Revolutionary, AI driven management of Insomnia, Pain and Anxiety.


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We are now working on QTGuard.  An AI driven, device offering safety, convenience and reassurance to patients* on QT prolonging therapy. (*and their doctors). For under $100.

Our core research and the COVID pandemic led to a new project (in course): AI driven, simple, hand held, automatic QT interval measuring device.  It is sterilizable, reusable and fully autonomous, not requiring any external input. All analytics on users smart phone.   No training required.  In addition to use with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, the device can screen and monitor patients on over 200 other drugs with the potential for life-threatening arrhythmias due to QT interval prolongation.  Other applications include use in new drug studies, because QT monitoring is now required in all such studies.  We are now seeking investors for this new project.

REMmedy: Fast Facts

REMmedy is an AI-driven platform allowing users to reproduce desired health conditions using nothing more than a chewing-gum-sized scented REMstick: Normal sleep in situations likely to produce insomnia, reduced opiate use in Post Surgical Pain Management and reduced anxiety in anxiety-inducing situations. Conceived by an MD (with 30 years of clinical experience) inspired by leading Machine Learning experts.

The Biggest Problem Hiding In Plain Sight

Virtually every one of us suffers from Situational Insomnia at one time or another.

Ineffective Solutions

There are multiple solutions and attempts to deal with general insomnia, but not with Situational Insomnia. That’s a serious problem. Many try to deal with it by relying on pills and alcohol.

These “solutions” -- and no, you can't really call them that -- present quick fixes with detrimental short-term and long-term consequences on the health and wellbeing of the individual and the companies these individuals work for (productivity decreases and attrition rates increase).

The REAL Solution You Need

REMmedy solves these problems by offering an AI-driven platform that allows users to:

Reproduce normal sleep pattern in situations likely to produce insomnia

Reduce the use of opiates in Post Surgical Pain Management

Reduce Anxiety in anxiety-inducing situations


How It Works

Using Recurrent Deep Learning Neural Networks REMmedy developed a protocol to accurately and consistently detect the passage from the Awake to Asleep State.

Why It Works

The electronic system is NOT needed after the initial conditioning period.

When the Conditioned User (with prior history of hotel insomnia) travels for business, they only need to take a “pack of gum” with them.

Each “stick of gum” is, in reality, a scent-releasing stick. After getting into bed, the user opens a stick and adheres the adhesive side to the pillow. The scent now induces a reflex, normal falling asleep (Conditioned Involuntary Reflex).

The same principle will be used in managing post surgical pain, situational anxiety and other conditions.

Product Development

Traction & Accomplishments

So far we attended three conferences to measure corporate  interest in our  product and one official presence at an international AI conferences. We had discussions with C-level and director level executives at several Fortune 500 companies with demonstrated significant interest from:

In a formal sleep lab test of REMmedy AI vs the gold standard in sleep detection - a brain activity monitoring EEG - REMmedy's AI correlated very well with EEG sleep detection.

Conclusion: REMmedy system accurately detects the moment of falling asleep, using only a standard Polar H10 sensor.

Finalist at Major Global AI Conferences

REMmedy has been a startup contest finalist at a major Global AI conference.  Top five out of over 100 entries.

This includes World Summit AI 19 in Amsterdam in October 2019.

We were judged by some of the most important companies in the world, including IBM, Oracle, NVIDIA and Accenture.

Meet “The Vision”

Mark Lazarovich, MD. MSc.
CEO | “The Vision” behind the REMmedy project

  • Allergist, Board Certified in Asthma Allergy and Clinical Immunology, practicing in Vermont since 1993
  • Obtained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Physiology from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and graduated with Honors from the Medical School of the Universite de Liege, Belgium
  • Dr. Lazarovich was an Internal Medicine Resident at Yale University Medical School/Bridgeport Hospital in Bridgeport, CT
  • He trained as a fellow in Allergy and Clinical Immunology at SUNY at Stony Brook
  • Now a partner at Timberlane Allergy and Asthma Associates in South Burlington, VT
  • In 2009 he created AllerPassMD, a web-based, hotel listing and rating service for allergic and asthmatic travelers

Meet The Team

Stephen Yanow

  • Founding Chairman (since 1999) of Codie Award-winning 3CE Technologies Inc., a privately held, AI-driven, expert software system
  • He brings extensive business experience to the table  Alumnus:  Harvard Business School Executive MBA (OPM)
  • He will participate in conferences, trade shows, and fundraising alongside Dr. Lazarovich

Dr. Mark Bouton
Scientific Advisor

  • Professor of Psychology at the University of Vermont
  • For decades Dr. Bouton has been involved in research of all aspects of Pavlovian Conditioning, a phenomenon of extreme importance to REMmedy
  • He has worked in prestigious academic institutions all over the world, has given over 300 invited talks and published over 200 journal articles and books
  • He was the past President of the Pavlovian Society

Richard Kampel
Financials and Analytics Advisor

  • MBA degree with special interest in risk analysis and financial analytics as well as project management
  • He will participate in conferences, trade shows, and fundraising alongside Dr. Lazarovich

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