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Retiree Health Technologies (RHT), a B2B2C company, is the first to introduce SaaS retail decision support technology to the rapidly evolving private Medicare insurance marketplace. With employers dropping retirement benefits, retirees are forced to move from an employee benefit platform to retail retirement insurance, leaving them alone to make (potentially expensive) cost and coverage decisions. At the same time, driven by large online retail companies like Amazon and AirBnB, these increasingly tech savvy retirees are learning to expect well designed online purchase experiences.

Yet the emerging Medicare digital market does not address this: its more about providing shopping lists rather than decision support. RHT is designed to fit with emerging retail trends. It uses decision mapping along with an instinctive, easy-to-navigate CX to feed into AI that matches the user with their optimal product options based on personality, economic circumstances, medical requirements and risk tolerance.

Rapid Retail Expansion 

Private Market Navigation Required

Difficult Decisions
Healthcare is the second largest expense a retiree will face over the course of their lifetimes; on average a couple will face over $250k in expenses. Transitioning to Medicare (a new and complex health insurance system) is complicated, and the market is chaotic (Chicago offers more than 250 retail options). This market lacks consumer 
decision making guidance. 

Coming off an employee benefit, most consumers have no legacy on which to base decision making. For under 65 health coverage, they relied on their employer human resource department. For Medicare, they are on their own.

Personalized Online Solutions

Retiree Health Technologies (RHT) is a
digital B2B2C Medicare marketplace solution.

Key Features

Product Demonstrations

Our Accomplishments

Market Test (through predecessor company, Retiree Health Choices)

Established demand by fielding a real time online digital shopping tool offering limited products in limited areas, followed by extensive consumer testing.
Key findings: 

10-Week Open Enrollment Market Test
In a 10-week open enrollment, across only 2 states, just offering BCBS Medicare Supplement, we generated over 10K clicks.  Of these, the average time spent was over 2.5 minutes per click (including drops), with a drop rate of under 20% (numbers that would make Amazon proud). With such a small scope, the response was significant given that customer outreach was totally through social media with minimal spend.

Next Steps & Feedback

Next Generation Product Development
Based on consumer feedback, we transitioned from shopping tool technology (listing the results) to a support tool designed to facilitate a decision.  Our decision tool incorporates an instinctive CX plus AI to drive the user through the process to an optimal decision. 

Overwhelming Positive Response
RHT developed a demo of a decision tool, incorporating AI and an instinctive CX.  Our demo received an overwhelming positive response from industry leaders, consultants, and market experts. Worth noting, Senior Market Sales (who we showed this demo to) is the largest Medicare Sales Organization in the country, representing 15,000 brokers.

“Locked and Loaded” Solution
Based on the demo, potential customers wanted a turnkey solution: locked, loaded and ready to go. Given the uncertainties of COVID they were unwilling to be “development partners.” But, several consumers stated that if our product was officially launched, they would be willing to partner.

Next Steps:

Integrated Technology Partners

Meet the Team
(All equity holders)

Brian Glassman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Brian has 25 years of experience in health plan industry consulting. Brian has consulted on Medicare product development, legislation, and marketing. Brian provides top-notch product development leadership and insight. He manages Retiree Health Technologies development, partnerships and relationships.

Ellen Glassman, President
Ellen is a former design professor and licensed Medicare broker. Ellen has substantial experience in Medicare sales.  She has also been a faculty member at a major design institute in Chicago.  Ellen will oversee product design function and coordination, simultaneous to general company administration processes.

Paul Von Ebers, Senior Vice President
Formerly, Paul was the  CEO of BCBS of North Dakota and is currently the President of Prospective Health. Paul will oversee client relationships and marketing, and is well positioned to offer socialization within the BCBS system. Once the company is in production mode, he has been tapped to serve as Retiree Health Technologies next CEO.

Dale Yamamoto, Vice President, Data Analytics
Formerly, Dale was Chief Retirement Health Actuary for Hewitt and Associates.  Dale will focus on strategic analytics while maintaining Retiree Health Technologies’ relationship with its AI partner(Picwell).

Michael Seibold, Advisor
Currently enjoying passion projects in retirement.  Previously, Michael was the CEO of BCBS of Illinois.

Christina, Nyquist, Advisor, Regulatory Affairs
Chief Strategy Officer for Digital Therapeutics Alliance.  Former national head of regulatory affairs for the BCBS Association.

Richard Otruba,*
Advisor IT, has over 25 years of experience in IT management and consulting advising several Fortune 500 firms.  During his career, Richard has owned and operated multiple private software consulting companies and held leadership positions in others. 
* Not an equity holder at this time.

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