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Quick Pitch

We believe video games are best enjoyed with friends. Although online gaming has seen rise over the years, the market for social gaming has grown since the days of arcades. In its modern form, competitive gaming is reaching the popularity of more traditionals sports like basketball and football. With the rise of interest in gaming as a competitive sport, arenas have to be set up to accommodate the players and viewers alike. That's were we come in!

Product/Service Details

Our services include rental and usage of high-end computers, console systems such as Playstations, Xboxes, and various Nintendo systems. We will also have space for card players: i.e Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokemon. We will hold tournaments for the Fighting Game Community such as Super Smash Bros., Street Fighter, Killer Instinct and new games that are developed. 

Traction & Accomplishments

We have already secured a lease with a 2,100 square foot location, all of our high- spec computers, and gaming consoles are set up. We have the fastest available internet of 1 Gigabyte speeds and as soon as we reach our goal we can open our doors for everyone to enjoy! We are located @ 3044 N Central Ave, Chicago IL, 60634. 

How We're Different

We would be the second largest location in Chicago proper, and will focus heavily on the competitive aspect of gaming.


Carlos Flores - Owner/Partner

Veteran Gamer who's also an Army veteran 

Hello I am a long time gamer and would love to create a place for other gamers to play together, socialize, and compete. Education: Bachelor's in Computer Network Management Favorite Genre: RPG's

Ricardo Flores - Owner/Partner

Meticulous Gamer - Zelda Franchise Extraordinaire - Whistling skills over 9000 

Gaming has always been my first and second home away from home. Education: Bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering Favorite Genre: Anything Zelda


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