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Retrieval: Fast Facts

The world of retail is changing—consumers feel that home delivery of purchases should be a free or cheap service. This precedent was set by large retailers that can either afford to offer such services or are willing to take a loss on shipping to stay competitive. Thus, if small and medium retailers want to participate in the virtual marketplace, they MUST offer cheap or free shipping in order to survive. But what most retailers lack is a means to do so within the margins of comfortable profitability. 

The Problem With “Free” Shipping
No matter what, someone has to pay for it

We all love free shipping.

It's a "prime" example of why e-commerce is so popular. But it masks the reality of operating a dot-com store: Last-mile delivery is incredibly expensive.

This is why so many online retailers offer free shipping with a minimum purchase (of, for example, $100 or more)—to offset the cost of delivering the goods.

But that's no longer good enough. Consumers want shipping to be free of charge, regardless of how many items they order.

This is becoming difficult in increasingly urbanized populations. Congestion, rising fuel costs, and more create the perfect storm for delivery challenges.

The Perfect Last-Mile Solution 

As a result, Retrieval provides a cheaper, greener, and faster form of e-commerce order fulfillment. This strengthens retailers' bottom line, allowing them to offer the free solutions consumers expect without breaking the bank. Instead of losing customers (unexpected shipping costs are the number-one reason people abandon their carts), we can ensure retailers hold onto their customers and prevent lost purchases.

Retrieval will keep its own costs low and maximize efficiency by using existing urban infrastructure to create microwarehouses.

Why We'll Lead

Retrieval has developed a highly sophisticated technological inventory system to track inventory, as well as plug-ins compatible with every leading POS system, to communicate seamlessly between Retrieval's inventory system and client's web stores.

With Retrieval, urban consumers may retrieve their online orders instantly upon placement, or whenever is convenient to them, without the worry of their order being stolen from their porch.

Retrieval already has the tech infrastructure in place. Now it’s ramping up marketing, direct sales, and boots on the ground.

Retrieval can eliminate the loss of inventory due to last-mile hiccups.

And, Retrieval can reduce the retail industry's carbon footprint by reducing automotive energy expenditures on last mile delivery.

How It Works

We're not in this business to satisfy the status quo. Our approach to fulfillment is revolutionary and entirely unique with two main components:

Retrieval has worked hard to develop a custom-made inventory system that allows clients to assign stock to the Retrieval pick-up stations of their choosing. We designed the process to be as seamless as possible: After installing our plug-ins into their Point of Sales systems (currently compatible with Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento, which make up the majority of POS platforms for online retailers), e-retailers can offer their consumers the option to pick-up their purchase from the nearest Retrieval location with their purchase in stock. In other words, our current technology allows us to work with almost every web store on the market.

Retrieval locations will consist of commercial spaces located in densely populated American cities, with the space maximized to store as much of our clients’ stock as possible.

When a consumer opts for Retrieval fulfillment of an order, the appropriate Retrieval location will receive the order information from the client’s webstore and then give the product to the consumer when they arrive to retrieve their order.


Traction & Accomplishments 

Retrieval has gained traction and interest from several e-retailers in direct outreach. Our timeline is as follows:

Meet The Team

Greg Picard
Graduated from Harvard University in 2018 with a B.A. in History

Has served as a lead consultant and project manager for the D.C.-based consulting firm, Washington Business Dynamics

Kevin McMillan
Significant experience as a CFO (over 11 years) for firms in various industries including a fulfillment company

Former Senior Advisor for M&A firm contributing knowledge in business valuation and financial acumen

Experience with startups, serving as CEO in growing and establishing market presence

Experience as a point of contact in legal matters, i.e., risk management, contract review, etc.

Alexis Cruz
Robust background in warehouse management, occupying warehouse and manufacturing management positions at Coca-Cola, Amazon, ColumbiaCare, and Lets Get Checked

Served as an operations manager at Amazon, improving overall productivity and efficiency by 33% and quality by 18% with the implementation of a 10,000 square foot conveyor system

Also reduced shipping costs by 17% and increased efficiency by 37% through strategic out-the-door processing

Achieved 100% on-time delivery rates, drastically improving delivery and lead times for Four Star Chemical Company / Blue Cross Labs

Maddy Tighe
Has woven her understanding of communication and marketing through customer service roles with Nissan and Enterprise, political campaign management for a position with the Pennsylvania State House, and as a freelance Marketing Strategist

Has served a wide variety of institutions, including Italia Performing Arts, WV Department of Education, and Enterprise Holdings

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