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The social networking market is increasingly crowded, with more options seeming to crop up every day, providing users new ways to connect online. However these sites fail to actually foster real-life, tangible connections, and in many ways, only create a chasm between users as we become increasingly reliant on technology to do our socializing for us. 

Rally is the first event promotion smartphone application and website to incentivize organic connections with new people. We provide users an easy way to meet new people, to get back into the real world, and off their phones and computers. Rally is putting the social back into social networking.

Rally is the newest, most revolutionary application and website to join the social networking world.

Facebook started as the pinnacle of social networking. In the past decade the market has taken and exploited its key features. Twitter perfected the newsfeed feature. Instagram, Flickr, and Snapchat have all perfected different elements of the photo sharing feature. The only untapped aspect of Facebook is its ultimately flawed “events” feature. Rally is here to take that feature and perfect it.

Many use the Facebook Events feature to spam their entire network, so it's largely ignored. Furthermore, it's limited to your existing friends, limiting the potential to meet new people.

MeetUp.com has been in the market for 10 years now, and in February of 2012, they surpassed $30MM in annual revenue. The site allows people to create "MeetUps" that anyone sharing a particular interest can attend. However this format typically has two results: a free-for-all with no limit in age range or attendance, or no one shows; both of which can be very overwhelming and discouraging for someone new to town trying to make friends. 

Rally is here to change how people use social networking to make new connections.

Let's say a student transfers to a new school and he is overwhelmed at the fact of meeting new people and making friends. He downloads Rally and signs up. Upon opening the app, he is prompted to either Start a Rally or Join a Rally. When he chooses to start a Rally, a map displays all possible Rally Spots. He chooses PJ Whelihan's off campus, sets a time and place, and so it begins!

Meanwhile, a few other students looking to make new friends or just to have some fun on a friday night, decides to join a Rally — and see a green R on the map, indicating the Rally just created at the PJ's. A few more jump on it too.


On the day of the Rally, the attendees are notified that a chat room is available to introduce themselves and talk about how good the wings are. When they arrive at PJ's, they recieve their Rally exclusive wrist band, and all that's left to do is scan the QR code poster at the front door and rack up some Rally Points for checking in. Now they're ready to get acquainted and have some fun!

Rally provides a less vulnerable experience for meeting new people. We reward people for starting, joining, and attending Rallies. What can be better than reaping rewards for making new friends? Now these aren't just rewards like a free coffee at your local Starbucks, or a 10% discount at your favorite restaurant. These are rewards like gift cards, sponsored VIP Rallies by the Rally Team, and all-inclusive vacations. These are rewards you can get excited about! 


We are not just creating an application and website; we are creating a brand. A lifestyle that promotes friendship, happiness, and adventurousness. Our clothing line will help promote the Rally lifestyle, while our YouTube channel will provide Rallyers a way to share the great times had, meeting new people. Our users will feel that they are a part of something so much bigger than just an app on their phone — instead, a huge movement to Rally.

Rally is getting closer to launch every day. We've created an informational website to get the word out, and acquired a lead developer to create our mobile app and website. Our prototype is currently under development. We have formed an LLC, and retained Intellectual Property. We've already received lots of buzz on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as the anxiously awaiting crowd grows. Founder Michael Cunningham was even interviewed on RamenProfitability!Next up? We need to raise some capital to complete development of our app and website, and begin our grassroots online outreach, inspiring people to Rally all over the country!

The funds raised will allow us to not only complete development of our mobile app and website, but also to embark on a cross country college tour! We'll be organizing VIP Rally Events and introducing students all over the US to the newest, most organic and fun way to meet new people and make real life connections. The tour will culminate in launching Rally to the world. Your support today brings us closer to hosting an awesome event at your favorite Rally Spot!

If you love our idea and give us $5 of your hard earned cash, we will feature your name on our website and tell the world you were there from the beginning. We will also include an exclusive Rally wristband that you can show off!

It’s 10 for 10. 10 Rally Points to start with when you first download the app. You’re already in the lead! (Plus previous reward listed)


If you give us $25 we think you should feel special. We are going to make shirts that only backers get to wear. We won’t just stop there, we will feature you on our website and tell the world that you were here with us from the beginning. (Plus previous rewards listed)


It’s getting kinda cold out there. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered… Your head that is. Not only will you receive all the rewards listed below, we’re hooking you up with an awesome Rally branded beanie. (Plus previously rewards listed)


We’re feeling generous. By pledging $100, we’re going to give it right back. $100 to use at your first few Rallies. Just don’t spend it all in one place...or do. (Plus previously listed rewards)


Michael Cunningham, CEO & Founder                           Michael is a self-made entrepreneur with a knack for bringing people together. Michael has meticulously studied some of the world's most influential leaders, inspiring him to make an impact on the world. At age 24 he has found his passion, as portrayed in Rally's core values. Previously he has worked in nightlife industry, sales, and retail. 


Bobby Mort, CFO & Co-Founder                                     Bobby is a successful salesman known for his ability to "sell a sweater in August." For five years he has run his father's successful trailer business in Williamstown, NJ. During this time he created and launched the rental division of the company, which now turns profits. In addition to his sales experience, his extensive experience managing the finances of this company makes Bobby an integral part of the Rally team.

Nick Saponaro, CMO & Co-Founder
Nick has successfully started and operated an entertainment company which produces music and provides DJ services at various events. His most recent venture was a successful PC company. His innate marketing ability and refusal to accept failure make Nick an asset to the Rally team.


Pat D'Ambrosio, COO & Co-Founder
Pat is a student at the Widener University School of Law. His raw intelligence and legal acumen will be incredible tools for the development of Rally.



Bryan Lemster, Lead Developer
With a strong USC computer engineering background, Bryan is our expert at the precise execution of technology ideas. Bryan is also the President of Halcyon Innovations

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