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Meet RealWatcher Safety Devices – from the wearable tech innovator on a mission to protect society’s most vulnerable citizens.

RealWatcher is the first AI-driven wearable suite of devices for individuals and family members that provides both extensive health and location monitoring, giving wearers independence and parents, physicians, and caregivers the ability to monitor the well-being and location of their loved ones.

The result: The most comprehensive health and safety monitoring and response solution the world has ever seen.

People deserve the highest independence and safety possible in their homes and when out in the world. We live in a world of full of constant dangers, distractions, and heavy workloads, which can leave individuals worried and caregivers feeling stressed and helpless when it comes to monitoring their family member's medical status or whereabouts.

The news is full of heartbreaking stories of the unthinkable happening: Grandma wanders away or Grandpa suffers distress while living independently and dies. Dad gets distracted on his way out of the car on a hot day and forgets that his toddler is sleeping in the backseat. A toddler wanders into the backyard while Mom’s back is turned and tumbles into the pool. An overwhelmed daycare or eldercare worker doesn’t notice when someone in their care with a serious medical issue starts feeling unwell. Every minute, 11 elderly people die in their homes and every 40 seconds a child goes missing or is abducted somewhere in the United States.

Life is unpredictable. Accidents happen. And sometimes the difference between catastrophe and a close call is a matter of minutes. So, wouldn’t it be great to have an extra set of intelligent eyes and ears to protect ourselves an watch over our loved ones?

With RealWatcher Safety, that’s exactly what we’re setting out to create. We believe that every person deserves to be safe, healthy, and cared for and that every caregiver deserves some much-needed peace of mind about the well-being safety of their loved ones. What’s more, we believe the RealWatcher technology has the power to make it happen.

RealWatcher Safety: Always there, always aware.

With RealWatcher Safety, we never sleep, we’re always aware, and we have the best minds and machines on the planet working for you.

RealWatcher is the first AI-controlled wearable devices for you and your loved ones that monitor BOTH health and location, giving wearers, caregivers, and health professionals the peace of mind that only comes when you know that you or your loved ones are healthy and safe. RealWatcher monitors numerous health metrics, as well as location, and AI-enhanced alerts notify either wearers or caregivers and even emergency response teams when something is out of the ordinary.  

RealWatcher Safety is:

The RealWatcher device measures heart rate, blood pressure, and glucose levels, and can indicate stress, water immersion, location, and more, making it the most complete intelligent wearable device ever to benefit people who desire safe independence and caregivers who want to protect loved ones, patients, or residents.

RealWatcher delivers real-time updates every 15 seconds or sooner, so individuals and/or caregivers or healthcare professionals are notified the instant that something goes wrong with the person wearing the device.

Built to last
Everyone knows that people of all ages tend to be a little hard on their possessions, particularly technology. That’s why the RealWatcher device is non-breakable, tamper-resistant, waterproof, impact-resistant, and long-lasting.

Always on
RealWatcher works with cellular, wire-line phones,  Wi-Fi, and mesh networks, so there’s no risk of downtime, wherever you or your loved one may be.

Professionally monitored
The RealWatcher device comes complete with custom software that quickly analyzes situations and passes enhanced information on to physicians, caregivers, and local first-response teams.

The RealWatcher Safety team is making great progress toward our goal of promoting better awareness and safety through technology.

The mechanical designs for our RealWatcher system are complete and ready for prototype production. Design patents are ready to file, and some IP will remain as trade secrets or be used in regular patent applications.

We have identified strategic partners that are capable of manufacturing and supplying the mechanical and electrical components and housing. We are completing the RFP that includes our stringent manufacturing and quality control standards.

For more information about the future of RealWatcher Safety and how you can become part of it, please request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile. We look forward to continuing the conversation!

Lawrence G. Roberts PhD
Dr. Roberts holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from MIT. An Internet founder, he was honored by the King of Sweden and shares the National Academy of Engineering’s prestigious Charles Stark Draper award. He presently serves as CEO of Anagran, Inc.

George Beard, MSc
An MIT Sloan Fellow graduating with a Master of Science. He has years of experience at developing the world's fastest Intel-based micro-computers sold to friendly military, medical and financial institutions. Managing Partner of Beacon Investment Partners and CEO of PrescientIA Innovations Inc. (DE). successful projects for Fortune 500 companies and, as founder of iCorp.

Felice (Phil) Terriaca
Veteran businessman and entrepreneur with over three decades of experience and founder of Lion Capital and Above Security building this IT security company and later selling it to Hitachi Japan for mid 7 figures. Clients were fortune 500 and government worldwide allowing us to be top secret cleared at government level.

Jacques H. Denis
Veteran businessman who founded Garda Security of Quebec who as CEO and majority shareholder reached an impressive 3800 employees and generating over $50 million dollars in sales until selling to the now world-renowned Garda World for above mid 7 figures.  

Dr. Albert K. Pierce, M.D.
A re-constructive specialist with certification from Fellow American College of Surgeons and American Board of Plastic and Re- Constructive Surgery. Albert provides the medical expertise for the team’s telemetry analysis.

Dr. Ali Farmehr, MA, PH.D
He brings over 32 years of experience in communications, program management, strategic partnering, portfolio optimization, financial planning, risk analysis in multiple product sectors.

Don Reed-BSc(ENG)
Mr. Reed served as Senior Applications Engineer, Senior Design Engineer, and Sales Engineer for RYCOM Instruments. The sole engineer responsible for the 5307B threat detection receiver aboard the Trident nuclear submarine. Owns EDO Ind. Prototype house

Don Emilio Zinno
A radio producer and host as well as founder of Call Centers Plus, a premier call center and consulting referral agency boasting many satisfied Fortune1000 customers.

Phillip Ciz, BComm
Phillip earned a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, worked for the Continental Bank of Canada becoming a Commercial Banking Officer, a mortgage broker, and Commercial Credit Corporation lender. He has public and private financial governance experience.

Nino Caldarola, BSc(Math)
Nino has a bachelor's degree in Science (Mathematics), and certification in Aircraft Engineering Technology. He has taught engineering software to Boeing, US Army, ULA and been showcased at the Autodesk conventions many times.

Karen Haski, BA
Karen is a communications strategist,  writer, designer, developer, and founder of OrganizedMom, Manifasto, 10Gems, WorldWorks, ReplayMe, and VisionBe. She's an Advisor at GirlsGo and KidCreators, President of Haski Communications, former CEO of aiWeek Media and former CMO at Aspire Ventures.

Michael L. Bonchick, MBA
A Stern School of Business successful corporate finance executive and business partner to operations, procurement and engineering with companies like IBM, United Technologies, Otis, Dell, W.R. Grace, SD Consulting and more. CFO of PrescientIA Innovations Inc. Michael is an expert at budgeting and financial controls.

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