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But for how healthy it is, the industry remains stuck in the ‘80s and plagued with customer service inefficiencies.  Starting with the process of finding a reliable lawn crew, which requires multiple phone calls and scheduling of in-person visits to get a quote, the issues continue throughout the process:

The providers, who are essentially running outdoor factories, suffer from their own challenges including rain delays and finding reliable employees willing to work hard in the heat.  A rain delay or issue with just 1 crew can impact over 100 customers, creating backlogs that can take more than a week to resolve.  Lawn care providers also spend excessively on gas for both trucks and mowing equipment. Being so labor intensive, they have few ways to cut costs or increase margins. 

The technology exists to bring this industry into the 21st century.  Introducing Robin Autopilot: creators of the world’s first robotic lawn service.  We’re bringing proven robotic mowing technology from Europe (with more than 1 million units already safely operating there) to the U.S. market as part of a full-service landscaping model desired by U.S. customers.

The days of rainouts, unreliable crews, and customer inconvenience are now over. Our reliable robotic mowers are installed and maintained at the customer’s home, with human crews coming back every 2-4 weeks to handle the edging, weeding, and other less time-sensitive and higher-margin services.  The Robin Autopilot robots also:

- Never “no-show” to a job, even when it rains;
- Are emissions-free and totally eco-friendly;
- Operate on a battery that requires just $2 worth of monthly electricity;
- Are quiet enough to run at night - even while you’re sleeping.
- Make lawns healthier and greener with small clippings that fertilize the soil.

On top of this, we’re also built around a franchise model that can be quickly replicated across the US.  This allows us to scale very quickly and reduce overhead - which has been traditionally difficult in our industry - to get cash-positive from day 1 in each new market. It also ensures quality control and customer support in each market. Having already received hundreds of inbound inquiries from potential franchisees, we’re well on our way to changing how America cuts its grass!

Here’s a glimpse at the simple yet highly-effective process we use to ensure you’ll never need to worry about your lawn again:

It’s just that easy to keep your lawn looking gorgeous!  But we don’t stop there - here are  even more ways we provide value to our client base:

  • We utilize a proprietary, patented technology that enables robots to pass through a fence while securing pets safely inside.
  • Low overhead and exclusive relationships with robot manufacturers allows us to provide financing options that are unavailable to others
  • Health and color of lawns will actually improve due to more frequent cutting that removes less of the grass blade - causing the tiny pieces to act as fertilizer
  • Using a robotic mower reduces as much pollution as replacing both family cars with Teslas
  • Robots don’t get sick, don’t quit, and don’t go to jail.

Robin has been in business for nearly 3 years now, operating as an Uber-for-Lawn Care company in the cities of Dallas, Austin, and Houston. Growth during this time had been outstanding - with monthly sales reaching as high as the $400,000 mark. Robin has refined the go-to-market strategy to prime the company for scale.

Accomplishments to-date include:

Reached a $5 million run rate in 2 years despite operating in just 3 cities.

Acquired more than 10,000 customers and completed over 100,000 jobs in just two years under the traditional model – proving our ability to acquire customers and scale operations rapidly. 

Since launching the robotic service in March, Robin has installed nearly 200 robotic mowers in just one city - making us the largest robotic lawn service in the country. Our traction has led to unique relationships with the top robot mowing manufacturers in the world.

With our franchise model, we can launch new markets quickly and be cash-flow positive from Day 1 in each new market. 

Tested every major robotic mower from the many brands in Europe, determined the best model for every type of yard, and secured low-cost agreements with these manufacturers.

Featured on Shark Tank, which will air on November 12th, 2017.

Provisional patents filed for our fence door technology that utilizes digital signals to lock/unlock a portal that allows the robot to move through fences without letting pets escape.

Outstanding customer feedback, including neighbors posting virally on social media.

Positive press mentions on CBS This Morning, TechCrunch Disrupt, Dallas Morning News, CBS DFW, NBC, ABC and more.

Robin Autopilot is led by a trio of executives who not only built a highly-successful lawn care business in just 2 years, but also had the foresight to sell it in order to focus on the future of lawn care—robot-based service.  Let’s meet them!

Justin Crandall, Co-Founder/CEO - Heads up corporate strategy execution
- Proven executive leader and a top worldwide expert in robotic mowers
- Former VP Sales/Client Strategy at Invodo (revenue grew nearly $15M during his 3 years)
- Also launched Bazaarvoice’s (NASDAQ: BV) European Headquarters as former Managing Director
- MBA from Harvard Business School

Bart Lomont, Co-Founder/COO - Responsible for ensuring success of our franchisees
- Also one of the world’s foremost experts on robotic lawn mowers
Prior to - that, served as a Special Advisor & Personal Aide to Governor Mike Pence
- Air Force veteran who served in Afghanistan
- BS from Purdue University

Jonathan George, VP Engineering – Develops our web & technological backbone
- Entrepreneur and world-class programmer who speaks at industry events worldwide
- Boxcar, his 2nd venture, capitalized on early smartphone growth before exiting
- Products he’s created have been used by over 20 million people

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