest in genomics - but it’s going towards buying genetic cancer tests and commercial ancestry services.  This has created quite the crowded market; and the reality is that these competitors only focus on tactical use cases instead of holistic data that produces true long-term benefit.  The need for a more efficient, nationwide central hub for holistic genetic data, testing, and care is glaring.  It’s time for someone who does it right to lead the way!

Personalized medicine is the future of healthcare - and with specific patient genes now at our disposal, it all starts with genomics.

Quibble Genomics, leads the way for DNA First Healthcare and intends to establish a DNA profile for every patient on the globe with a single platform usable by patients and providers alike. The personalized genome analysis we provide enables timely focus on the health conditions a person is most predisposed to - and determines which clinical trials and tests are best for them.

Coupled with entry-level DNA profiling, Quibble’s pharmacy genomics (drug response) helps healthcare providers arrive at a DNA aware treatment plan for every patient, across all medical specialties. But we don’t stop there; the Quibble network also connects both sides to even more resources.  The additional value we offer starts with free clinical trial recommendations and percentile reporting to create proactive rationale for taking an action - facilitating the ecosystem for everyone involved.  To this end, Quibble is the new hub for all of your genetic information, with transparent access provided to testing, providers, physicians, and hospitals.

Knowing one’s genetic makeup gives patients and healthcare pros valuable tools needed for improved quality of life - and through the GeneClues™ app, we’re bringing it all to their fingertips.

GeneClues™ is a Unity 3D based mobile app that educates and enables DNA profile analysis, testing, and maintains a consilidated digital DNA view of a subject extendable to pet and plant genomics.

Built with a secure cloud infrastructure, GeneClues™ hosts all of Quibble Genomics’ services over an iOS and Android-ready platform.  Once a user’s medical information is entered in, they gain immediate access to just about any provider for a number of genetic tests and a variety of other features, including the following:

It’s time to dig a little deeper into how Quibble is truly disrupting the genomics field and making it work for personalized medicine.

We’re proud to offer three primary classes of genetic services, completely customizable to meet your unique needs:

1) Basic genome - Reveals your genotype, which shows known biomarkers or variants in your DNA (but doesn’t necessarily predict health issues).  GeneClues™ will show only the most prevalent/rare at-risk conditions, while recommending free and local clinical trials.

2) Whole genome - Captures biomarkers from the basic genome offering in addition to your complete DNA - even parts of it which still have an unknown purpose.  This way, your DNA will always be up to date and will never need sequencing again.

3) Clinical Exome - Ideal for clinical DNA profiling that confirms genetic pre-dispositions for health conditions.  Being more compact than an entire genome, clinical genomes cost less while still delivering the best results from both basic and whole genomes.

These services produce 3D visualizations of a user’s DNA analyzed against nearly 4,500 genetic health conditions - right to the GeneClues™ app.  Here are even more ways we’re helping the everyday consumer take better control of optimizing their personal health:

DNA-first healthcare approach - At Quibble, we add in profiling, susceptibilities, clinical trials, genetic tests, and personalized medicine to what is an outdated a traditional healthcare model.

Immediate availability - Enrollment to free, local clinical trials through reliable healthcare providers is immediately at your disposal through the GeneClues™ app.

Lifetime value - The living report that Quibble customers get is theirs for life; and, it’s constantly updated with valuable new information as genetic discoveries and advances are made.

Seamless data integration - Quibble can unlock the wealth of genetic data from existing data files you may have generated with Ancestry.com or other services, and upload it to GeneClues™ - without the need to be tested again.

On-demand access - Through GeneClues™, users can upload their own genome from any lab.

Affordability - Genotypes are available for order through GeneClues™ for as little as $500.

We haven’t been at this long here at Quibble Genomics - but we’re making a huge splash on the genomics landscape already.  Our Founders spent the company’s early days on leveraging their expansive healthcare contacts to build valuable relationships under the Quibble name.  These relationships have since evolved into what is a vast network of lab partners and healthcare professionals, which is solidified and working for us already.


The development of the GeneClues™ app is another obvious huge hurdle we’ve leapt over during our journey.  The app was the brainchild of our Co-Founder’s published PhD research, which is centered on human genome modeling, analysis, and visualization.  The app has since iterated from a raw idea into a functional, market-ready platform with the ability to analyze DNA against nearly 4,500 genetic health conditions.  Now, it's just a matter of building out our foundation of hospitals, providers, and insurance companies in order to optimally penetrate the market.

Quibble is led by a team of forward-thinking executives with expertise in business development and a passion for genomics.  Let’s learn a little more about the four gentlemen responsible for realizing our vision!

Rao Kotamarti, Co-Founder/CEO - Our day-to-day leader is a PhD in Digital Genomics with 34 years of top-level experience.  He’s held a number of CEO, VP, and Director positions in the past, but is also regarded for entrepreneurship - including guiding a Siri-like concept to significant success during the pre-smartphone era.  Dr. Kotamarti’s biotech interests piqued in the early 2000s, when his best genomics works were published in Oxford Bioinformatics.  He’s a proven master of business development strategy thanks to placing an emphasis on constant reinvention.

Ram Mundia, Co-Founder/President - The other half of our visionary duo started as a chemist, but has since enjoyed a 22-year IT career.  He was one of the first individuals to implement data mining algorithms, having proven himself as a database expert throughout a variety of elite roles.  He’s also an established entrepreneur, having built and sold his own consulting/placement firm.  Data science, business intelligence, and engineering round out Mr. Mundia’s impressive skill set.

Hari Eppanapally, Chairman - Mr. Eppanapally is a healthcare-impassioned entrepreneur who was appointed our Chairman of the Board in 2015.  He was also a key early seed investor.  His 25 years as a financial services IT professional make him a huge strategic asset for our company.

Deepak Ahuja, Board Member - Mr. Ahuja, the former Quibble CEO and early angel investor, remains a key asset to our team as a Board member.  He was instrumental in growing his previous business to 45x revenue and an industry-leading position, and is a talented marketer with a wide-spanning professional network.

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