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SageGuard Solutions represents a paradigm shift in the way water is treated by introducing technology developed and tested by NASA into commercial markets.

Unlike other water treatment methods that rely on toxic chemicals to treat water, SageGuard Solutions' technologies destroy contaminants in water at the molecular level.


Through NASA developed technology, SageGuard Solutions' vision is to protect our planet's resources for our future generations.

Around the world, the demand for clean water is rapidly outpacing the ability of current treatment solutions to supply it. 

Business-as-usual approaches
will not meet demand for raw water

Current water treatment technologies create as many problems as they solve.

Rely on dangerous and toxic chemicals to treat water at each treatment stage

Produce wastes and chemical-laden discharges that require additional processing for disposal

Require off-site disposal, which means transporting waste to treatment facilities, creating creates yet more risk and expense

Degradation of infrastructure, such as tanks, pipelines, and other equipment frequently degrades and must be replaced

Fail to comply with environmental regulations


For more information about water contamination issues and the potential for plasma technologies, please watch below.

The Result - Water treatment solutions that are:

SageGuard Solutions technology cut costs compared to competing solutions, including utility expenses, noncompliance fines, discharge fees, and transportation & treatment costs.

Environmentally friendly
By technology and design, SageGuard Solutions is engineered for sustainability. Our solutions meet all EPA requirements for eco-friendly water treatment solutions.

We’re making great progress toward our goal of introducing a new era of better, more sustainable water treatment options.

  • 1,500+ successful installations of our mechanical water treatment technology throughout the U.S.
  • Customers including the New York City Housing Authority, the United States Postal System and Riser Foods
  • Proven NASA technology, now known as PlasmaClear™, is currently being developed as a commercial product.  

Up next for SageGuard Solutions:

We’re preparing to expand our PlasmaClear™ to scale and launch our innovative water-as-a-service model.

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