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Revolutionize your web content with QuizRevolution: the easy-to-use platform that lets users create compelling, multidimensional online quizzes and surveys, in minutes.


Nickelodeon, The History Channel, Wired, Monster, Rolling Stone, NPR and thousands of others have already used QuizRevolution to build engaging, interactive content for their websites.

Whether you're looking to gauge or engage customer interest for a new product, test new employees about their understanding of company policies, or create exciting, entertaining ways for users to engage with your brand, QuizRevolution puts the tools you need to build compelling, interactive multi-media experiences right at your fingertips.

In a digital landscape where users have millions of websites to choose from, how do you attract users to your site and, once they’re there, how do you get them to stay, and engage with you and your content in useful, meaningful ways?

Most websites today suffer from a serious lack of “stickiness”, offering users nothing but flat, non-interactive content that looks the same today as it did a decade ago. Users come, browse for 30 seconds, and then leave, with no reason to go deeper or explore further.

QuizRevolution marks the beginning of a whole new era of user engagement. Our platform provides website owners with the tools they need to create “sticky” interactive content that ignites users’ imaginations and creates meaningful, long-term interactions.

With QuizRevolution’s intuitive, user-friendly wizard, you can create compelling, interactive multimedia experiences for web and mobile in a matter of minutes.  

From quizzes and surveys to tutorials and training materials, content created with QuizRevolution generates, on average, over 10 minutes of sticky user engagement, and translates into the kind of meaningful interactions—like conversions and leads—that websites need to achieve their goals.

The simplicity and versatility of the QuizRevolution platform makes it the perfect option for everyone from bloggers and teachers to small businesses to large corporations and publications.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features that define the QuizRevolution experience:

Easy-to-use platform with no programming necessary, allowing anyone to set up their first quiz in minutes.

Unlimited embedding, so you can embed the quizzes you create on your own site, on Facebook, and beyond.

Unlimited questions, giving you the flexibility to build the quiz that suits your needs, from one-off user surveys to intricate tests, plus multiple scoring options to give you even more control.

Unlimited multimedia, letting you integrate video, audio, images and text for maximum dimensionality and interactiveness.

Branching logic and score-driven endings, so your quizzes respond to the individual taker’s performance and experience.

Detailed data collection and statistical tracking that make it easy to keep track of users’ responses.

In 2013, QuizRevolution launched The Logo Quiz, a trial app for Facebook that was played over 1 million times in beta tests.

In total, over 150,000 quizzes have been created using QuizRevolution. Those quizzes have been embedded on over 200,000 websites, and been taken by 70 million+ users, generating 250,000+ daily impressions.

QuizRevolution quizzes have been created for the likes of The History Channel, Wired Magazine, Vanity Fair Magazine, MTV, Monster.com, the Governor of Hawaii, University of Copenhagen, Rolling Stone Magazine, Warner Brothers, The Seattle Times and Britney Spears, as well as bloggers, educators and thousands of others.

Our first industrial-strength API partnership is in final quality control testing for release into the Wix.com eco-system. Discussions are ongoing for an AppExchange integration with SalesForce as our next API integration.

Looking toward the future, our goal is to help our users build 1 billion quizzes, surveys and other pieces of content over the next 2 years, and we're in the process of laying the groundwork that will help us make that vision a reality. For more information about how you can become part of the QuizRevolution success story, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile!

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Rich Brownstein, CEO, built his first business, The Transcription Company, from zero to exit in 12 years. Every American television network and movie studio used his company. Transcripts for NPR, Nightline, and Oprah were produced and sold by The Transcription Company. Rich wrote all the custom software for his company, had hundreds of employees, bought out three competitors, and exited prior to moving to Israel.

David Goldberger, General Manager, has led R&D and Ops for offline and cloud-based platforms for more than 25 years. David's expertise is in new media, eCommerce and web marketing. He has dedicated his last 10 years to business development in Israeli technology companies in strategic roles, helping to raise millions of USD for Israeli start-ups.

Michele Katz, VP of Investor Relations, brings over fifteen years of managerial expertise in client services and human resources. She has worked with a wide variety of companies including insurance agencies and employment leasing firms. From 1998 until 2003 she was president of The Transcription Company, Hollywood's  top transcription service.

Sara Goldberger, Social Media Director, managed high volume medical practices in NYC for 15 years. Sara has honed significant skill-sets and expertise over the past ten years in blogging, Internet marketing and social media campaigning.

Ari Heitner, Engineering, hails from the great Canada and brings along very fresh air with truly stupendous programming skills and capabilities. Ari epitomizes software systems & engineering with extensive experience in C/C++, Salesforce, Java, PHP, MySQL, Unix/Linux, Python, Javascript, Drupal, Wordpress, OS design and implementation, processor design, embedded systems, collaborative programming tools, network architecture, encryption, intrusion detection, and more. He was Director of Technology for NCSY Canada; Software developer at IBM Research where he worked on processor verification, team leading, planning workload, and reusable strong code design.

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