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RA Muscle Power (RAMP) is a revolutionary online muscle and power sports community designed to help athletes connect globally and grant fans access to content they’ve always dreamed of. At RAMP, we are building a network of athletes, fans, pros and promoters from all over the world, and inviting them to share their passion and reach greatness.


Unique custom platform, built & ready to scale

Experienced, industry-professional team with 40+ years of experience

Innovative technology


Across the globe, the muscle and power sports world has grown into a massive group of over 1.5 billion athletes and fans. Despite their massive numbers, they currently lack a centralized community capable of connecting the governing bodies, athletes, pros, promoters and fans. 

Whether you are an amateur bodybuilder looking for a new training program or a boxing enthusiast searching for live streaming access to an important match, you have to rely on search engines to help you find what you’re looking for, something that is much easier said than done. Like the rest of the web, the muscle and power sports world is overrun with inaccurate or incomplete information, and parsing through each search return can be a frustrating and fruitless exercise.



The ultimate connection to muscle and power sports communities, RA Muscle-Power Ltd. — RAMP — is a unique interactive social platform that provides athletes, fans, promoters and brands with the worldwide network they’ve always dreamed of. 

At RAMP, Users have access to the latest information, entertainment, social contacts, products, events, and charity involvement related to the muscle and power sports community. It’s a place for athletes to come together and connect globally, and a one-stop-shop for fans looking for access to exclusive content across multiple fitness genres, including:


RAMP is more than just a social media space; it is a fully developed interactive entertainment platform designed to keep people engaged with the power and sport communities that they are most passionate about.

By joining our leading-edge platform, Users have exclusive access to:


Currently, RAMP is still in the Beta Phase, but our revolutionary platform is built and fully functional and is awaiting content upload. RAMP has a strategic partnership with Mother Co., a Toronto based tech company.

RAMP is fully aware that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different fitness genres, but to launch our platform, we are focused on starting with the 13 major muscle and power disciplines. We will eventually expand. We have over 3000 athletes preparing their profiles and content to upload onto our platform.

In addition to the thousands of athletes we are already working with, RAMP has established several key partnerships with various industry professionals and content providers, including:

Six world-wide Arnold Sports Festivals
Glen Ross, UK Ultimate Strongman Promoter
American Odd Haugen - The Granddaddy of Strongman,
MAS Wrestling North America Promoter
Hard Knocks Fighting & Global Alliance Partners

As we get ready to officially launch our platform, RAMP has also established a growing following on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, where potential users can see the kind of premier content our service provides.


Herb Veckenstedt | CEO | Herb has been a successful competitor and promoter in the World of Powerlifting, Sportfighting and Strongman for over 30 years.

Mark Winfield | CFO | A professional investment banker for 35+ years in the energy business, Mark has participated in over $1.4 billion of capital projects.

Rob Danard | VP, FanLogic | An experienced entrepreneur, Rob has built a career in technology spanning 15 years. He helped launch World Wide Exchange, one of the first social network platforms introduced to the web. He has participated in many tech ventures from gaming to military security to marketing.

Joe Packard | COO | Joe has a number of years of expertise in broadcast and branded entertainment. He brings the ability to create standard and creative opportunities for monetizing media content and developing new revenue streams.

Warren Hall | Controller | A financial leadership professional with more than 25 years of extensive experience, Warren has served on the boards of a number of companies. He holds a professional accreditation with CGA of Canada and CGA of Alberta.

Cathy Tong | Project Manager | Cathy has worked in various sport organizations building and executing leading athlete development programs. Often referenced as ‘the glue,’ she brings a wide range of skills that are well suited.



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