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Regulr is the first data-driven customer experience service providing brick-and-mortar retailers with actionable information at the POS the moment a customer enters the store. Making Regulr the first open-model, non-exclusive, consent-forward market solution for customers.

A brand-agnostic solution, Regulr enables brick & mortar businesses to know their customers' preferences similar to e-commerce platforms but goes a step further by enabling consumers to manage access to what information they share while creating a tailored experience they can control.



As commerce has become more comfortable online in recent years, users have seen their personal data widely misused. Online platforms hoard available information and re-use it in a number of ways that the user has no control over, and gets no benefit from.

These concerns are coupled with the changing consumer who in part is always online, making it more difficult for local retailers to connect, share, and recommend.  

Today's digital experience is becoming further concentrated with less autonomy and reduced choices for goods. This benefits a smaller and smaller group of tech companies, but rarely the user, or the small to medium retailer.

In general, customers want more control over their data, not less. However, the entire modern marketing and sales apparatus is stacked against them, with no one to respect the boundaries of personal privacy and no way to leverage their data "offline" in-store. 


Regulr turns the conventional paradigm on its head. Instead of treating customer information like a secondary, black-market income stream, we see it as a way to increase authentic customer relationships by empowering the customer with their data.

Our platform is designed to share power over customer data in an egalitarian method in which users are rewarded for aggregating it, maintaining and sharing it; while providing businesses with the on-demand access to that data they need to serve them better.


The upshot of this is empowered consumers who feel better about shopping — buying more, and more often — and more effective sales teams, who can greet the customer by name with an authentic smile of recognition, every single time.

Regulr was designed from the ground up to put control over consumer data back where it belongs — in hands of the consumer. As soon as users feel more in control, they feel more inclined to buy the things they want and need.




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