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It’s our personal philosophy that people should define the products and the brands that they love to wear and not the other way around.

That’s exactly why we’ve created a truly one-of-a-kind online apparel experience that combines full-concept customization and ecommerce, marketplace buying and selling, private label fulfillment, and brand development services all in one centralized location.

Whether you’re starting your own clothing line, immortalizing an inside joke amongst friends with a few shirts for your squad, or need some personalized party hats for an epic bachelorette outing, Really Stupid Shirts is the one-stop-shop for quality swag that shamelessly glorifies what other apparel brands desperately lack: a personality as bold as the wearer’s.

Read on to discover how Really Stupid Shirts is pushing the limits of what a t-shirt company can be in the 21st century.

The T-shirt is a staple in nearly everyone’s wardrobe.

We all have our own individual tastes, unique sense of style, and personal criteria that we factor in when it comes to making our wardrobe distinctly ours.

But something as deceptively simple as finding the right shirt often proves to be all too elusive.

The reason? As consumers, we’re largely dependent upon the brand to have the right design, the right style, or the right color that we’re looking for. Or, when you decide to go the customization route, you’re often limited to the company’s existing clipart selection.

From a business perspective, T-shirts also represent a blank canvas for artists and entrepreneurs, and launching an online t-shirt brand has become a popular venture in recent years as the tools and technology have become more accessible for designing, printing, and shipping your own T-shirts.

The key challenge is being able to deliver the designs that resonate with your audience and reflect their opinions and personality while standing out from the many competitors out there.

Enter: Really Stupid Shirts.

We created Really Stupid Shirts as a go-to-destination that’s so much more than just another one of your average online custom apparel shops. As the first custom screen printing company to offer full-concept customization, ecommerce, and marketplace solutions in one place, we’ve perfected the ultimate trifecta of success, where RSS functions as:

A marketplace where apparel designers and entrepreneurs go for idea and brand development, web development, product fulfillment -- including private label for resale -- and assistive revenue.

An online retail shop with a wide selection of apparel options featuring snarky phrases and graphics that strike a chord with modern day pop-culture consumers with a keen sense of humor. We pull design inspiration from everywhere: the latest trends, the classics we grew up with, references to popular shows, you name it.  

A full customization solution to help people express their own unique points-of-view through apparel designs they actually want to wear. From 1 T-shirt to 350,000, we can handle it. Whether it’s for a family reunion, a business event, or to personalize your wardrobe to complement your fashion sensibilities, we can help make your vision a reality.

Sure, some of the more puritanical folks may scoff at our proclivity for the tongue-in-cheek. We are, after all, proudly and unapologetically dubbed Really Stupid Shirts.

But you know what isn’t so stupid? Our business model. Here’s a closer look at how each individual component of RSS works together to form one tight-knit business:

Through our website (and in-store in the future), customers can browse an assortment of T-shirts for men and women, hoodies, hats, and coffee mugs. We also offer children’s sizing. New designs are uploaded on a regular basis.

As the business grows, we will add a design team to continue to provide fresh ideas to the product line. We will also build our product line to include phone cases, leggings, embroidered hats, bracelets, stickers, and key chains.

We use a design system called Ink Soft to create templates for customers while providing access to graphics and numerous font options. The customer first selects a blank T-shirt they would like to custom design, which then links them to the actual design page.

On the design page, the customer chooses the graphics, text, font, colors, and design placement they want. A quality control review process ensures there is no potential copyright or trademark infringement if the customer orders shirts for resale purposes. Upon approval, the order goes into production and delivered within 10 days.

Designers and apparel entrepreneurs can bring a design to RSS, place it on a T-shirt, then sell it online directly through our platform. We will work with clients to set retail prices, give them advice on where to sell it, and how to share it through social media.

The client sets a goal for units sold over a specific period of time (1,000 shirts over 60 days, for example). If the goal is not reached, the client must still pay RSS for services rendered. If the goal is met, RSS will have shirts printed and collect a percentage of profit.

Once items go through production, garments are packaged and shipped to the client, who will be responsible for customer distribution. For an additional charge, RSS will offer direct-to-consumer shipping.

We will also allow clients to design fabric color and pattern by working with the client and their suppliers to custom dye the fabric. RSS can also offer clients the option to cut and sew garments to a specific pattern if requested.

While we’re still in the early stages -- having recently launched in 2016 -- our team has already made some major headway in our mission to become the leading name in custom-made apparel on a global scale.

Our website is launched and live and we are able to deliver full customization on projects with no minimums of peripheral products.

For the amount of time we’ve been established, we have established a high level of engagement across social channels.

We’ve secured all manufacturing, distribution, and logistical requirements with limited manufacturing partnerships across several specialized companies.

Our immediate goal going forward is to scale customer acquisition through the following strategies:

Want to learn more about what Really Stupid Shirts has planned for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!

Denise is a first-time entrepreneur with a background in education, legal, and accounting.

Steve has owned and operated apparel-based companies for the past 6 years. He started in the apparel manufacturing business at age 16 and has consulted investors in retail and manufacturing companies. Steve has also consulted startup apparel brands and assisted setup for production and sales pipelines.

Ashlyn is a graphic design specialist in apparel and has worked in apparel design and manufacturing for 3 years.

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