The worlds first full spectrum multivitamin, with sugar free electrolytes.


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Root’d: Fast Facts

The world is obsessed with sugar. It's easy to understand why -- sweet things taste good. Unfortunately, our bodies are not equipped to eat as much sugar as we consume. And we consume a ton of it, eagerly and excitedly, as food and beverage companies pump it into virtually everything we eat.

Sugar is so common, it can be found in supplements. Think about that for a minute: an item that's supposed to be healthy and nutritious contains an ingredient that is anything but.

Root’d is here to change that once and for all. Formulated to give supplement users a better option to their pill/gummy/sugar-dominated routines, we crafted the world's first-ever true MULTI. We are proudly infusing the essential nutrition of a full-spectrum multivitamin with the hydration power of electrolytes, all in one ahh’mazing sugar-free drink mix!

This Problem Is Hard To Swallow

The top gummy multivitamin and hydration powder on the market today are loaded in sugar. Not just a little sugar, they’re each over 70% pure sugar. Consumers are demanding change, and so are we.

This could explain why, after an epidemic-sized catastrophe of people gaining weight, getting sick and being downright miserable, most Americans (70%) have started to search for ways to actively reduce sugar in their diets.

That's an admirable goal, but get this: more than 90% of the hydration and gummy vitamin market contains sugar. A LOT of sugar. And with nearly half the country (47% of consumers) identified to have issues swallowing pills, vitamin pills are not the answer!

As if that weren't enough, almost the entire multivitamin market (92%) is in pill/gummy form.

This market also lacks a gender-specific powder option, leaving many consumers unfulfilled.

An Ahhh’mazing Solution

Root'd solves these many problems and delivers on every promise by providing a truly innovative powder form solution that directly meets the needs of consumers. Our expert nutritionists crafted the world's first-ever true MULTI, giving you more than just the handful of nutrients that pills and gummies can deliver. Root’d was formulated to upgrade your daily routine with the 25 essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need every day. Plus 3x the hydrating electrolytes of a sports drink. Infused with digestive probiotics & organic super-foods to aid in digestion, Root’d delivers a hydrating boost to your day, all without the sugar crash.

All told, we have developed an "ahhh'mazing" sugar-free drink mix. In short, Root’d is formulated to help keep consumers at their very best. Our mission is to help people and the planet get healthier with sustainable, sugar-free supplements. And Root'd is here to achieve exactly that. We'll do it by obsessing over the perfect supplement, educating on the dangers of sugar, and donating 1% to land to plant new trees plus 1% to the ocean to help remove plastic.

Together, we can make the world a happier, healthier and wholeheartedly better place.

Why We’re Different

We cannot stress enough: sugary gummy multivitamins (if you can call them that) and hydration powders are not satisfying the market's needs for a state-of-the-art supplement.

These products are largely bought and sold with deceptive tactics that lure consumers into a false sense of "this is good for me!" and "why pick up a vegetable when I can just take a gummy?"

Traction & Accomplishments


Meet The Team

Adams Chimera | Founder/CEO

  • 20 years CPG experience from cart attendant @ 15 to Sr. Director @ Nutranext (Clorox) where he led their FDMC sales team and was acting GM of Private Label Supplements
  • Extensive working knowledge working with almost every retailer in the US
  • Developed/executed G2M strategy leading to 550% growth over four years and establishing distribution of 3 supplement brands into EVERY major retailer in the US 

Eduardo Silva | Creative (Part-Time)

  • 25+ years of brand development with experiences ranging from small startups to well-established CPG brands
  • Extensive knowledge in supplements with 20+ years of experience in this specific space 

Evelyn Lee | HR/Compliance

  • Extensive involvement in scaling companies, with 10+ years experience at six tech startups
  • Proven history of success building the HR function from ground up enabling business strategy and operational ability to scale
  • Evelyn leads our legal oversight and eventual team expansion

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