Smartphone-based in vitro breathalyzer/saliva diagnostic device


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Fast Facts

RespID² Inc. is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by developing a proprietary, versatile, rapid and ultrasmall smartphone-based in-vitro breathalyzer/saliva diagnostic device (RESPID). Designed for end to end use (no lab needed) at home, at point-of-care, in clinics, or remote areas. RespID²’s initial and immediate application is intended for individualized diagnosis of the Sars-Cov-2 (COVID-19) virus and related antibodies.  Does not require blood draw or blood test.

The Biggest Problem We Face Today

COVID-19 continues
to ravage the world.

While numerous firms claim to have answers, few have helped nations get the problem under control. The reality is, tests that produce rapid results without laboratories are needed. Most countries lack the capacity or technology to properly test for the virus on a large scale.

Rapid point of care testing is essential to managing this pandemic intelligently, but few have answers -- or technical solutions.

Current tests require professional to administer, is often inaccurate, invasive or takes too long to obtain results from central labs that are needed to process them. The untimely results, are either too late or cannot be used effectively to manage the pandemic.

The Solution the World Needs

 RespID² solves the challenges of testing for COVID-19 with our innovative, ultra-small and smartphone-based breathalyzer/saliva test device - RESPID.  RESPID is the key to providing individualized home- and field-based diagnostics.  RESPID will show positive or negative results in less than 15 minutes and quantify antigens and antibodies in less than 45 minutes. Quantifying antigens and antibodies is particularly needed for vaccine development and gauging recipient response.

RESPID also offers:

Why We’ll Lead

By building RESPID from the ground up to be a highly accurate solution that’s much faster than current tests, RespID² stands to break new ground at a time when a pandemic has swept the world and drastically changed the way we live.

By utilizing our proprietary design and technology, we will not only build a better test -- we will make it easier for the population to get tested.

Our innovations mean it will be possible to easily detect and quickly quantify and identify viruses and antibodies -- such as those associated with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) -- as well as other infectious agents and molecules.

RespID²'s noninvasive test will be much more appealing than current testing methods, because it does not need blood draw and associated anxieties, or the discomfort associated with and expertise needed for a deep nasal swab.

Meet the Team

Dr. Massoud Akhtari, PhD | Founder and Chief Science Officer

  • Associate Professor
  • Received his undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Utah, his Master of Science degree from the University of California at Irvine, and his PhD in condensed matter physics from the University of New Mexico
  • Held significant scientific positions at the UCLA School of Medicine, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Good Samaritan Hospital (Los Angeles), Cedar Sinai Hospital (Los Angeles), and Huntington Medical Research Institutes/California Institutes of Technology

Kevin Dennis | Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Brings over 30 years of project management experience and business acumen to the RespID² team
  • Having already been an integral part of five other startups, he understands the complexities and practical challenges of creating a successful business
  • His executive experience overseeing multi-million dollar projects gives RespID² a President and COO skilled at communicating effectively with the wide range of individuals often involved in complex projects

Dr. Kirsten Tolstrup, MD | Vice President, Clinical Affairs

  • Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco, School of Medicine
  • Associate Chief of Ambulatory Operations
  • Board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, and echocardiograph

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