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Reality Ventures International creates products that give people the opportunity to live in the world of their favorite Discovery Channel shows.

Discovery Channel is an unchallenged leader when it comes to high-quality reality programming. They dive into the high-octane thrill and excitement of real-world adventure, whether it’s panning for gold, searching for Sasquatch or chasing the deadliest catch on the Alaskan ocean.

With products and kits from RVI, you can watch an episode of your favorite Discovery show, like Gold Rush, Finding Bigfoot, or Deadliest Catch, then get off your couch and out in the world and try it for yourself!

Pay Dirt Gold Company’s Gold Rush line of panning kits are the flagship product from Reality Ventures International, and our first product line inspired by the as-seen-on-TV action and adventure of Discovery Channel shows.

Inspired by the hit Discovery Channel show Gold Rush, the Gold Rush line of panning kits from Pay Dirt Gold Company gives aspiring prospectors of all ages the chance to experience the thrill of panning for gold — right in your home or backyard!  



1/250 Chances of finding $200 in REAL GOLD NUGGETS!

1/250 Chances of finding $200 in REAL GOLD NUGGETS!!

1/250 Chances of finding $300 in REAL GOLD NUGGETS!!


1/250 chances of finding $100 IN REAL GOLD NUGGETS!

(Launching November 24, 2014)


1/250 chances of finding $50 OF REAL GOLD NUGGETS! 

(Launching November 24, 2014)

1/250 Chance of finding $50 in REAL GOLD NUGGETS PER VIAL!

(Launching November 24, 2014)

1/2 LB PAY DIRT: MSRP $9.95
1/250 chances of finding $100 IN REAL GOLD NUGGETS!

(Launching November 24, 2014)


(Launching November 24, 2014)



Each and every bag of pay dirt is guaranteed to contain real gold. Buy pay dirt re-fill bags and vials to keep striking it rich long after you've panned through your first batch of dirt, and up the ante with deluxe panning kits, accessories, party packs and more!

1 out of every 250 bags and vials will have up to $300 in gold in them!


The Gold Rush Panning Kit line is already available through the Discovery Store on,, SkyMall, Sportsman's Warehouse, Taylor Gifts, Acorn, Hallmark, Indigo Books and Books a Million to name a few.  Our existing retail presence has generated nearly $1 million in sales for 2014 with just our Deluxe Panning Kit and 1lb bags of Pay Dirt!

Starting in December, our new line of Gold Rush Panning Kits will be available in Toys "R" Us locations nationwide and there are even more retail opportunities coming soon. Read on for more information about our exciting upcoming distribution opportunities!

After developing Pay Dirt Gold as fans of the show, we took the product to executives at Discovery.  They were so impressed that they asked Reality Ventures to develop more products around some of their other hit shows, including Finding Bigfoot, Deadliest Catch, Game of Stones, Shark Week and more.

Our first follow-up project: the Finding Bigfoot Sasquatch Hunting Kit.

Inspired by the hit show Finding Bigfoot, the #2 show on Animal Planet, the Sasquatch Hunting Kit comes complete with all the equipment you need to chase after America’s most elusive “myth”:

  • Casting Equipment
  • 2-way radios
  • Flashlight
  • Tape Measure
  • Binoculars
  • Compass
  • Magnifying glass
  • Evidence vials
  • Field journal

And there's much, much more still to come from RVI! We're gearing up to launch development on new product lines for other Discovery Channel hits, including Deadliest Catch, Game of Stones and the iconic Shark Week!

At RVI, we love developing products that encourage people to get out in the world and get their hands dirty, just like the stars of Discovery Channel's hit shows.

But we also know that deep sea fishing or trekking through the woods looking for Bigfoot aren't always on everybody's to-do list. That's why we're also working on developing a collection of mobile apps that bring all the action and adventure of a Discovery Channel show right to your smartphone screen.

Big Nugget Gold is the first mobile app and on-line game from RVI, giving you the opportunity to take your gold panning adventure into the virtual world.

Similar to Farmville, this app/on-line game will allow to to learn the trade of gold mining in an interactive virtual manner.

