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ROAM NOW provides transportation alternatives that work for people and the environment. Our first initiative is to disrupt the fast-growing, $18.3 billion delivery and rideshare industries with Zoomy, a locally-assembled, low-cost, zero-emission, fully-customizable electric scooter. Zoomy is simple to drive, easy to personalize, requires no special license to operate, and is less expensive and more eco-efficient than electric- and gas-powered scooters on the market.

Created by ROAM NOW’s team of engineers and designers, Zoomy’s unique fabric body with easily-replaced custom skins allows fleets to turn every vehicle into a mobile advertising platform. The innovative manufacturing process based on a modular chassis allows Zoomy to cut costs and provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to current delivery fleet and ride-share vehicles. ROAM NOW is also offering a fleet leasing program to help alleviate upfront costs for services. In early marketing, the rideshare program in Denmark’s Ringkøbing municipality, meal delivery company JustEat and food delivery company Burd have committed to Zoomy over other alternatives.

This high-profile acceptance in the delivery and rideshare markets will drive consumer sales of Zoomy, creating a new alternative as communities turn away from automobile-focused transportation networks.


Zoomy is a moving billboard and a personal statement.
Build brand awareness or create additional revenue with Zoomy’s unique customizable fabric bodywork. Think of Zoomy as a 30 mph/48 kph moving billboard. It is easy and economical to swap out the fabric body work for new promotions or revenue opportunity. Unlike traditional vehicle marketing or branding solutions, you can always keep Zoomy fresh.

Zoomy is for everyone.
An easily-swappable, long-life, rechargeable and recyclable battery powers Zoomy, which has a top speed of 30 mph/48 kph.  Zoomy is fun to ride, simple to drive, and requires no special license to operate.  Zoomy features a step-through frame that makes it easy for anyone to mount and dismount. Good low-end torque makes it safe to both navigate stop-and-go traffic, as well as climb steep hills with ease. Its predictable handling and extremely light weight providing a safe, fun ride for everyone. Zoomy even has a reverse gear to help navigate difficult parking situations. Its unique fabric body allows Individuals to express their personality by creating custom skins.

Zoomy is dual-purpose ready.
Zoomy’s flexibility allows for multiple uses. Our ideal infrastructure concept is structured around dual-purpose fleets. First by providing daytime rideshare as an integral part of the public transportation mix. And then evening contract usage by short distance delivery drivers who use the custom fabric bodywork for advertising.

ROAM NOW is creating a future where people have the freedom to get where they need to go without adding unnecessary congestion on the road and in parking lots. In addition to individual users, Zoomy provides a clear benefit for the growing networks of ridesharing and delivery options and fits seamlessly with electric bicycles and eventually autonomous vehicles.

Cities are looking for ways to improve their transportation infrastructure with clean technology and sustainable solutions. Ridesharing has become the solution of choice. Municipalities all over the world are seeking additions to their existing transportation systems — particularly those that take the place of cars for short distances and timeframes.

Currently there are more than 600 bike-sharing operations around the globe. This market is expected to grow by 20% annually and generate as much as $5.8B in revenue by 2020.


Zoomy can integrate into the holistic transportation mix offering solutions that bikes, e-bikes and cars cannot.

Zoomy addresses several pressing needs in urban transportation networks.

  • Zoomy replaces large footprint vehicles to fulfill the “last mile” gaps in conventional public transportation systems.
  • Zoomy is great for climbing hills in heels.
  • Zoomy is perfect for that too-far or too-difficult-to-ride bike adventure.
  • Zoomy is economical.
  • Zoomy does not require docking, it is a free floating so no infrastructure investment.
  • Zoomy has greater storage capacity for errands and work stuff

  • Branding brings in additional revenue for the company/city and keeps messaging fresh.

Zoomy enhances communities with public art or messaging, as well as a memorable, fun experience for daily use by locals and visitors.


Business owners responsible for small, aging fleets of delivery services need alternatives to large-footprint vehicles. Fleet managers are often stuck with a fleet of expensive, pollution-producing cars, vans, trucks and scooters that require extensive service and maintenance. Zoomy offers an economical green solution with very low maintenance requirements.The meal delivery industry as a whole is estimated to grow to $12.5B by 2020.

The fabric body reduces the scooter weight about 50lbs which allows it to go further than conventional scooters.

Delivery companies average 50 miles a day which is too far to pedal a bike or the battery life on an e-bike. Zoomy is able to cover this distance plus it has more carrying space than e-bikes.

Parking for cars is an issue in crowded cities but not for the Zoomy.

A growing trend is cities outlawing gas powered vehicles in city limits.

Zoomy was specifically designed to offers custom built modular solutions for fleet needs or the flexibility to add 3rd party add-ons.

ROAM NOW’s customizable and modular delivery concept has been validated with purchase orders in the United States and multiple Pilot Programs in Europe.


ROAM NOW’s total knockdown design concept allows scooters to be assembled anywhere at a significant cost reduction over shipping fully-assembled machines, and in some cases, can be a significant job creation concept in developing communities.

Local assembly dovetails with ROAM NOW’s core belief of reducing our carbon footprint whenever possible. Local assembly also promotes local job growth and sustainable job creation. This concept also allows for “sister city” business development projects within emerging communities.

ROAM NOW’s innovative manufacturing process allows custom designed pieces to be added onto a modular chassis that can be regionally manufactured, making it less-expensive, environmentally-friendly alternative to current delivery fleet and rideshare vehicles.

