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We’re one of the only platforms of our kind to reach full HIPAA compliance providing the highest level of security and privacy. This, along with an operational web product, accompanying iOS and Android apps, and early pilot customers, position us well to lead the charge in redefining how healthcare communicates

Perhaps no industry is more dependent on the fast and seamless sharing of information than the healthcare business. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professions are constantly on the move – responding to rapidly changing conditions and sudden emergencies. As a result, they require a communications solution that enables better staff collaboration and response times — all while offering security and cost efficiency.

Along with the operational and clinical aspects of managing a healthcare business, consumer expectations have shifted. Patients are now expecting their healthcare providers to take a similar “customer-centric” approach adopted by other industries. This is especially true in segments like dentistry and aesthetic medicine in which patients have many options in choosing their providers. Responsiveness, transparency and the flexibility to communicate through multiple channels are no longer the exception, but the rule.   

Remarkably enough, communication and collaboration in healthcare is often downright awful. Clinicians lose an average of 45 minutes a day due to outdated communication technology and the third leading cause of unexpected death or serious complications are communication-related. That and the fact that a recent study analyzing over 36,000 online reviews show that 96% of patient complaints are tied to inadequate communication, highlighting the shifting trends towards the consumerization of healthcare.  

As outlined above, poor communication and collaboration is a double whammy. Falling short in these areas impacts both clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction:

  • Lack of internal collaboration causes delays in relaying important data;
  • The inability to obtain full functionality away from the office (remotely);
  • Customer data constantly being at risk due to a lack of reliable encryption;
  • Lacking a transparent, constantly accessible view of the customer;

  • The inability to instantly interact with healthcare providers;
  • The lack of security when it comes to sending sensitive messages;
  • Dealing with uncertainty surrounding care instructions and costs.
  • Lack of responsiveness and overall lack of transparency

From executives, to everyday medical staff, to the valued patients, nobody is immune to the communication and collaboration issues that plague healthcare businesses.  The lack of a transparent view of patient/client interactions has caused accountability and efficiency to suffer, and is spilling over into where it matters most - patient care.  For the sake of better health, it’s time for an innovator to step up and get everyone on the same page!

At long last, healthcare businesses can finally place all of their communication and collaboration tools under one unified and secure umbrella - with Reachify.  

Unlike other solutions in our space, Reachify was built by doctors, for doctors - to fully replace medical practices’ current outdated communications systems.  The key to our magic is being the only healthcare-specific solution that aggregates virtually all communication channels into one platform and provides rule-based automations to help medical practices handle messages faster with visibility into what the rest of the team is working on.  Users can choose exactly how their calls, messages, emails, and fax are routed based on their preferences - which include time of day, user groupings, and even auto-responder bots. All while being HIPAA compliant. We’re also bringing healthcare businesses:

Rock-solid security that protects sensitive customer info with military-grade encryption;

The ability to work anywhere, anytime via mobile access to business communications;

Easy integration into any of their existing software and infrastructure elements;

The ability to collaborate with teams creating alignment and a shared understanding across teams;

A clean and intuitive user interface that puts everything into one customizable, searchable hub.

Rock Dental, a national dental care provider, realized these benefits early on - and have responded as our first major pilot customer.  We have already started onboarding Reachify into all 69 of their nationwide locations.  This is just the first step towards forever changing communications within healthcare businesses - and ensuring better patient care across the board!

The bulk of Reachify’s functionality breaks down into four major parts:

Reachify Engage - The element of our platform that empowers practices to improve patient interactions from start to finish by combining all communication channels into one collaborative workspace. Features include:

  • Multi-channel shared inbox (voice, email, SMS, chat & social)
  • Rule-based collaborative workflows;
  • Automated response templates;
  • Contextual caller ID;
  • Message assignment and visibility.

Reachify Collaborate - This is all about creating alignment and a shared understanding throughout the business - be it within small teams or the entire staff.  Here are just a few Reachify Collaborate features that make working together easier:

  • Full-team chat rooms (and smaller chat groups);
  • Private messaging capabilities;
  • File sharing amongst employees;
  • Conference call capabilities;
  • Shared workspace creation to manage projects and tasks.

