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From finance to government to higher education to healthcare, organizations of all shapes and sizes are spending billions of dollars per year on cybersecurity technologies aimed at protecting their sensitive data against cyber threats.

But threats to that data continue to grow exponentially. Cyberattacks continue to grow in sophistication, outpacing and penetrating today’s legacy cybersecurity system. 

today’s Security Operations Center (SOC) lack the technology that provides early, prioritized, detection of threat activity andmuch needed visibility and insight into the origin and nature of these attacks.

As a result, SOC operators are often overwhelmed by un-prioritized potential security incidents that require investigation. By the time they detect, identify, and react to a threat, the response is often too little, too late. 

What SOCs need is technology that gives them the visibility, insight, and control they need to act swiftly and decisively to mitigate cybersecurity threats that have penetrated their defenses.

MetaGrid is that technology.

MetaGrid’s collection of proprietary, patented processes and technologies gives organizations the ability rapidly identify, prioritize visualize, investigate, and understand threat behaviors within their network. 

With MetaGrid, organizations can: 

Rapidly identify prioritized threat behaviors within their network.


Thoroughly investigate and understand the extent, impact, and root cause of cyber incidents.

Eliminate “information overload” and focus their activities on threat behaviors with the highest security risks.

Reduce the time between incident detection and response.


Increase the effectiveness and timeliness of SOC team threat hunting activities.

Maintain cyber detection and investigation capabilities in rapidly changing and dynamic network environments.

MetaGrid fits every security environment and it doesn’t displace current security and endpoint protection systems.

Instead, MetaGrid acts as “security rebar” in today’s layered security environments, reinforcing existing security capabilities by detecting threats that have otherwise circumvented existing security products. 

MetaGrid takes an unprecedented, proactive approach to cybersecurity that puts SOCs in the driver’s seat of their threat detection decision making. 

Most legacy cybersecurity systems have to backhaul, or store, data before they can perform the functions necessary to detect threatbehaviors. MetaGrid acts on data before that data comes to rest, resulting in quicker threat response. 

Other cybersecurity systems rely on threat signatures to identify attacks. MetaGrid identifies threatbehaviors that are comprised of activities occurring on the systems and network, meaning it can identify threats that may not have ever been seen before – the “zero day” attacks.

SOC operators are overloaded with the volume of alerts received from their cybersecurity systems. MetaGrid helps to eliminate data overload by assigning risk scores that prioritize threatbehaviors, resulting in a prioritized list of threat behaviors that allow SOC operations to more effectively manage risks to their data operations.

It’s not enough to only identify threatbehaviors -- SOC operators need the ability to quickly and intuitively explore threat activities in order to rapidly gain a comprehensive understanding of the identified threat behaviors, the extent of their activity, and their root cause. MetaGrid makes it happen happen in minutes -- rather than in days and weeks. 

MetaGrid addresses critical cybersecurity needs for organizations of all sizes, across all industries and government entities.

Revolutionary technology… game-changing software.”
Dave Stoll,
US Critical Infrastructure Provider, VeriSign

One of the most exciting new big data/security analytics companies I have met in a while.”
Ward Waltemath, 
Head of Technology Investment Banking, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Red Lambda is the most interesting company I have come across in my career.”
Guido Mengelkamp, Former Head of EMEA Technology Investment Banking, Citigroup

Bahram is a software and technology entrepreneur with more than 35 years of experience building, market-leading companies. Prior to Red Lambda, he was the founder and CEO of Phoenix International, a global financial software company. Under his leadership, Phoenix became a global leader in retail banking automation, developed a strategic partnership with
IBM, and completed a successful IPO and secondary offering.

Iain Kerr is a high-performance strategic leader with a proven 30-year track record of success. Prior to joining Red Lambda, Iain served as President and CEO of Protegrity. Before that, as Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Sygate Technologies, Kerr increased revenue from $9 million to more than $18 million in just 20 months, representing a 100% increase in North American, EMEA and Asian sales. As a result, Kerr was instrumental in positioning the company for a successful acquisition by Symantec. Kerr also spent 15 years at Hyperion Software where he was instrumental in assisting with Hyperion’s public offering, helping put the company on a trajectory for its acquisition by Oracle a few years after he left the organization.

KYLE POND - VP of Sales & Alliances
Kyle has a strong track
record  in building and leading successful sales and business development teams in a variety of software verticals, including enterprise security, IT infrastructure, data center, managed services, and enterprise applications. Prior to joining Red Lambda, Kyle held a variety of executive positions at Protegrity Corporation including Cloud Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

Jacques brings more than 25 years of experience in senior marketing positions with software and technology companies. He has created marketing strategies and programs in multiple start-up organizations, which attained leadership positions in their respective industries which led to successful investor exits. Prior to Red Lambda, Jacques led marketing for Tangoe, Inc. for 11 years, from start-up to an initial public offering.

JUSTIN SCOTT - Director of Development
Justin brings more than 23 years of solution architecture and enterprise system design, and more than 15 years of engineering team leadership experience to Red Lambda. His expertise includes full stack development frameworks, big data analysis and product and system performance analysis, mobile and responsive design and development,  full stack JS frameworks, application development, and unit tests.

Red Lambda is making tremendous progress toward our goal of ensuring better, smarter cybersecurity for all. 

We have been granted 10 US patents protecting the system architectures, data processing, network event detection, anomaly detection capabilities, and data storage and retrieval technologies underlying the MetaGrid solution. 

Our system has been adopted by Teradata as the core technology of their integrated cybersecurity solution, CyberWarrior.

We have also established reseller relationships with a number of global partners, including Whitehorse Technologies,  HCL Technologies, Virtustream MENA, and SAFR Group. 

Up next for Red Lambda: we’re preparing for global launch of the MetaGrid platform.

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