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Exciting Gateway into an Eco-Tourism Portal on the Internet - One of the Fastest Global Growing Industries.

ResByWeb International believes that the solution to modern business problems is in better technology, and low staff requirements. ResByWeb International has created a revolutionary software product for the ecotourism industry that is changing the way people get things done. 

We live in a technologically advanced world where everything from banking to communicating to ordering food can be done online. There are hundreds of industries that have, over the years, seamlessly integrated technological advances into their products and services, but there are still plenty of places that are in desperate need of solutions, including ones that everyday people use year-round – the tourism industry.

There are thousands of different web applications for booking your vacations, from hotel websites to tour and activity portals, but that is exactly the problem: there are too many choices, and none of them are streamlined, and a complete “all-in-one” solution with a central database to satisfy the tourism organization’s needs.

Our tourism software seamlessly integrates all aspects of the industry in one software package and is targeted at the eco-tourism industry as it is there where traditional tourism products do not fare well, because with our software you can “Book an Experience not Just a Bed”.

Up to now, we licensed the software to our customers monthly and this limits our market size. We want to take this software global and create the world’s first Eco-Tourism Reservation Portal. At this stage, there is no direct competitive software.

An Ecotourism portal is a single Internet Web Site where all our customer’s facilities are on display and can be reserved. The domain for this portal will be

This Eco-Tourism Portal, “ResByWeb Tourism”, where visitors can come and look for all kinds of experiences. “ResByWeb Tourism” portal will be a new kind of tourism portal, which will fulfil a much-needed function in the eco-tourism industry that does not exist now.

The potential is enormous and it is not in direct competition with Expedia or In fact, the ResByWeb software will be integrated with Expedia to offer Expedia additional income.

The main customer target are not Hotels and B&B’s, but Eco-Lodges, Caravan Parks, Events and Venues of all kinds, Walking Trails, Sports, National Parks, Game Reserves, Game Ranches, Farm Stays, etc.

With so many advances in the technology field, there must be a better, more efficient way to get things done and ResByWeb International has the solution.

It is all about one solution and an increased income for the tourism organization, as well as better planning and projections. For the guest, it is the convenience that counts. This is the magic formula that ResByWeb offers.

The software, is designed for the reservation space and implements the latest technologies to create the most cutting-edge products for users in need of better answers.

It is our motto that our software solution must need the lowest possible maintenance requirement and the most user-friendly product.

Trip Planning Made Simple
The ResByWeb product streamlines the online reservation process by reserving accommodation and all types of activities in one easy to use platform. The new portal “ResByWeb Tourism” allows users to plan an entire trip, from the accommodation to the events to the meals and beyond, in one easy-to-use platform.

A truly innovative product, ResByWeb is the only system that can do everything in one booking and one invoice. Presently the tourism industry uses different software for each type of activity and is now solved by one proven software package, ResByWeb.

Above is a proto design and a functional presentation of what ResByWeb Tourism Portal will offer on the Internet. Further development for these web pages are required.

Driven by the belief that quality software is the solution, and the desire to keep business costs to a minimum down the line, the ResByWeb product has serviced huge eco-tourism clients with minimal staff for nearly twenty years in more than thirty Nature Reserves in Western Cape, South Africa (think Cape Town), and we’re ready to keep that drive and strategy going on a global basis.

ResByWeb streamlines the customer’s total tourism requirements in one easy to use software package.

You can book accommodation, game drives, hiking, spa parlor, boat rides, walking trails, picnic areas, scuba diving, and mountain climbing, wedding halls, meeting halls, appointments, for example, all before arrival! Your whole trip planned and paid for. There is no activity that cannot be accommodated by ResByWeb, even time management, for instance time based appointments.

With the “ResByWeb Tourism” portal, travellers can search through an activity driven database, and plan and pay for their trip before they arrive. Business owners get a separate benefit too; wherever the ResByWeb software is installed at a business, everyone across departments, including Check-In, Call Center, Finance Department, and registered Tour Agents, can use it easily and without fuss with the same interface wherever you are.

National Parks and Game Reserves benefit enormously from ResByWeb as it increases their income drastically and makes them more financial independent from government funding.

U-RAD Technologies (originator of ResByWeb Software) was founded in 1998, and in its 19 years has gained considerable market traction and notoriety in the government eco-tourism industry. South Africa is the spearhead of the eco-tourism industry globally. ResByWeb, has been tested and proven, and has already been responsible for booking millions of guests and generating over $75M in reservations (over R1 billion).

At ResByWeb International, we want the world to be able to use our revolutionary software. That is why we are forming important partnerships around the globe, including one with AiS Software Services (Pty) Ltd. Established in 2016, this key partnership allows ResByWeb International to service the South African and African market.

A group of thinkers, innovators, and change makers, the team at ResByWeb International is passionate about using technology to solve many of the world’s most common tourism problems.

After falling in love with his first XT in the eighties, Gerhard Stoltz left his job as a CEO to join the programming world. An experienced innovator and proven entrepreneur, Gerhard is an accomplished team manager with a go-getter attitude and a drive for perfection. Gerhard also is a Most Valued Programmer (MVP) for Embarcadero.

A Senior IT Project Manager, Yusuf Albertyn has extensive experience at some of the top blue chip companies (BP) in the world. He has an eye for detail that he developed working in the IT sector for over 30 years, and is comfortable working with all levels of management and staff.

Arno Scheepers | IT Consultant | Environmental & Tourism Expert

Eugene du Plessis | Sales and Marketing Manager | Professional Hotel Manager | Help Desk Expert

Patrick Meyer | Electronic Engineer | Networking & Equipment | Technical Services

Dorothy Olson | Call Center Team Leader | Professional Application Administrator for ResByWeb

Sandra Kloczkowski | Technical Author | USA citizen from Sacramento, California

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