Reachify Connect - The underlying unified communication platform powering Reachify Connect and Collaborate. These features help users ensure they’re getting the most from our platform:

  • Cloud-based private branch exchange;
  • Business SMS;
  • Plug-and-play setup with various telecom devices;
  • The ability to manage multiple office locations or departments;
  • On-call scheduling and after-hours call routing.

Reachify Elevate - Elevate is your hub for all the data needed to optimize your operations even further.  It provides you with the knowledge and power needed to make better decisions, and even helps with those decisions, thanks to these features:

  • Reporting and analytics generation from collected data;
  • Intelligent insights and discovery capabilities;
  • Complete communication history logs;
  • Churn prevention capabilities.

As you can see, to say Reachify is functionally versatile is a vast understatement. All of the features listed above provide direct solutions to whatever the needs of a healthcare practice are - but we still didn’t stop there.  Have a look at a handful more of our platform’s awesome features that provide benefit in a more general sense:

Reachify First Responder - A direct technical support system that allows Reachify to deliver world-class customer service and support.  Once the First Responder device is connected to your network, leave it to our remote technicians to reduce wait times for tech assistance, reduce downtime, and eliminate phone service emergencies.

Advanced multi-channel retrievability - Never dig through multiple inboxes again. No matter which channel you’re trying to access, all of the messages, voicemails, texts, and even social engagements you receive from customers can be found in one inbox.  In turn, although they may not know about Reachify - customers will be much happier!

Anywhere, anyhow, anyplace - Talk about freedom.  No matter where you are - from the hospital to the health foods store - you’ll have the ability to take your practice with you and manage it from any device.

Presence settings - Easily change your availability status so your team members know how - and when - the best way is to reach out to you.

Manage subscribers - Additional users can constantly be added to any account, and admins can grant and block access based on need and permission settings.

A platform possessing all of this functionality certainly doesn’t come together overnight.  Although we’re only about 18 months into our journey, we accomplished quite a bit so far - and are extremely excited about where we’re headed.  Here are just a few key hurdles we’ve cleared that give us so much confidence going forward:

User foundation is built. 
A total of 8 medical practices are currently benefiting from Reachify.  The 750+ users they’ve brought us engage in over 5,000 interactions daily.

Key early contract secured.  
The awesome feedback that these customers have brought us was a crucial factor in us obtaining a contract with Rock Dental.  

Valuable tech partner in place. 
We have demonstrated our ability to be a platform for others to build upon as we have integrated our core services with practice management software provider AXPM and will be powering their communication and collaboration.

Secure and compliant.  
The military-grade encryption and rock-solid security our platform is built on are what helped us become a ONC Certified HIT product as certified by INFOGARD.

Skin in the game.  
Our founding team has contributed a total of $2,000,000 to the Reachify cause, confirming their commitment and providing us with early flexibility.

Want to learn more about Reachify and what we have planned for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile to find out how you can get involved!

Reachify is the brainchild of our trio of founding visionaries - Vishal Verma, Rich Balikian, and Erik Stark.  All three have put together highly impressive medical careers, ranging from the former’s current role as CEO of a teleradiology company to the latter’s place in one of San Diego’s premier orthopaedic groups.  The platform’s concept was born right out of these busy medical practices; specifically, the subpar communications that existed within them.  

In the top spot, Greg Spillane is now tasked with taking the founders vision forward and is driving strategy and growth as the CEO. Greg is a startup veteran who brings almost 20-years of tech-related leadership experience. As a former D1 athlete he is no stranger to winning and possess a unique combination of hands-on technical prowess and a track-record of large-scale achievement in helping companies scale.

The team is also joined by George Plsek as the CTO. George is a startup technologist and digital executive who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and write code. He has direct operational experience in digital media, online advertising, software and eCommerce, and has worked to implemented solutions at roughly 200 companies over his career.  He is joined by a small rockstar team of dedicated and talented engineers.

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