ROAM NOW’s prototype Zoomy has been met with enthusiasm leading to purchase orders, pilot programs and demonstration requests from.

Purchase Orders

  • Burd ( Bicycle “last mile” courier service in Copenhagen. Will soon be expanding into Denmark’s next three largest cities and other locations throughout Europe. ROAM NOW’s modular accessories will be added to accommodate special courier needs.
  • George Chiala Farms: 100,000 sf quick freeze food processing campus in Hollister, CA. Zoomy is a convenient, trouble free and quiet that facilitates short trips around the farms.

Pilot Programs

  • JustEat: A meal delivery service headquartered in Copenhagen that operates in 14 countries and 135 cities. Initial pilot program in Copenhagen to expand across Denmark. Zoomy will replace aging and expensive-to-maintain, gas-powered scooters. JustEat executives were excited by Zoomy’s on-board communication system. Zoomy’s dashboard GPS  will provide drivers with a safer navigation option than their watches. Zoomy will have more carrying capacity than gas-powered scooters and electric bicycles.
  • Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality: The largest municipality by area in Denmark covering 577 square miles requires longer range mobility solutions. Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality has a goal to be energy independent by 2020.

Advertising Partner in Scandinavia:

  • Rolling Promotions: Advertising company headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in Rotterdam and The Hague, Netherlands that sells space on two-wheeled vehicles.  Zoomy’s additional advertising surface area and ease of creating custom advertising and branding campaigns is of specific interest to Rolling Promotions.


  • South Bay Cities Council of Governments: South Bay Cities Council of Governments: Comprised of 16 contiguous cities with a combined residential, business and visitor population over one million people. With various topography, distances to travel and target audiences, Zoomy’s flexibility is a great fit for all member cities.
  • In addition to our many scheduled and pending pilot programs, ROAM NOW is being reviewed by VICE Magazine in Venice Beach, CA. Zoomy will be used by VICE employees to run daily errands around densely-populated Venice Beach, where parking is frustratingly difficult. Zoomy allows employees the freedom to leave the office to run errands while serving as a mobile billboard.

With an eye towards the future, ROAM NOW’s focus is on applying our knowledge and experience onto megacities and emerging communities. ROAM NOW is devoted to the concept of business with purpose. A purpose-driven business based on an eco-friendly product and system offers us and our partners/customers more than a good business opportunity. Together, it gives us the opportunity to make a significant impact across megacities and emerging communities.

As we continue to grow and expand, ROAM NOW is committed to identifying new technologies to further our green initiatives on manufacturing and materials, and improve transportation efficiencies. We are also striving to create new partnerships with cutting-edge organizations to continually improve ROAM NOW’s sustainable business model and products, as well as bringing sustainable business to emerging communities as an adjunct to the use of ROAM NOW vehicles and systems.

A Community Business Model That Makes a Difference
Zoomy is the first product in a long-range strategy to impact sustainable transportation strategies around the world. ROAM NOW is striving to bring sustainable transportation to emerging communities everywhere by providing communities with manufacturing and business opportunities based on our “business-with-purpose” philosophy.

ROAM NOW provides transportation options that are easy to use, accessible, environmentally friendly and fun. Yet our purpose is much greater — to  bring sustainable industry to emerging communities. Fleets and municipalities that use the ROAM NOW system have the opportunity to join us in our Sustainable Communities business model, which provides a sister community feature in the form of our emerging communities manufacturing plan. Total knockdown manufacturing provides an assembly program that can be implemented in emerging communities. It can provide employment opportunities, industrial and business training for employees of the program and provide sustainable industry to enhance the economy of the community by providing sustainable industry.

Want to learn more about ROAM NOW and what we have planned for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!

Innovators, entrepreneurs and business professionals who all share a passion for a greener world, the team behind Roam Now are dedicated to making a better future for people, businesses and the world.

Abbie Zands
After more than 10 years as a recording and touring musician, Abbie Zands transitioned to a career in finance. He used his experiences in that field to launch ROAM NOW, a true passion project fueled by Abbie’s world travel, civic activism and analytical thinking.

Peter Stig Andersen  

Peter has over 10 years of experience in the public and private transportation industry as a fare-collection systems specialist. His experience includes a decade’s worth of management in software and hardware maintenance and managing software development projects dedicated to fare collection, tracking and diagnostic systems.

Lars Henriksen
A successful serial entrepreneur, Lars is the founder of Apex and an Artificial Intelligence Data Analytics company that helps with predictive behavior. Previously, he worked with blue chip conglomerates and multinational companies including Maersk, Dong Energy, Siemens, Falck and Danfoss, as well as Vermont and Duke Universities.

Greg Miller  
Greg has the tactical experience and organizational agility to quickly assess and optimize a transportation and logistics operation. Over the past 30 years, hee has worked with Graebel Moving, Office Depot, Pizza Hut and DHL, just to name a few.

Victor Pritzker  
A founding partner of Spark Group, Victor has previously worked as the VP of Global Sales at BRD/Alta Motorcycles, VP of Sales at Vectrix Corp, VP of Sales at Circuit One Engineering and VP at Alliance Finance Capital.


Jim Shook  
The founder, lead designer and engineer of electric sports car manufacturer Zebra Motors, Jim is a legendary designer with a sterling track record stretching back over 25 years.


Ron Attebury  
A chassis builder with over 40 years of experience, Ron has built custom chassis for hot rods, drag racers, street rods and 200+ mph streamliners.

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