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Quick Pitch

RBF, Your Authentic Champagne Bar. 

RBF is dedicated to connection, friendship, emotional and personal growth, and great wine. RBF will offer multiple varietals from local NC wineries, US, and international women owned/run wineries.

Yes, RBF as in Resting Bitch Face. RBF is a term that has been used as a microaggression towards women. It is a way to keep us small, performative, and continue putting parameters on how we should act and making the focus on how we look. Frown or smile, I’m all about taking the power back. Anyways, let’s carry on.

After extensive research into the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area, I am confident in the need and future success of a dedicated wine bar in the town of Cary or Morrisville, North Carolina. In an area that is heavily focused on breweries with new locations consistently entering the market and wine shops being the only spots for enthusiasts, the demographics clearly show that a wine bar would be more than welcomed. We will also have a wine locker aspect which will make ours the only non-storage unit option in a 25-mile radius. 

After 20 years in leadership roles and graduating from the #1 management Master’s degree program in the world, the Thunderbird School of Global Management, I have the knowledge to begin and grow a business successfully, but most importantly, have the emotional intelligence and experience to create a space of comfort, empowerment, and safety. 

Being that this will only be a wine bar in a 20-mile radius without retail or a restaurant concept, the overhead will remain extremely low with the traditional 70-80% mark-up on at-cost wine direct from women-owned and run wineries or their distributors. This business will also support local small batch food businesses as well as wineries in North Carolina, but it will also partner with Raleigh nonprofits focused on women’s safety and integration back into society from domestic violence as well as human trafficking.

Product/Service Details

RBF is a woman-owned wine bar, working exclusively with women-owned brands, labels, wineries, and local products to support the increase and sustainability of these small businesses. 

The entire Triangle area is saturated with breweries, and the wine presence is lacking. In my thorough competitive analysis, there are 31 wine-based businesses and 99% are retail focused with the added cost of carrying on average $75k in inventory. 

Zero of the wine shops or wine bars in RTP offer wine locker options. All storage facilities in the area allow guests to access their wine 24/7, but obviously they will be going home. Having the ability to access their wine, spend time with friends and enjoy the wine bar atmosphere will be a more attractive and logical solution for wine enthusiasts. 

There will be ongoing events including wine tastings, entrepreneur gatherings, support groups, book clubs, fundraising for local non-profits, interactive aspects of the location about uplifting women such as rotating chalkboard questions/inspiration for guests to contribute to, storyteller series, and other events to celebrate our individual and community successes and commonalities. A little Mamma Mia sing-a-long night wouldn't be so bad either. 

This is a place to connect, be with friends, swing by solo to have a meaningful conversation with our team, or to sit on the patio with your dog with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Our guests will be surrounded by photos of great women that all have a story and have made an impact globally, historically, in my life or those in our community keeping things authentic and real. 

Nervous to go on a date? No problem! My establishment will be the perfect place as safety is key. There will be options to request assistance and the staff will escort your date out or call authorities if needed.

How We're Different

The overarching brand for RBF Champagne Bar as well as ventures to follow fall under the umbrella of the website https://showmeyourrbf.com/.

Show up for yourself and for others. Show me your RBF.

The brand is about authenticity, sharing the story of your journey, connecting with one another, and meeting people where they are emotionally. This will be aligned with all aspects of RBF from what is on the walls, the restrooms, the seating and table orientation, how every guest is welcomed and spoken to while on site as well as social media engagement. 

RBF Champagne Bar will promote the message that everyone is going through something. Let’s talk about it rather than put on a fake face. The customer always being right is an outdated theory. We will expect respect from employees but also the guests. We all have a story, an ache, a stressor, so we believe we should lift one another up rather than create a further divide. 

To also stay aligned with our message of community, connection, and taking care of one another, RBF will have a “no tipping model” or living wage model and roll tips into salary to adequately take care of team members. Tips can also be given additionally by guests, but menus will properly explain our mission and positioning. 

We will have ongoing partnership growth in assisting with non-profit women focused organizations such as No Woman No Girl, helping to supply girls with hygiene products, as well as addressing the overwhelming amount of poverty that exists in women 35-45 which is our target demographic. It is important to uplift the women in our community that are privileged to connect but also those that don’t have that ability. We will also work with organizations like Dress for Success and Interact to help women get back on their feet. 

When guests walk into RBF, they will take a deep breath and know they can be their most authentic selves. As they walk out the door to return home, they will be inspired, empowered, and feeling stronger and more at peace than when they entered.


Tiffany Welton - Owner

I'm here for the authenticity, connection, and champagne.  

Tiffany has 20 years of leadership experience in a range of industries from organ and tissue donation, healthcare, and IT as well as a top performer of business development within Fortune 500 companies. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Business from Oregon State University and a Master's Degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. After years of attempting to make an impact on culture, women's equality and treatment in the workplace, and acceptance of emotions and authenticity into careers and advancement, she realized this wasn't how she wanted to make an effective change. With over two decades of a client partnership and customer experience focus, she has a natural ability to understand the big picture, implement effective strategies, align people with what they value, and create a comfortability wherever she is. Whether it’s in a meeting, event, or hosting people in her own home, she is acutely aware of how to adjust for the emotion in the room. Yes, RBF means Resting Bitch Face. Tiffany has always had a dream of owning a wine and coffee bar that is focused on authenticity, emotional safety of others and creating a place to be seen and heard. She lives for connection, community, sharing stories, talking about feelings and how to keep growing and developing in a meaningful way. She truly believes that the most beautiful life moments happen when you sit with a friend or a stranger and simply talk about your experiences, but the real magic happens when your horizons expand, you feel understood, and you don’t feel alone. Tiffany also feels passionately about partnering with organizations in the community that support women leaving domestic violence and reentering independent life, putting a stop to human trafficking, LGBTQIA+ rights and Trans Health initiatives, as well as anything to support animals. If she is late, it is because she saw a dog. Tiffany is known for her ability to uplift, tell stories, encourage others to share about themselves, and to always welcome you with a glass of champagne.

Michael S. Seaver - Managing Partner

Be the person you needed when you were younger.  

As a leadership coach, speaker, and author of the book I Know, Michael loves unlocking human potential. For 12 years, he worked in his family’s small town Michigan lawn maintenance business. Then, he invested nearly five years in the hospitality industry. After completing an MBA, and learning to speak Mandarin, from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, he worked in healthcare recruitment and onboarding before launching his coaching practice in 2011. Over thousands of hours, Michael has created safe spaces for people to overcome their challenges, uncover their most authentic selves, and lead deeply meaningful lives. Michael has served individuals across the world via one-to-one coaching, c-suite roundtables, and online courses, and supported organizations with customized training and leadership, communication, and culture consulting. Companies such as Early Warning/Zelle, Financial Executives International, Goodwill, Arizona State University, Pet Health, EY, Republic Media, and many more have trusted him with their most important asset - their people. He’s been a guest on more than 40 podcasts internationally and has been mentioned in the media hundreds of times. Michael has written curriculum for the start-up incubator SEED SPOT and served on multiple boards including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona where he led the launch of their first-ever scholarship fund. Michael was named to the Phoenix Business Journal’s 40 under 40, Class of 2016, invited to Valley Leadership, and was honored with the Arizona Republic’s 35 Entrepreneurs 35 and Younger award in 2013. After 25+ years impacting individual growth and organizational culture, he desires to be an integral part of and to uplift the triangle community of family-oriented, socio-economically diverse, and highly educated people. Michael loves hiking, golfing, and walking our dog, Phoebe, and our cat, Cleopatra.

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