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Rebates2Riches (R2R) is a secured savings membership club, where members can purchase from their favorite retailers or wholesalers, and receive rebates in physical gold. We have a "1st to Market Advantage" with Gold-back rebates, and secured it with a "Patent-Pending" awarded status, to eliminate direct competition .

Free gold?! What’s the catch, you ask? There is none!

Products don’t cost you anything more; simply spend what you normally would and watch your tax-free gold pile up.

We are the Uber, Airbnb, or Netflix of the rebates and rewards industry and, in some significant ways, possibly all of e-commerce: a true “Business Disruptor” that will change how business is done in the rebates and rewards sector for years to come. As well as a possible shake-up of all of e-commerce,as we "see" (match) their discount pricing ,and "raise" them by a Free Gold-back reward! So,why go anywhere else ? No "Liars Poker "Bluff, just the indisputable winning-hand! 

Current loyalty programs focus on cash-back, points, airline miles, and other corporate currencies that are not universally accepted and carry unsustainable value over time.

Paper money (fiat money) as an item isn’t actually valuable; it’s constantly fluctuating value is only derived from supply and demand. Because fiat money isn’t backed by any item of physical worth (like gold), its value is completely made-up in conception, and it’s printed out of thin air.

Rebates2Riches, meanwhile, uses pure physical gold rewards that have a 6,000+ year legacy of carrying actual value as currency. Our patent-pending formula was created and designed to answer a simple question we all share: 

Rebates in gold have never been done before. Gold never loses value, as all paper currency does, and it’s accepted globally, unlike cash-back country-specific currencies and other forms of loyalty rewards, such as: points, air miles, corporate-branded currencies, etc.

Rebates from shopping purchases are also deemed non-taxable by the IRS, so you keep all of it! It’s simple: shop Amazon or Overstock or any of our other affiliated retailers, pay exactly the same price as you normally would, but receive (free) gold-back -- it’s a no-brainer!

The path to financial freedom looks like this:

The path to financial freedom mandates that you live a comfortable life filled with all the same shopping that you would normally do. Log into R2R, click on our link to your favorite online retailer (Amazon, Target, Etsy, eBay, Expedia, etc.), buy whatever you want, and just because we brought them business, that company will give us a percentage of your purchases (i.e. commissions that range between 2-30%). We return that money 100% to you in the form of pure physical Gold.

We even allow customers to see how much commission/rebate they are getting prior to purchasing their product. That means that if both Target and Walmart carry the same goose down comforter for the same price, you can choose to purchase it from whichever one will give you the greater rebate.

While you’re shopping and comparing commissions, your options are essentially limitless. Through Rebates2Riches, customers will eventually be able to buy, lease, or rent anything and everything from everyday products to new gadgets, travel arrangements, funeral and wedding arrangements, medical tourism procedures, and even all types of insurance...and get Gold-Back rebates on every purchase.

Banks are unreliable. We saw it with Cyprus and we’re seeing it right now with Greece – when an economy tanks, banks close and ATMs and online banking cease to function because they can’t pay back all the cash they’re supposedly holding for depositors. R2R holds all customer Gold secured in its entirety (Full Reserve, not fractional), in the biggest and best-proven private vaults, completely separate from banks. These companies specialize in holding billions in precious metals and hold insurance policies through Global insurers like Lloyds of London,and constant auditing by the Big 5 Global accounting firms. Or you can take physical possession of it .

With R2R, you can actually save up to 100% of all the money you’ve ever spent over time in the long run. See our "Do The Math" video for clarity and certainty on this:


Our rebates form a passive secure savings that is non-taxable. You can even still use your normal rewards credit card to make purchases with our associated retailers and collect double rewards: points/miles/cash-back from your credit card and Gold from R2R -- simultaneously!

While your gold continues to pile up while you do nothing at all, you’re free to sell any or all of it back to R2R whenever you want. Our accounting software will give you 24/7 access to your accounting of funds, so you always know how much gold you have as well as its current fiat money exchange equivalent.

While gold is our staple, we also will allow customers to exchange their rebates for silver, as well as numerous and growing traditional fiat currencies and Bitcoins. Plus, our own Gold/Silver backed Crypto-Currency OMG (OMG= Oh My Gold- TM) Coin !

The best part of R2R is how simple it is! You don’t even have to think about growing your savings because it’s happening automatically. Everyday shopping turns into extra "free" & REAL money you would have never seen before a program like Rebates 2 Riches.

Rebates2Riches has been created and run solely by Steven Kelley to this point. As a one-man-band, he has led the parade on all aspects: strategizing, sourcing, set-up,start-up, and pre-selling the concepts, on the path to financial freedom through secure gold savings rebates on all imaginable spending events.

He cut his teeth first in sales and sales management, then as an international business consultant and trouble-shooter in the areas of: offshore structuring & transactions, offshore banking, and international referral marketing organizations, among others. He is an expert in strategizing, sourcing, set-up, start-up, and selling for private and publicly traded companies, as well as having extensive experiential knowledge in many aspects of: gold, currencies, cultures, commodities, and the true nature of money and value. He is known professionally and personally as "The DUI (Difficult, Unusual, Impossible) Guy" for finding savvy solutions to problems when no one else can.

Steven has been able to handle a lot of aspects of building Rebates2Riches himself, but establishing a competent executive team is an essential step to move forward. Proper levels of funding will facilitate that and much more.

Rebates2Riches is much more than ideas on a cocktail napkin. We’ve made significant progress with our limited funding and staff.

Check out some of our sure to go viral videos here:

Just think of how much more we can do with your investment behind us! Much much more is elucidated in the Business Plan as already completed and/or in progress ,and planned with specific preperations already in place.

Up next: finish up the websites and all program related development, secure affiliate retail partners, and assemble a killer executive operations action team.

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