Safe Travel, Hybrid Work Structures, and Supply Chain Resiliency.

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Global Problem
We’re All Facing

Human and Economic Resilience during pandemics. It’s clear people need to stay connected and in motion. Businesses need operational resilience to keep operations running smoothly.

But what can be done?

How do we develop new tools to better manage future pandemics by keeping our economies operating and protecting our way of life?

One Incredible Solution reduces pathogen infection rates by changing human movement behavior at an individual, family, community, and company levels. We do this by utilizing our machine learning/artificial intelligence data lake to give actionable insights to individuals and organizations worldwide:

A Personal Risk Index: A peer-reviewed indicator of your risk of death if infected with a pathogen.

A Daily Location Risk Index: Provides an exposure index to let you know your pathogen exposure risk if you enter any building or public space. The daily Location Risk Index provides risk insights linked to local infection rates. Make Remote vs. On-site staffing decisions. Manage business continuity/supply chain risk.

Movement Behavior Recommendations: Keep individuals, families and work communities safe with behavior modification messaging solutions.

How It Works

Our mobile app is an intelligent solution that learns from and evolves with user engagement. The mobile app trains itself as user movements and behaviors are analyzed by the software, all within the context real-time public pandemic information. The risk indexing and behavior outputs are unique to each user and based on multiple factors:

  • Daily infection where a user lives and moves
  • The user's individual risk preferences
  • The user's movement and behavior patterns; and
  • The user's behavior modification response

Our tech can determine exposure risks for any person, workplace community, business location, or end-to-end supply chain anywhere in the world. 

Traction & Accomplishments has completed three mobile app product sprints since August 2021 (POC and MVP 1 and 2). The next mobile app sprint is a Premium App designed for families. We are waiting on Google and Apple app exchange approvals at this time (requires public health agency sponsorship). We are currently developing the SaaS Business Resilience instance (Beta) and our DaaS API solution for IoT integrations.

Additional info on this partnership:

  • WHO Due Diligence Approval: Triggers signing of Partnership Agreement
  • WHO Distribution Model: Exclusive Roamwell public health partner in each region and country
  • WHO Regions:

Strategic partnerships include:

Meet The Team 

Eric Klasson
Experienced tech executive, purpose-based leader working to solve current and future pandemic with a multi-pathogen human movement solution. Eric is giving a Ted Talk in New York City on May 4, 2022, about this very topic: "Pandemics, Technology and Human Purpose"

David Swatzell

High-tech and financial services executive. Technology innovation, complex business models, AI/ML healthcare solutions. HP, Bank of America, EDS, Compaq.

Susan Tormollen
Digital marketer enabling tech companies to surpass revenue metrics, build power brands, drive customer adoption. Wave, Home Away, Silicon Labs, HP, SicolaMartin

Nick Collins
Technology executive, strategist, and architect building public health and corporate cloud platforms and data migrations to public cloud. Accenture, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Steve Winston
Research and engineering executive with 40 years experience in large scale complex programs. Idaho National Labs, Lockheed Martin, Parsons, Westinghouse.

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