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If only “Tim the Toolman” was your next-door neighbor, things would get done.

Instead, homeowners are forced to deal with unreliable contractors, shady pricing practices, and a number of other issues associated with home improvement. RemodelMate is here to change all of that.

The user base is coming together nicely – grab your hammer and let’s nail down some profits!

For many first time homebuyers, the joy of signing on the dotted line and having that comforting sense of ownership quickly turns into frustration.  Most are eager to get right in and start turning their house into a “home”, but quickly realize the never ending headaches that come along with the home improvement process.  These stressors are largely due to market inadequacies, with the process of finding reliable contractors being very outdated.  Problems with the status quo in the industry include:

In a nutshell, lots of resources are being wasted on both ends of the tape measure.  Other industries, namely transportation and lodging, have fixed issues of their own with real-time solutions like Uber and Airbnb.  Consumers are expecting – and in many cases, getting – all of their needs fulfilled quicker than ever before.  The home improvement industry is desperate for a more efficient solution just like these – and a market leadership opportunity is waiting.

Fire up that electric sander!  The solution homeowners have been waiting for is here with RemodelMate.

Refreshingly simple at its core, RemodelMate is utilizing a classic marketplace model – connecting service providers with consumers – to hammer down barriers associated with the traditional home improvement model.  We help both parties save money, save time, and save on the headaches, starting with a detailed vetting process required for all contractors on our platform.

We’ve identified product development as the key element to our growth going forward.  The initial focus will be to perfect the RemodelMate platform before aggressively pursuing user acquisition.  Read on for more information!

The crucial first step of any home improvement job is getting precise measurements.  At RemodelMate, we handle this for you with a personal touch.  Our specialists pay a visit to your home to record the exact specs of your project upfront.  Then, your project is immediately added to the RemodelMate platform (with details you choose), where it is matched with our real-time pricing data along with detailed contractor profiles to give you upfront and accurate job expectations and costs..  

Once a match is made, RemodelMate guides homeowners and contractors through the home improvement process every step of the way – from scheduling to final payment.  Here are some of the top features we rely on to get this done, as well as more benefits of our platform:

It hasn’t even been a year, but we’re already making waves.  Our team is working quickly – yet with great attention to detail – to get a perfected version of our platform released to the masses.  Check out some of our top accomplishments since opening the doors in December 2015:

User Acquisition underway.  
We starting excuting on our user acquisition plan using the RemodelMate prototype in December 2015.  We've grown sign-ups 32% MOM and opened a private beta in June 2016 which we plan to make public in Q4.

Contractors are taking notice.  
We’ve fielded more than 100 information requests from contractors anxiously anticipating RemodelMate’s release.

Exhibiting user acquisition potential.  
More than 1500 homeowners have requested a RemodelMate invite in the 6-plus months we’ve been in live.

Securing key enterprise partnerships.  
A prominent DC-area homeowners’ assocation has signed on to endorse us as a reliable solution in their neighborhoods.  Relationships are being built with other homeowners’ associations as well.

Hackathon Winner.
We took first place at the California State University Hackathon in November 2015.

The public knows us.  
The Washington Times and HBCU Buzz recently featured us positively in their publications. The past is promising, but our future is even brighter.  Please request access to our profile’s private side for more information!

What started as a single friendly deed performed by our Founder has transformed into a very promising venture.  We’re now led by a team of four seasoned executives, introduced below:

After providing home improvement estimate advice for a friend, our visionary began to spread the word about his newfound service and saw it balloon into a legitimate business enterprise – and what is now RemodelMate.  Chad got his start in the tech sector with startups like LivingSocial and Breeze, before shifting his focus to home improvement at industry powerhouses like Power Home Remodeling.  Chad’s combined tech-home improvement expertise is a huge asset to us, which he uses to create a compelling end user experience while guiding our future direction.

Victor most recently spent five years assisting individuals in finding their ideal homes at real estate development powerhouse Bozzuto.  The unique consumer-facing perspective he provides will be on full display at RemodelMate, where he’ll work hard to create a unique customer experience for both contractors and homeowners while spearheading strategic brand development and marketing.

Our resident sales guru has 5+ years real estate sales experience, most recently in the private capital markets group at Macquarie Capital. Here, he was an analyst for a team which closed over $50 billion in cross-border real estate acquisitions, structuring, and capital sourcing.For RemodelMate, Steven is a key cog in business development and real estate market management.

Terril has more than a decade’s worth of software engineering experience with companies like AT&T and Red Brick Media.  Full stack development, infrastructure development, and systems administration round out his diverse skill set.  Terril is the brains behind RemodelMate’s core infrastructure and remains fully responsible for its technical progress as CTO.

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