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Revolution Steel Corp has developed a unique and market-shifting extraction technology designed to capture maximum amounts of iron ore from lower-grade ore-bearing earths, at a fraction of the cost of competing separation devices for particulate material.

Our tech means that we can get more steel from every pound of earth we move, thereby rebuilding the large margins that American steel producers lost to cheap Chinese imports over the preceding decades, by monetizing “fallow” earths already here in America.

The wasted
effort problem.

Waste is a primary concern in any industry. In primary industry, it is THE primary concern. Every process used to extract specific reagents from the world around us is an imperfect, lossy one. Energy, time and money are wasted, along with exhaustible resources.

In mining, minimizing this edge-waste is particularly important. Removing valuable metals and other needed compounds from the ground itself is a massive process. It involves moving around huge weights, at considerable energy expense.

Most of this energy waste occurs in the process of locating and capturing chunks of soil containing especially heavy concentrations of desired compounds. Many tons of low-yield sand are simply moved around, out of the way, in order to reach paydirt.

However, this current method is capricious and wasteful. It relies, in many way, on stone-age thinking, burrowing deep underground to find the few easy nuggets, instead of automatically extracting usable metals from the low-yield dirt that’s available everywhere.

Our revolutionary

The past few decades have seen something of a technological revolution at the upper end of the metals mining silo. With precious metals continuing to perform, “ microscopic mining” has risen in popularity among precious metals producers.

“Microscopic mining” is just a fancy term for “we capture far more tiny pieces of gold from our effluent than we used to.” Producers all along the stack are discovering that the energy they spend moving low-yield earths needn’t be totally wasted.

Revolution Steel Corp applies this same understanding to the steel industry. By producing a machine the triples the efficiency of raw iron ore extraction from low-yield particulate streams comprising all manner of earths, we find industry-beating margins.

Revolution, it turns out, is the secret. Using our proprietary high-speed rotary magnet technology, we can process otherwise unmarketable low-concentration (2-5%) ores into steel-ready formulations we can sell, profitably, at a proven 57% under market rate.

How it works

Traction & accomplishments

Fully-proven mechanical solution: We’ve already built and tested 3 successful prototypes (and 2 failed ones.)

We have arranged and negotiated deals on all ancillary mining equipment required to feed into our processing units, and to process and handle the ores we extract.

Business agreements necessary for immediate production (within 8-12 weeks) of our first 240 model one extractors are in place, pending financing for this round.

Proprietary design and IP is protected by a notarized and dated patent-style summary in the owner’s possession. Patenting is possible pending funding.

Non-binding partnerships established with:

BK Customs, Inc., SA Recycling, Ironlife Recycling Inc., Gilmore Kramer Co., Kason Sieving, United Rentals, VibraScrew, Inc., Hangzhou Relian Magnet Co., Ltd., MES Lab Testing,, Ridgeview Manufacturing

Meet the team

As one of our primary funders, perhaps there’s space on our team for you? While our methodology is already well constructed, our team is currently limited solely to our founding inventor. Revolution Steel Corp requires a competent management team in order to truly capitalize on the efficiency gains our technology offers. Raising initial salaries for the right team of key executives is one of the goals of this financing round. We hope to dovetail our search for executives with our search for capital, as the mining industry is a tight silo of particular and specific experience.

Thus, we are hoping that the marketing push we are undertaking to the secure development funds also raises the profile of our operation in the industry enough to help us capture some top-end headcount ready to produce ore at triple the regular rate.

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