Currently in patent pending status... NDA for additional information.

Reality Ventures International just got started in early 2013, but we've seen some incredible success since then. With $800,000 in sales in 10 months, Pay Dirt Gold is already one of the fastest-growing licensed product in Discovery Channel history.

Now we’re starting the process of introducing the Pay Dirt Gold product line to big box retail locations, hitting Toys "R" Us locations across the United States on November 15, 2014.

In addition to Toys R Us, RVI is currently selling through these channels:


Up next for RVI: kicking R&D into high gear for new products and kits inspired by the Discovery Channel family of programs, and completing development of the Big Nugget Gold mobile game. For more information about what’s to come for RVI and how you can be involved, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile!

Scott Brownsberger, Founder & CEO
Scott Brownsberger has spent the last 20+ years managing and growing his own merchandising company, Pro Pacific. Starting the business directly out of college, he has managed and grown the enterprise with sustained profitability, focusing on streamlined operations, high profile client development, and exceptional customer service. Under his leadership, the upstart merchandising company has evolved into a successful four-division, multi million dollar corporation focused on uniform programs, general promotional merchandise, retail programs, and merchandise catalog fulfillment.

The company is currently the worldwide exclusive supplier of Subway Uniforms, outfitting over 38,000 stores worldwide. Other Pro Pacific accounts include Disney, Paramount Pictures, Jamba Juice, Budweiser, Miller, Old Navy, Round Table Pizza, Popeyes Chicken, Warner Bros. and Rite Aid to name a few.

As a long-time Los Angeles resident and businessman, Mr. Brownsberger has additionally developed a strong local network of executives he can call on, as well as personal acquaintances with Entertainment experts and celebrities.

Scott graduated with a bachelor of science in business administration from the University of Southern California in 1990. He also was a starter on the Division 1 USC Men’s Tennis team from 1984-1988, the team finished in the top five nationally all 4 years.

As Founder and CEO of Reality Ventures International, Scott oversees all day-to-day operational and decision making needs.

Nick James, Co-Founder & President
As co-founder and President of Reality Ventures International, Nick brings a plethora of experience in both the marketing and brand world. An entrepreneur at heart, Nick has been involved in various start-up companies as well as large conglomerates.

After attending Colorado College where he played soccer and earned a BA in International Political Economics in 2000 Nick moved west to Los Angeles to chase his dream of being a sports agent, Nick landed a job at IMG in the Hockey Division working with some of top athletes in world. Starting out as an assistant, Nick worked his way up to agent handling the marketing and contract needs of both the hockey clients as well as many of IMG's top clients.

After 5 years at IMG, Nick decided to move on and took a job at Playboy Racing as the Director of Merchandising and Marketing, negotiating major deals with sponsors as well as developing various merchandise sales and distribution platforms. Nick handled all marketing and merchandise development and distribution both domestically and internationally.

In 2008, Nick left Playboy Racing and became the Director of Business Development at NRG Marketing, an experiential marketing agency focused on sports brands and events. NRG's clients included Nike, Red Bull, Panasonic, Herbalife, 2K Sports, MLS, MLB, Radio Shack, Chrysler and Tommy Bahama among others.

With second-to-none connections throughout the entertainment, sports and marketing world combined with strong knowledge of social media and online presence he will handle all marketing, as well as sales, partner relationships and branding aspects of the business.

Nick currently resides in Redondo Beach, CA with his wife Capella, daughter Lilah and son Eli.

Don Metcalf, COO
As a teenager, Don Metcalf began his artistic career attending numerous art schools and acquired an impressive portfolio of accomplished projects in the field of illustration and graphic arts. After high school he pursued that industry as a career path. As a result of an interview at Leo Burnett Co. in Chicago, IL, the largest agency in the world at that time, he was hired as an assistant art director. At 18, he was the youngest creative person ever hired at that agency. While at Burnett, he worked as a photographer and producer for major accounts, i.e., Marlboro, Starkist, United Airlines, Pfizer, Golden Books and others, designing, photographing and filming national advertising campaigns.

Don moved to Los Angeles in 1976 where he established Production Photographics, in Hollywood, CA. This company specialized in creating and producing corporate communications and media projects for national and world-wide brands. His main focus was designing versatile media and live events promoting new and original concepts to showcase products, services and destinations. Among his clients were Alpine Electronics, Ford, Mazda, Pacific Bell, Ramada Inns, Western Airlines and California Visitors & Convention Bureau. In 1983 The Los Angeles Visitors & Convention Bureau commissioned him to photograph a portfolio of images to be used by countries and companies around the world promoting Los Angeles for the 1984 Olympics. Prior to the Olympics project, his profession included photography of products and fashions for major department stores such as May Co., Robinson’s and Bullocks. He also worked with the well-known Beverly Hills designer, Bijan Pakzad developing an iconic photographic image for his perfume line, which is still used today.

Through his visual experience in retail space, he became well-known for his ability to showcase products in the retail market. This led him to found another company, Dynamic Images, a photographic print production company that specialized in retail graphic solutions for point-of-sale marketing. His client base consisted of major retail chains including Macy’s, Kohl’s, Mervyn’s, Sears, J.C. Penney, GAP, and Target. Don was the key element in creating the Abercrombie & Fitch world-wide “classic look” using large format black and white photography for in-store advertising. Other clients were major brand customers such as Levis, Nike, Adidas, Calvin Kline, Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Guess. During this time he acquired 35 one-of-a-kind imaging patents from Kodak and developed a world-wide distribution network in 18 countries for a patented high-resolution, large format lenticular imaging process. This process produced outstanding 3-dimensional panels for outdoor media companies, movie companies and advertisers like Clear Channel, JC Decaux, CBS Outdoor, Sony Pictures and Paramount.

During this same period and expanding on that base, he founded a global display company, Adbox, which produced and manufactured innovative displays using high resolution silk screened images shaped into “pizza box” panels connected and configured to produce impressive displays in the shape of towers, back walls and hanging mobiles for point-of-sale marketing. The company’s U.S. headquarters was located in Hermosa Beach, CA, with a European office in Gothenburg Sweden, and the company developed licensing agreements to produce and sell the concept in Asia.

In 2008 Don sold his interest in all his companies thinking he would enjoy retirement. However, as a consummate entrepreneur he soon discovered the boredom of retirement. He then created Dynamic Marketing as a consultant to companies wanting to expand their media strategies. It was through connections in this industry he met Scott Brownsberger. When Scott started his company, Pay Dirt Gold, he asked Don to join him as a specialty consultant and executive to bring his accumulated knowledge and expertise to Pay Dirt.

In his spare time, Don enjoys the Japanese martial arts of Aikido, and with his third-degree Black Belt in this martial arts discipline he has trained and taught students for 25 years. Don is single, has a grown son Julian and currently lives in El Segundo California.

Brian Bonnet, VP of Sales
After graduating from San Diego State University, Brian began working as a store clerk at a 45 location toy store chain called Play Co Toys. He quickly worked his way up to store supervisor, buyer, VP, Executive VP and ultimately President of the internet division. He created a web division for Play Co Toys and helped the company go public in Europe with a $38 million raise.

Known in the industry as one of the premier experts in toy sales, Brian became VP of X-Concepts, creators of the huge hit, Tech Deck Fingerboard where he created their international division reaching $15 million in sales in just 3 years. Managing the largest retailers all over the world including both Wal-Mart US as well as Wal-Mart International.

Brian then became VP of Jasman Toys where he ran the US division of the company. He transformed the product, sales strategy and overall company to sell to the largest retailers in the US and around the world. Over the course of 3 short years, he took this company from $3 million in sales to $15 million in just the US. The worldwide company went from $5 million to $25 million in the same time.

Most recently Brian has been the President of Goldie International Inc, company that sold Super Mario Products to retailers in North America. Prior to Brian joining Goldie International, sales were just under $3 million in the US. In 2 years, Brian was able to reach $14 million in sales by setting up an entirely new company structure consisting of a warehouse, sales representations, sales management, product development, operations, finance and distribution.

Brian has the track record, system and people to sell to the largest retailers in the US and around the world.

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